90s Inspired Wedding Ideas

by Simone Hill
90s Wedding Ideas

The best trends from the 90s are coming back in a big way, especially when it comes to weddings. Seriously! We're seeing nostalgic nods to the decade everywhere from the wedding dress runways (we even saw a few crop top wedding dresses and a nod to grunge style with plaid patterns) to the favors (customizable temporary tattoos are a huge hit with guests!). We couldn't resist sharing our favorite ways to include the best of the 90s in your wedding day. See our list below!

A Crop Top Wedding Dress

Haley Paige Spring 2014 Wedding Dresses/ Dori

MCV Photo

Temporary Tattoo Favors

90s Inspired Wedding Ideas
photo by TheKnotShop.com


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Unicorn Themed Place Settings

90s Wedding Ideas


Bright Patterened Invitation Suite (Think Grown Up Lisa Frank!)

90s Wedding Ideas

Heather Kincaid Photography

From the album: A Fun and Festive Beach Wedding in Malibu, CA

Break Dancing Guide Decals For Your Dance Floor

90s Wedding Ideas


Bright Reception Props (Like Slap Bracelets!)

90s Wedding Ideas


A Rainbow Bright Bridal Bouquet

90s Wedding Ideas


A Graffiti Cake

90s Wedding Ideas

Devon Jarvis

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