20 Destination Wedding Favors That Your Guests Won't Leave Behind

And, serve as a souvenir to remember their trip.
Couple using their personalized shot glasses on their wedding day
Jenna Clark
by Jenna Clark
Updated Apr 17, 2024
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If you're on the lookout for destination wedding favors for your upcoming destination wedding, you've landed on the right page. Not all destinations are the same which is great, but also requires packing different items to execute the most successful trip and celebration—which includes those destination wedding souvenirs.

To complement the research we conducted about destination wedding gifts for guests, we tapped Tara Fay, destination wedding planner and founder of Tara Fay Events, and Dana Lewis, destination wedding planner at DWD Travel and Destination Weddings specializing in destination weddings in Mexico and the Caribbean for additional insights regarding wedding party favor ideas. If you're planning a domestic destination wedding, why not check out wedding favor vendors on The Knot Vendor Marketplace? Businesses who are local to your chosen city or state will be able to suggest party favors that really highlight the unique destination to guests.

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Do You Give Out Favors for a Destination Wedding?

Although destination wedding party favors are not mandatory, "it's always a good idea to give out favors at a destination wedding," says Fay. "It also ensures that they (as guests) feel valued by the couple and serve as a nod to the effort they have made to travel."

That said, the types of favors that are best to distribute will depend on the destination. According to Fay, a good rule of thumb when selecting destination wedding favors is to take the destination into account in addition to the distances traveled. "It's nice to give something to represent the venue, location or country that can either be used during the activities (e.g. an umbrella in Ireland) or food or drink enjoyed by the couple," adds Fay. Furthermore, being mindful of bag size requirements and rules is important to ensure your guests have enough room in their bags to hold their new gifts alongside their belongings and won't have to incur any extra fees to bring them home. If you think your favors could potentially cause issues when going through customs, Lewis recommends buying your favors on location once you arrive.

How Much Do Destination Wedding Favors Cost?

According to The Knot 2023 Real Wedding Study, couples spend an average of $501 on wedding favors for a destination wedding. For those planning an international destination wedding, the average cost of wedding favors increases to $676. In comparison, couples planning a domestic destination wedding spend around $485. However, Lewis notes that destination wedding favors for guests can be purchased within a variety of budgets. With this in mind, destination wedding favors can cost as much as you're comfortable spending and your budget allows– all that matters is that the favors are personal, meaningful and show your appreciation for those who came to celebrate your big day.

The Best Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

Whether you're having a European city wedding or one at a tropical beach, read on for the best destination wedding gifts for guests.

1. Mini Sunscreen Bottles

Supergoop unseen sunscreen bottle SPF 40
Photo: Sephora

Although mini Supergoop! sunscreen bottles may not seem like grand destination wedding gifts for guests, the benefits they'll provide guests at a tropical beach wedding (or the like) are grand. Offering SPF 40 protection and an invisible finish, there are not many excuses your guests can give for not wearing it on their face or under their makeup during your wedding festivities. Place each bottle inside a colored fabric favor bag (preferably one that matches your wedding's color palette) along with a miniature bottle of aloe vera in case they miss a spot.

2. Comfy Neck Pillow

Comfortable purple neck pillow with draw strings
Photo: Amazon

Send your guests home with a neck support pillow so they can sleep soundly during their travels without neck movement. Whether they're traveling by plane, train or car (as a passenger), this memory foam pillow provides 360-degree support. They also won't have to worry if it gets dirty on their trip as it comes with a washable cover.

3. Happy Beach Towels

Colorful beach towels with smiling faces and vertical stripes
Photo: Target

Looking for beach wedding favors? Give your guests a pack of beach towels that they can use to relax after celebrating with you. Since these towels can be folded, you can rest assured they won't take up too much room in a piece of luggage—just remember to leave a friendly note on each pack reminding them to shake off all of the sand.

4. Personalized Shot Glasses

Happy couple using their personalized shot glasses on their big day

Tying the knot in Mexico? Gift your guests with some personalized and handmade Talavera Tequila shot glasses. You can have your and your partner's initials painted on each glass along with your wedding date if that's important to you.

5. Personalized Totes

Woman using her beige personalized tote bag
Photo: PartyToThePeopleCo

Tote bags make for some of the best destination wedding favors–especially when they're personalized. Customize each cotton or canvas tote with each guest's name and in their favorite color (of which there are more than 20 to choose from). Not only can this bag provide your guests with a potential place to store any additional souvenirs they may have purchased while on your wedding trip, but this bag can be reused to store groceries or any other items at home.

6. Organic Deodorant Spray

Organic Deodorant Spray with a citrus scent
Photo: Amazon

If you're headed to a particularly warm or humid destination to tie the knot and are looking for summer wedding favors, this organic deodorant spray is a must-have. Its three-ingredient combination of naturally-derived alcohol, pure essential oils and water calls for a wonderfully smelling and user-friendly product. And, it's aluminum free which is a bonus.

7. Cute Luggage Tags

Gray leather luggage tag with engraved gold initials
Photo: The Knot Shop

Prepare your destination wedding guests for their upcoming travels when you gift them with this faux leather luggage tag. What makes these luggage tags stand out is that they can be personalized. You can monogram each guest's initials onto the front and select from a variety of colors (pastel pink, navy blue and silver/black) to best match their travel aesthetic.

8. Handy Translation Book

The easy Italian phrase book for everyday use and travel
Photo: Amazon

This Italian Phrase Book is perfect for adding to Italy destination wedding goodie bags or serving as a standalone destination wedding favor. With more than 1,500 Italian phrases, this book is a handy tool your wedding guests can easily whip out of their bags when needed. And, it will keep them off their phones so they can live in the moment during their trip.

9. Useful Water Bottle

Yeti clear water bottle with a black cap
Photo: YETI

Keep your guests hydrated during your wedding trip and beyond with a new water bottle. This lightweight 25-ounce leak proof bottle is BPA-free and has a chic design that can match a variety of design aesthetics whether you say your "I dos" on the beach or the top of a snowy mountain. Wrap a "thank you" note to each bottle's cap for an extra personal touch.

10. Cute Favor Box

Small jellybean containers with a small thank you note
Photo: The Knot Shop

Fill up these mini travel suitcase favor boxes with your favorite kind of candy or one whose colors match your wedding's color scheme. Although these favor boxes are primarily made of plastic, they have "brass-colored" corners and carry handles that add to their overall aesthetic. You could also place these inside fabric favor bags to elevate their appearance when distributing.

11. Mickey Mouse Ear Headband

Black Mickey Mouse ears
Photo: The Disney Store

If you're hosting your wedding at "The Most Magical Place on Earth," give these Mickey Mouse ear headbands to each guest upon arrival. They can wear them while you make your way down the aisle (if you'd like, that is) or when exploring the property's resorts and theme parks during their downtime. Plus, you can even ask them to wear their new headbands when taking wedding photos–we can't think of anything more magical.

12. Colorful Passport Holder

Cute passport cover with colorful images of iconic things from various countries
Photo: Amazon

As far as international wedding favors go, it's hard to go wrong with a passport holder. This one is small and easy to carry. Plus, it is colorful and designed to keep important documents protected.

13. Chic Sunglasses

Two tone brown sunglasses from Amazon
Photo: Amazon

These polarized sunglasses will be an investment on your end but are made to last and protect the eyes of those who wear them. With that in mind, a quality pair of sunglasses along with a "thank you" note is a great gift and one that will lead your guests to think of your special wedding with each use.

14. Straw Cowboy Hat

Brown straw hat from DSW
Photo: DSW

Headed to Nashville or a different hotspot for your wedding? Gift each guest a vintage straw cowboy hat to remember their time celebrating the start of your next chapter. These hats may be more of an investment, but will be something your guests will cherish forever.

15. Gold Compass

An opened gold compass with engraved initials
Photo: The Knot Shop

If it's likely that many of your guests have not been to your wedding destination previously, a compass like this one from our very own shop can help. Although this compass only costs about $5, its gold antique design elevates the look of the piece. This compass can also serve as a symbol and inspire your guests to follow their hearts when it comes to love and life like you're doing with your partner.

16. Drink Koozies

These "Aloha Beaches" neoprene foam drink holders are the perfect wedding favors for a casual destination wedding in Hawaii. Not only will they hopefully elicit some laughs from your guests, but will hopefully keep their drinks protected and cool for years to come. And, since their turquoise and gold color and black interior are eye-catching, they will pop if present in any wedding photos.

17. Personalized Fan

Personalized white fan with printed initials and wedding date
Photo: GiovannaFerrano

If you know your guests will spend lots of time celebrating with you outside in the heat, buy your guests these personalized wedding fans. Order them in colors that match your wedding's color scheme and have them personalized with your wedding date. These fans will elevate the aesthetic of your celebration and cool off your guests—trust us.

18. Cozy Scarf

Black and white cozy scarf for all seasons
Photo: Anthropologie

Add one of these skinny ombre scarves to your wedding goodie bags for celebrations in snowy or cooler regions. Available in black, green and pink, these 104-inch scarves made with recycled polyester will keep your guests' necks warm and do so with style. Don't forget to let them know that the scarves can only be hand-washed to keep them looking as good as new.

19. Folding Umbrella

Black and pink compact umbrellas for outdoor celebrations
Photo: Amazon

Although no one wants to rain during their wedding, it's always better to be prepared in case any inclement weather happens to head your way on your special day—especially if you're headed to an area that experiences lots of rain. Since this umbrella is small, it can easily fit into one's pocket or back and comes with a carrying case. Available in more than 10 colors, it's unlikely you won't find one that matches your wedding color scheme or complements it.

20. Single-Use Camera

Kodak single use camera guests can use on your big day
Photo: Amazon

Destination weddings are all about celebrating love and making memories with friends and family. That said, a single-use camera like this one from Kodak is a solid favor option. You can even add a photo book to your destination wedding favor bags so they have a place to store their photos once developed and printed.

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