Would Your Groom Pose for a Dudeoir Photo Shoot?

Boudoir shoots for the boys are a new trend that you've got to hear more about—trust us.
Dudeoir photo shoot
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Carrie Anton
carrie anton the knot contributor
Carrie Anton
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Boudoir photography sessions, where brides ditch their gowns in favor of more revealing lingerie, has been a hot trend for a groom's gift before meeting at the altar. And while the ladies may have been enjoying all of the skin-baring fun that comes with this risqué photography style, a new trend now show the fellas are ready for their close-ups too.

Called dudeoir—no, seriously—the male version of boudoir photography features guys in provocative poses wearing not much more than their skivvies and a sultry smile.

Just a Joke?

Nope, dudeoir photo shoots are a real thing, with real guys stripping down in the name of real gifts for their real brides. And guys need not look very hard to find a professional to make their dudeoir dreams a reality. That's because photographers who previously jumped on board with the booming boudoir trend are now embracing the guy side—bare-chested, with open arms.

Still, as genuine as dudeoir sessions may be, that's not to say there aren't a few guys out there poking fun at the trend. In fact, recent parody shoots went viral featuring men with "dad bods." One example came from Canadian photographer Masika May, who paired up with model Brendon Williams to mimic the poses made popular by the ladies' pin-up style. The result was more funny than flirtatious, which of course was the goal.

Would Your Dude Do It?

While it's best to approach both dudedoir and boudoir photo shoots with open minds, the outcome doesn't have to be a spoof on what could be something to bolster a couple's love life. Similar to the boudoir tips given to ladies, guys should seek out photographers and locations—at a studio, in his home, at a luxe hotel—with which they feel most comfortable. We think it's a fun, awesome idea—who wouldn't want to see photos of their guy in a whole different light?

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