Geodes Are Having a Moment—Here's How to Incorporate Them Into Your Wedding

This hot trend will have guests talking in the best possible way.
by Emma Baty
White geode wedding cake made by
Corbin Gurkin

In case you haven't noticed, geodes are kind of a thing right now. Need some inspiration on how you can incorporate them into your wedding décor? Look no further. Whether you're planning a boho-chic bash or glamorous soiree, they'll add just the right amount of grandeur—incorporate as much or as little as you want.

  1. Start With The Invitations

    Blue agate wedding invitations from Minted

    If you're going all-out geode, pick an invitation style that mimics the natural design of the rock as a way to introduce the theme to your guests without being too over the top. They'll get a taste of the décor and it leaves you with options to tie it all together at the reception.

    Kaydi Bishop Gilt Agate invitations, $234 for 100,

  2. Give Guests a Backdrop

    Agate geode photo backdrop from The Knot Shop

    Everyone loves an Instagram-worthy backdrop, and this one will keep your guests snapping pics all night long. And who doesn't love wordplay?

    Agate Allure photo backdrop, $230,

  3. Number Your Tables

    Blue agate geode table numbers with white calligraphy

    Table numbers are the right time to splurge and use actual geodes as opposed to paper representations. Pick a color that matches your theme but is bright enough to stand out against the table linens.

    FoxandSparrowDesign Agate table numbers, $12 per stone,

  4. Dress Up Your Table

    White geode napkin rings from ZGallerie

    Geode napkin rings add a natural touch to place settings, and the juxtaposition between the raw rock and soft linens make for an interesting design moment.

    ZGallerie Geode napkin rings, $68 for 4,

  5. Collect Your Cards

    Acrylic card boxes from Neiman Marcus

    Finding an appropriate place to have your guests leave cards can be tricky. These boxes have a chic presentation to them, so they're sure to elevate the style of any gift table.

    Neiman Marcus Geode storage box, from $100,

  6. Inspire Your Centerpieces

    Green geode bookends from West Elm

    If you're going for a vintage feel, grab your favorite books and add geode bookends to create unique centerpieces. And you can reuse them in your own home after the party.

    West Elm Agate bookend, $44 for set of 2,

  7. Accent Any wall

    Blue agate wall art from World Market

    If you're looking for a statement piece to use in your ceremony and reception, go with some wall art. A painting behind the altar will add some color to your first-kiss pictures, and it can be repurposed later at the reception. Think: super-fab cocktail bar décor.

    World Market Blue Agate wall art, $100,

  8. Find an Edible Favor

    Edible geode-themed chocolates

    Sending your guests home with chocolate is a great way to say thank-you, and when it matches the reception décor it's even better. (Bonus: How cute would these look styled on each guest's place setting?)

    Maggie Louise Confections Chocolate Jewel candies, $4 for 1 piece,

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