31 Ways to Use Dried or Pressed Flowers In Your Wedding Decor

Fresh flowers aren't your only option.
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Updated Dec 05, 2022
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Carrying a floral bouquet is considered to be one of the most popular wedding traditions of all time. But who says the flowers have to be fresh from the garden? Using dried flowers for your wedding day is a cool, creative alternative that has gained traction over the last few years, thanks to trending aesthetics like cottagecore and grandmillennial style. This design approach is also super popular for boho wedding themes and laid-back venues, like the beach. Another perk? Preserved flowers are so easy to save as keepsakes from your wedding day or repurpose as home decor after you're married. To give you even more ideas, we're sharing 31 different ways you can use dried or pressed flowers (or both) as part of your wedding bouquets, decor and beyond.

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Dried Flower Wedding Bouquets

Whether you're going for a boho approach, a rustic bouquet or something in between, these dried flower bouquets are a few options we love.

1. Dried Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

This neutral-colored dried flower bouquet is a statement-maker for any time of the year, but it's especially fitting as a fall wedding bouquet. Incorporate elements like banksia flowers and bunny tails for a non-traditional look.

2. Anemone and Greenery Wedding Bouquet

Dark purple calla lilies and white anemones added color and contrast to the dried details of this bouquet. A few branches of fresh eucalyptus tied everything together with touches of sage green.

3. Rustic Dried Flower Bouquet

bride holding rustic dried wedding bouquet with lavender, wheat stems, and chamomile flowers
Maren Cotton Photography

Perfect as a bridesmaid bouquet or small bridal bouquet, this arrangement is centered around quintessential rustic flowers, such as lavender, chamomile and wheat stems.

4. Lunaria Wedding Bouquet

Your bouquet doesn't have to be comprised entirely of dried wedding flowers. Choose one dried element, like this iridescent lunaria, to stand out against fresh blooms.

5. Anthurium and Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet

wedding bouquet with pink anthurium, coffee brown roses, pampas grass and dried fan palms on a chair next to white wedding heels
Ken Tan Photo,I Am Flower

Here's another example of how to pair live and dried flowers together. Pampas grass and dried greenery bring cool boho vibes to fresh orchids and roses—you can even paint some of the flowers to add more neutral tones.

6. White Wedding Bouquet with Dried Grasses

Balancing elegance with trendiness, this all-white wedding bouquet has plenty of texture and visual detail thanks to the lunaria, sea oats, bunny tails and dried baby's breath.

7. Dried Seed Pod Wedding Bouquet

Seed pods are an underrated addition to any boho wedding bouquet. Your florist can include them in an arrangement of fresh flowers or create a bouquet comprised entirely of different types of pods, such as scabiosa pods, lotus pods and poppy pods.

8. Dried Chamomile Wedding Bouquet

Dyed thistle and craspedia added a splash of patriotic color to this red, white and blue strawflower bouquet.

Dried Flower Wedding Ideas

Transform your wedding venue with these dried flower centerpieces, details and more.

9. Hanging Wedding Centerpiece with Dried Flowers

Floral chandeliers and hanging centerpieces are total statement pieces. You can adapt yours with foliage and grasses inspired by the dried floral trend.

10. Dried Wedding Boutonnieres

If you're not carrying a bouquet or wearing a corsage, a boutonniere is a third option to add flowers to your ensemble. These petite arrangements include an assortment of dried blooms and bleached greenery for a modern boho look.

11. Dried Palm Leaf Wedding Ceremony Decor

Mark the start of your ceremony aisle (or another important entryway, like a venue door) with large fan palms and pampas grass plumes.

12. Dried Flower Arrangement with Cattail Plants

Use low, rectangular troughs to showcase clusters of dried flowers along a pathway or rows of chairs. Compared to pampas grass, which is distinctly boho, cattails feel appropriate for a rustic wedding.

13. Hydrangea and Feather Grass Arrangement

The varied tones of fresh hydrangeas give the flowers an even more unique look once they're dried. Paired here with ornamental grasses, the muted plum and green hydrangeas are a beautiful option for a fall wedding.

14. Pampas Grass Wedding Aisle Markers

Play up the neutral color palette of the sand at a beach wedding ceremony by lining your aisle with planters of dried flowers and tall pampas grass stalks.

15. Paper Cones with Dried Flower Petals

Tossing confetti or rice is a long-standing tradition for the recessional and ceremony exit, but many venues have restrictions about non-biodegradable pieces. Dried flowers are one alternative to consider—you won't have to worry about them harming the environment or sweeping up afterward.

16. Dried Flower Girl Crown

Need ideas for your flower girl's hairstyle? A dried flower crown is an alternative to greenery or fresh blooms. You can still add ribbons or sparkly accents to match her dress.

17. Venue Entrance Arch with Dried Grass

You've seen wedding arches filled with fresh flowers, but we love the earthy effect of an arch made entirely from dried materials. Plumosa ferns, ornamental grasses, hydrangeas and seasonal foliage were all used for this autumnal dried flower wedding arch.

18. Ceiling Decor with Dried Flower Bundles

Suspend bundles of dried flowers from the ceiling for a cozy space that's reminiscent of a country greenhouse or old-fashioned gardener's cottage.

19. Dried Lavender Wedding Escort Cards

small bundles of dried lavender with nametags and white bows against a burlap tablecloth
Photo by Basia
GBC Style Flowers

Tiny bundles of lavender become stylish (and fragrant) wedding escort cards when you add simple bows and tags with seating assignments.

20. Wedding Seating Chart Display with Dried Flowers

If you prefer a decorative seating chart versus individual escort cards, write guests' names on a collection of mismatched vases filled with dried flowers and other accents.

21. Dried Moss and Air Plant Wedding Centerpiece

Full of texture and pretty muted green tones, this dried floral arrangement would be a great accent to a welcome table, bar top or beverage station. Air plants, fan palms, branches and bleached greenery fill the base, which is made from Spanish moss.

22. Dried Mushroom and Feathers Wedding Centerpiece

Skip the flowers altogether and turn to other dried elements that will give your decor a unique, unexpected twist. For a rustic woodland theme, mushrooms, feathers and wheat stalks are just a few ideas.

23. Bleached Greenery Wedding Centerpiece

You don't have to completely abandon fresh flowers for your dried centerpieces. This arrangement is a perfect example of how to blend fresh blooms and dried pieces together—the toffee, blush and ivory palette makes everything flow seamlessly.

24. Wedding Cake with Dried Palm Leaves

Whether it's buttercream or fondant, white frosting is a great starting base to decorate your wedding cake. If you're using statement details like these dried fan palms, you'll only need a few to complete the design.

Pressed Flower Wedding Ideas

Perfect for spring weddings and garden themes, pressed flowers can add a delicate, romantic look to any wedding detail.

25. Wedding Seating Chart with Pressed Flowers

Create a sweet seating chart by adding pressed flowers to your guests' table assignments in between layers of vellum or acrylic.

26. Pressed Flowers as Cocktail Garnish

Mint leaves and fresh fruit are old standbys when it comes to cocktail garnishes, but flowers are an equally lovely (and more unexpected) option. Choose edible, food-safe flowers, like pansies, nasturtiums or marigolds to press and dry as garnish.

27. Pressed Flower Wedding Escort Cards

Small glass picture frames are easily transformed into keepsake escort cards when you add pretty pressed flowers and handwritten names.

28. Pressed Flower Wedding Invitations

the knot wedding invitations with pressed flower design
The Knot Invitations

If you believe that there's no such thing as too many flowers when it comes to your special day, your stationery is an easy way to include even more of them. The Knot's very own pressed flower wedding invitations are available in five different colorways inspired by wildflowers.

29. Wedding Sweetheart Chair Decor with Pressed Flowers

Preserved flowers are a nice finishing touch to wedding signage and other paper goods. These sweetheart chairs were decorated with vellum signs featuring pressed flowers accented by the phrases "forever" and "my love" written in Korean.

30. Pressed Flower Wedding Table Number

Try your hand at DIY wedding table numbers if you're in the mood to get crafty for your big day. A simple glass picture frame showcases pressed flowers at each table.

31. Pressed Flower Wedding Cake

Decorating your wedding cake with flowers is always a good idea in our book, but if you're looking for ideas to make yours slightly more trend-forward, try using pressed flowers instead. This three-tier design is decorated with delphinium, statice, greenery and other dainty blooms to mimic a field of wildflowers.

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