7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Ceremony Aisle

Create a ceremony aisle worthy of your big entrance. Here are 7 good ways to do it.
  1. 1. Flower Petal-Lined Design

    Photo by The Youngrens
    Forget lining the aisle with flower petals -- ask your florist whether they can create some serious eye candy like this. A white canopy and two large arrangements at the end of the aisle create a stunning finish.
  2. 2. Simple, Sweet Floral Clusters

    Photo by Erik Ekroth Photography
    You really don't need much to decorate an outdoor wedding ceremony (especially if you're fortunate enough to have a stunning view). Our advice: Add a pop of color to every other inner-aisle chair by attaching a cluster of large flowers (hydrangeas, dahlias, and roses work well) like these ribbon-tied pink hydrangea arrangements.
  3. 3. Ribbon-Tied Mason Jar Arrangements

    Photo by Jennifer Skog Photography
    Subtle green flowers like green hydrangeas work well in homemade, ribbon-tied mason jar arrangements. (Hydrangeas work well because you can cover a large amount of space with just one stem.) If you plan on taking the DIY route with your ceremony arrangements, just make sure you've tied them tightly!
  4. 4. Seashell-Filled Glass Vases

    Photo by Katie Moos Photography
    So incredibly perfect for a wedding on the beach are these seashell-filled glass vases. Dot both sides of the aisle with these to complement the setting and then create a nice focal point at the end of the aisle with two oversized vases on either side of your alter. 
  5. 5. Paper Lanterns

    Photo by Marisa Holmes Photographer
    An easy to create decoration, attach small paper lanterns to each ceremony chair. Find paper lanterns in your wedding color and pull in the rest of your wedding colors with thick ribbon-tied bows, as shown here. Psst: You can find paper lanterns for sale in The Knot Shop -- check them out!
  6. 6. All-White Formal Flower Arrangements

    Photo by Ryan Phillips Photography
    Want to give your guests the cue that yours is a formal wedding the minute they step into your ceremony space? Then go this route -- tall stately all-white flower arrangements (this is inexpensive baby's breath!) with white rose flower petals in between are sure to make a statement. After the ceremony, don't allow these beauties to go to waste. Have them do double-duty as table centerpieces at your wedding reception.
  7. 7. Fake Daisy-Lined Ceremony Aisle

    Photo by Visionari Photo
    Yeah, we weren't so sure either -- but these fake white daisies stuck into the grass along the inner ceremony aisle are actually a cute, creative (and easy) way to decorate.

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