52 Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas for Every Couple's Style

Exchange vows surrounded by dreamy wedding decorations.
Courtney Jenney
Courtney Jenney
Courtney Jenney
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Updated Mar 29, 2023

Wedding planning comes with a lot of decision-making. Whether you're planning your wedding budget or searching for your dream wedding venue, at times the planning process can feel daunting. However, once you've figured out the logistical planning it's time for our favorite part of the planning process: wedding ceremony decor ideas. While many to-be-weds focus on their wedding reception decorations, the wedding ceremony should never go overlooked. After all, this is the part of your special day that you'll look back on and remember most. From exchanging vows or walking down the aisle, your wedding ceremony will forever be the most important part of your special day. If you're looking for wedding ceremony decor ideas, look no further.

Scroll on for 52 wedding ceremony decorations that are fitting for every wedding day. From garden wedding ceremonies to indoor wedding ceremonies, we've got you covered.

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Beach Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

If you're planning to exchange vows at a beach wedding venue, you'll want your wedding ceremony decor to look as effortless and calm as the waves in the ocean. While there are plenty of inspirational images to help plan your beach wedding, make sure you don't forget one of the most important celebrations to decorate for: your wedding ceremony. Scroll on for six beach wedding ceremony decor ideas.

1. Beach Wedding Ceremony With a Circle Arch

    To compliment the sandy and oceanfront wedding ceremony, use tropical greenery or native flowers to tie in a sense of place. We love that a circle arch offers a calming feeling, matching the tranquil, salty air.

    2. Wedding Welcome Sign for Beach Ceremony Decor

      To welcome your guests to your special day, place a wedding welcome sign at your beach ceremony entrance. This gold "unplugged" wedding welcome frame elevates the casual beach ceremony vibes.

      3. Blue and White Chinoiserie Flower Vases

        There's nothing quite like floral decorations, especially when paired for a beach wedding ceremony. Line the aisle with blue and white chinoiserie flower vases to tie in the blue hues from the ocean.

        4. Beach Wedding Ceremony Hydrangea Arch

          If you're planning a coastal wedding, hydrangeas are likely incorporated in your wedding flowers. Decorate your waterfront wedding ceremony with a cotton candy colored flower arch, filled with pink and blue hydrangeas.

          5. Bohemian Beach Wedding Ceremony Sign

            If you're planning a bohemian beach wedding filled with earthy-tones and pampas grass, look no further for beach ceremony decoration ideas. This sign references one of our favorite Maren Morris songs and it makes for a creative wedding sign.

            6. Colorful Florals Decorate This Unique Beach Wedding Ceremony Alter

              Planning a tropical destination wedding? Decorate your wedding ceremony with tropical botany and native flowers. What better way to decorate your beach wedding ceremony than by offering your guests a sense of place?

              Garden Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

              There's nothing quite like a whimsical garden wedding. From the elegant greenery to romantic fountains, we think a garden is one of the most romantic wedding venues you could have. If you're planning a fairytale garden wedding, you'll want to set an elegant tone during your ceremony. Read on for four garden wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

              7. Woodland Garden Wedding Ceremony With Wood Chairs

                There's something so magical about a woodland garden wedding ceremony. These wooden wedding ceremony chairs offer such a romantic sense of place, mirroring the blooming tree's trunks.

                8. Blush Pink Garden Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

                  Fully embrace your wedding color palette by decorating each ceremony chair. These blush pink sashes elevate the entire garden wedding ceremony.

                  9. Garden Wedding Ceremony at a Private Estate

                    If you're planning your dreamy garden wedding at a private estate, you won't need to worry about perfecting your wedding ceremony decor. The historic architecture and blossoming greenery make for the perfect garden wedding ceremony backdrop.

                    10. Garden Wedding Bench Ceremony Seating

                      Bring a sense of place to your garden wedding ceremony decor by seating your guests in a non-traditional way. These wooden ceremony benches are complemented perfectly by the elegant, romantic florals.

                      Backyard Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                      Home is where the heart is and that remains true for many couples' wedding days. There are few things we love as much as a backyard wedding. Not only is each and every one completely unique to the couple, there's also no better way to cure the wedding day butterflies than by exchanging vows in your very own backyard. If you're planning a backyard wedding, you'll want to transform your space into your dream wedding venue. Read on for six backyard wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                      11. Poolside Backyard Wedding Ceremony Idea

                        If you have a pool in your backyard, decorating your space for a backyard wedding ceremony will be a breeze! During the daytime, we love the idea of floating flower petals in your pool. And at night, float mini candles! How romantic.

                        12. Chuppah With Greenery for Backyard Wedding Ceremony

                          If you're planning a Jewish wedding ceremony in your backyard, look no further for inspiration. This chuppah decorated with greenery fits into the backyard event space perfectly.

                          13. White Floral Installation for Backyard Wedding

                            A simple floral installation can make a big difference in a backyard wedding ceremony. Whether you're planning on having a ceremony arch or are looking for floral installation ideas, we think these ivory wedding flowers make the perfect backyard wedding ceremony decor.

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                            14. Cascading Flower Installation for At-Home Wedding

                              We're swooning over this complete floral transformation. These colorful flowers completely transformed this at-home wedding.

                              15. Vintage Rugs Decorated This Backyard Wedding Ceremony

                                Whether you're planning a bohemian wedding or are looking for ways to elevate your backyard wedding ceremony, we love how these vintage rugs look laying the grass. Create your own wedding aisle to walk down with a runner rug that compliments your wedding colors!

                                16. Backyard Wedding Ceremony With Hanging Lanterns

                                  Transform your backyard to a secret garden with romantic lanterns hanging from your trees. At night, your guests will watch your backyard wedding ceremony transform to a magical, lantern-lit forest.

                                  Tent Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                  With tented weddings on the rise, finding unique wedding ceremony decor can be a challenge. Our Instagram feeds are filled with tented wedding decoration ideas, though not many wedding ceremony decoration ideas. So, if that's what you're here for, you're in luck. Read on for four tent wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                  17. Chuppah and Chandelier Tented Wedding Ceremony

                                    Chuppah and Chandelier Tented Wedding Ceremony

                                    This couple wed under a wooden chuppah in their tented wedding ceremony. The rustic wood was complimented by a glamorous chandelier hanging above.

                                    18. Flower Petals Lined This Tent Wedding Ceremony

                                      This tented wedding ceremony aisle was lined with white flower petals. If you're looking for romantic ways to decorate your wedding ceremony, look no further than this budget-friendly way to do so.

                                      19. Clear Top Tent Wedding Ceremony

                                        A clear top tent is one of our favorite styles for a wedding ceremony. This couple chose black chairs to contrast with the colorful floral arrangements and the clean, white tent.

                                        Fall Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                        With cool weather and warm tones, it's no wonder fall weddings are popular. If you've settled on planning a fall wedding ceremony, you'll have plenty of ceremony decoration ideas to choose from. From colorful foliage to pumpkins, read on for six fall wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                        20. Vibrant Foliage Blooms for This Fall Wedding Ceremony

                                          Why worry about your fall wedding ceremony decorations, when you can lean into the season itself! If you're planning an outdoor fall wedding, make sure you know when peak foliage season is, for the brightest leaves.

                                          21. Red and Orange Florals Decorated This Fall Wedding Ceremony Arch

                                            When we think of fall weddings, we think of pumpkin-spice colored flowers. Lean into the cozy season with a romantic, warm-toned flower arch for your fall wedding ceremony.

                                            22. Wood Barrels Decorate the Altar for a Rustic Fall Wedding Ceremony

                                              If you're planning a fall wedding ceremony, you need to decorate your altar with these rustic wooden barrels. The floral installations on top offer the perfect feminine touch to the rough wood.

                                              23. Jewel Toned Fall Wedding Ceremony Decoration Idea

                                                Lean into the 2023 color trend, jewel tone wedding color palettes! We love these colors for fall weddings and we especially love when couples are creative with their ceremony decorations.

                                                24. Indoor Fall Wedding Ceremony Decoration Idea

                                                  This fall wedding featured a plum and burgundy color palette. The indoor wedding venue was transformed into a cozy fall wedding ceremony with florals and bohemian wall accents.

                                                  25. Fall Wedding Ceremony Birchwood Arch

                                                    There's nothing quite like a fall wedding and more specifically, a rustic fall wedding. These birchwood tree trunks were transformed into a ceremony arch, offering the perfect sense of place for this outdoor fall wedding ceremony.

                                                    26. Fall Wedding Ceremony Arch With Orange Leaves

                                                      When we think of the season of fall, foliage is the first thing that comes to mind. Inspired by the native-to-October botany, incorporate orange and yellow leaves in your wedding ceremony arch.

                                                      Winter Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                      There are few settings as romantic as a winter wonderland. The sparkling lights and falling snow are just a few of the reasons we love a winter wedding. Whether you're leaning into the holiday season or sticking to a winter wedding theme, we're here to help you bring your winter wedding ceremony decorations to life. After all, it is the season of giving! Read on for six winter wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                                      27. Christmas Church Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                        If you're planning on marrying in a Catholic church, a winter wedding may work well in your favor. During the Christmas season, most churches are decorated with hues of gold, red and sometimes display Christmas trees on the altar.

                                                        28. White Barn Decorated for a Winter Wedding Ceremony

                                                          Because of the pure romance a winter wedding comes with, your decorations can be minimal and still make a statement. We love the simplicity of this greenery and white lights, yet the wedding ceremony still feels festive for the winter season.

                                                          29. Christmas Wedding Ceremony Arch With Red Roses

                                                            Lean into your holiday spirit and plan a Christmas themed wedding! This red and green color palette is festive and fun and perfect for a December wedding.

                                                            30. Lanterns and Florals Decorate This Gazebo for a Winter Wedding Ceremony

                                                              If you're planning an outdoor winter wedding ceremony, look no further for winter wonderland inspiration. If you have the opportunity to wed under a gazebo, the wedding ceremony decorations will come easy! Line the ceremony aisle with candle lit lanterns and hang twinkle-lights from the gazebo for a winter glow.

                                                              31. Winter Garland Lined the Aisle for a Winter Wedding Ceremony

                                                                Incorporate natural greenery into your wedding ceremony with strings of garland down the aisle. To completely elevate your winter wedding ceremony decorations, add lights or sprigs of cranberries to the wreath-like greenery.

                                                                32. White Candlelit Winter Wedding Ceremony

                                                                  Line your aisle and decorate your wedding altar with glowing white candles for an indoor winter wedding ceremony. There's nothing quite as romantic as exchanging vows by candlelight.

                                                                  Rustic Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                                  Planning a wedding in a rustic wedding venue, like a barn or historic home? There's truly nothing like the timeless charm of a rustic-themed wedding. Traditionally featuring wooden accents and elements grounded in nature, there are plenty of ways to decorate for your rustic wedding ceremony. If you're in search of a little wedding inspiration, scroll on for four rustic wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                                                  33. Floor to Ceiling Windows Decorate This Indoor Rustic Wedding Ceremony

                                                                    If you're planning a Christian wedding ceremony, you may be thinking about displaying a cross on the altar. Incorporate rustic materials like wood and greenery to transform your venue to fit the rustic-theme we love so much.

                                                                    34. Steel Hoop Aisle Arches Covered in Eucalyptus and Greenery

                                                                      We love a unique wedding ceremony aisle, especially one that incorporates greenery. These steel hoop arches feel authentic to the location and make for the perfect rustic wedding ceremony decorations.

                                                                      35. Orange Flower Arch Decorates This Gorgeous Outdoor Rustic Wedding Ceremony

                                                                        When we think of rustic wedding color palettes, hues of orange, yellow and neutrals traditionally come to mind. This orange flower arch is a romantic way to incorporate color during your rustic wedding ceremony.

                                                                        36. Magnolia Leaves and Floral Aisle Marker Rustic Wedding Ceremony Decorations

                                                                          These rusty orange flower and greenery-filled aisle markers make for the perfect rustic wedding ceremony decorations. Plus, these arrangements can double as your wedding reception centerpieces! Get the most from your wedding budget by using your rustic wedding ceremony decorations in every part of your wedding day.

                                                                          Unique Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                                          We love expecting the unexpected, especially with wedding days. When couple's feel confident enough to plan an out-of-the-box experience for their wedding guests, it really shows. Nowadays with social media, it can be a challenge to plan a truly unique wedding day. But if you're looking for ways to transform a unique wedding ceremony, you're in luck. Read on for five unique wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                                                          37. Cascading Greenery for a Modern Indoor Wedding

                                                                          We love opting for greenery instead of florals; it's unique and a great way to save money. Completely transform your modern wedding venue with overflowing, lush greenery. This greenery turned a simple black and white wedding venue into a whimsical greenhouse.

                                                                          38. Circular Ceremony Arch With Vibrant Flowers

                                                                            This couple exchanged vows in front of a circular ceremony arch, completely decorated with bright flowers. If you're looking for a unique focal point of your wedding ceremony, look no further than this for unique wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                                                            39. Gold Flowers Vases Made for Unique Wedding Ceremony Decorations

                                                                              Display your floral installations in a unique way, like this couple did for their backyard wedding ceremony. Fuschia flowers were placed in gold vases at the altar, offering a one-of-a-kind and unique wedding ceremony decoration.

                                                                              40. Neon Lights and a Mirrored Aisle Decorate This Unique Wedding Ceremony

                                                                              If you're a one-of-a-kind couple, look no further than these completely unique wedding ceremony decorations. From the mirrored aisle to the neon lights, this whimsical wedding ceremony was inspired by Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo and Juliet."

                                                                              41. Colorful Wedding Ceremony Decorations With Unique Rainbow Flowers

                                                                              Add a pop of color, a vibrant rug and bench wedding ceremony seating and you've nailed it. There's simply nothing better than couples leaning into unique wedding ceremony decorations.

                                                                              Vintage Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                                              We've said it before, but vintage wedding ideas can be inspired by various time periods. Whether you're inspired by the elegant Victorian age, the roaring '20s or the retro '70s, there's a time period for everyone's style. If you're looking to incorporate vintage wedding ceremony decorations, look no further for ideas. Read on for five decoration ideas, perfect to make your vintage wedding ceremony come to life.

                                                                              42. Antique Mismatched Rugs Decorated This Vintage Wedding Ceremony

                                                                                Antique Mismatched Rugs Decorated This Vintage Wedding Ceremony
                                                                                Photography: Carla Ten Eyck,
                                                                                Event Designer: Whim Events

                                                                                There are no rules as to what your "something old" can be, so why not lean into antiques?! Incorporate mismatched rugs to accomplish a dreamy, timeless vintage wedding ceremony.

                                                                                43. Stained Glass Arch for a Vintage Wedding Ceremony

                                                                                  Stained Glass Arch for a Vintage Wedding Ceremony
                                                                                  Photography: Traci Burke Photography,Event Designer: Wedded to Perfection

                                                                                  Planning a wedding ceremony inspired by gothic art and architecture? These stained glass ceremony arch decorations bring a whole new meaning to vintage wedding ceremony decorations.

                                                                                  44. Floor to Ceiling Windows for Art Deco Wedding Ceremony

                                                                                    There are few things we love more than the glitzy time period of the roaring 20's. If you're like us and find yourself inspired by the Great Gatsby, an indoor ballroom wedding ceremony can typically accomplish your goals. We love these dramatic, draped curtains.

                                                                                    45. Vintage Wedding Ceremony Arch With Books

                                                                                      We're truly swooning over this wedding ceremony archway made of books. Collect vintage copies of you and your partner's favorite books to create this unique, vintage wedding ceremony decoration.

                                                                                      46. Vintage White Wedding Ceremony Getaway Car

                                                                                        Vintage White Wedding Ceremony Getaway Car
                                                                                        Photography: Michelle Marie PR

                                                                                        There are few ways we love incorporating vintage decorations in a wedding ceremony than a truly vintage getaway car. Our pro tip? Park the car near the entrance of the wedding ceremony so your guests have a sneak preview of the vintage wedding theme.

                                                                                        Simple Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                                                        While maximalism has had its moment, we're always here for a minimal, simple wedding ceremony. A simple wedding doesn't necessarily mean a boring wedding. It simply means you've stayed true to your style and are confident in your small, but impactful choices. If you're looking for ways to stay true to your wedding ceremony with simple decoration ideas, read on. We're sharing our 3 favorite simple wedding ceremony decoration ideas.

                                                                                        47. Simple Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Tuscany

                                                                                        Planning a Tuscany wedding? No decorations needed! This couple chose to forgo traditional wedding decorations and simply exchange vows under the olive trees in Tuscany. We love how intimate this moment feels.

                                                                                        48. Simple Art Museum Wedding Ceremony

                                                                                          If you're planning a wedding in a unique wedding venue, you can keep your wedding ceremony decorations as simple as you'd like. Let the architecture, windows and natural materials "wow" your guests.

                                                                                          49. Outdoor Lawn Wedding Ceremony With Simple Decorations

                                                                                          When an outdoor wedding is filled with greenery, it's better to incorporate very simple and minimal ceremony decorations. Here, the couple chose to incorporate very few decorations along the aisle and at the altar.

                                                                                          Small Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                                                          Because of the pandemic, microweddings have increased in popularity over the last few years. Not only do they allow couples to plan their wedding without stress or going over budget, but they also allow you to have more control over the decorations. If you're looking to decorate your small wedding ceremony, look no further. We're sharing four decorating ideas to make your small wedding ceremony come to life.

                                                                                          50. Waterfront Microwedding Small Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

                                                                                          We love that this couple turned their guests' ceremony chairs at an angle. For smaller weddings, this seating arrangement feels more intimate.

                                                                                          51. Small Beach Wedding Ceremony Decoration Ideas

                                                                                            We're simply swooning over this event design. This couple created a makeshift wedding venue on the sandy beach and it accommodates their small wedding guest list perfectly.

                                                                                            52. Waterfront Wedding Ceremony with Curved Floral Aisle

                                                                                              There are few things we love more than a unique wedding ceremony aisle. While an intimate wedding ceremony, this curved aisle brings a whole lot of personality to this small wedding ceremony.

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