Comfort Food Ideas For Your Wedding Menu

Make your guests feel totally at home with easy-to-eat appetizers or fun late-night snacks for the after-party.
by Jessica Zaleski
Wedding receptions with comfort food appetizers
photo by Readyluck

For a lot of your guests, the most memorable part of the wedding is the food—everything from the presentation to the taste and smell can leave a lasting impression. Your menu options don't have to be limited to just chicken and fish! Some of the most creative menus we've seen involve lots of comfort foods. Imagine your guests' faces when they walk into your reception expecting to see the typical trays of canapes and instead find mini chicken fingers? We rounded up 16 of our favorite options to give you some delicious inspiration.

Warning: Don't read on an empty stomach!

1. Homemade Biscuits

Wedding biscuits
photo by Liz Banfield Photography

Delicious biscuits can take the place of typical bread baskets. In addition to squares of butter, consider adding some honey to the spread too.

From A Carmel Valley Ranch Wedding in Carmel, California

2. Mini BLTs

Wedding BLT |<img class=
photo by Ira Lippke Studios

There's no reason you can't serve one of the most classic sandwiches ever. You can even up the presentation by imprinting the letters “BLT" in the bread.

From A Modern Country Wedding in Bridgehampton, New York

3. Tiny Cheeseburgers

Wedding cheeseburgers |<img class=
photo by B&G Photography

If you serve satisfying cheeseburgers (or even veggie or black bean burgers), we guarantee your friends and family will never stop talking about how amazing your wedding food was—especially if you add a custom sauce and condiments station to the mix.

From A Calamigos Ranch Wedding in Malibu, California

4. Cute Ice Cream Cones

Wedding ice cream |<img class=
photo by Kate Osborne

Nothing goes better with cake than ice cream.

From A Brighton Ski Resort Wedding in Brighton, Utah

5. Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket wedding snacks
photo by Erika Follansbee Photography

We love the idea of hot dogs for a backyard wedding or a fun Fourth of July bash. Even better? Pigs in a blanket.

From A Fourth of July County-Fair-Inspired Wedding at Publick House Historic Inn in Sturbridge, Massachusetts

6. Classic Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Wedding grilled cheese |<img class=
photo by Scott Campbell Photography

There is no comfort food better than grilled cheese and tomato soup. Create nostalia at your wedding, but make the meal more adult by serving smaller sandwiches and soup in drink glasses for dipping.

From A Carmel Valley Ranch Wedding in Carmel, California

7. Southern Fried Chicken

Wedding fried chicken |<img class=
photo by Tanveer Badal Photography

Yes, it might be a little messy, but that's what the 200 pretty, personalized napkins you ordered are for.

From A Green Building Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

8. French Fries With a Side of Ketchup

Wedding french fries |<img class=
photo by Larissa Cleveland Photography

How pretty are these cocktail glasses filled with ketchup and french fries? The dipping sauce is right at the bottom and the glass makes it easy to carry around so your guests won't get french fry oil all over their hands.

From A Stunning Mountain Wedding in Big Sur, California

9. Playful Doughnuts

Wedding doughnuts |<img class=
photo by Nikki Closser Photography

Swap or supplement your wedding dessert with some sweet treats like doughnuts.

From A Bright Summer Wedding in Corbett, Oregon

10. Savory Chicken and Waffles

Wedding chicken and waffles |<img class=
photo by Kathryn Krueger

If you want to take fried chicken one step further, serve this classic duo with a side of maple syrup.

From A Colorful, Casual Wedding in Austin, Texas

11. New England Lobster Rolls

Wedding lobster rolls |<img class=
photo by Jenny DeMarco Photography

Buttery bread plus lobster equals a meal your guests will dream about forever.

From A Four Seasons Hotel Wedding in Austin, Texas

12. Fried Macaroni and Cheese

Wedding fried macaroni and cheese |<img class=
photo by Michelle Lindsay Photography

A macaroni and cheese bar is one of our favorite wedding ideas, but if you want to serve the dish as a finger food, consider frying it up and putting it on a stick.

From A Rustic, Romantic Wedding in Washington, DC

13. Milk and Cookie Escort Cards

Wedding milk and cookies |<img class=
photo by Mirelle Carmichael Photography

Give your guests a taste of what's to come with these milk and cookie escort cards to lead them to their seats.

From A Private Winery Wedding in Napa Valley, California

14. Tasty Pies

Wedding pie |<img class=
photo by AMB Photo

This is another great option if cake isn't really your style. You can work with your caterer to create pies in a few different flavors that guests are sure to love.

From A Homespun Summer Wedding in Ottawa, Ontario

15. Cheesy Pizza

Wedding pizza |<img class=
photo by Bonnie & Lauren

Everyone loves pizza, so it's sure to be a huge hit at your reception. Consider serving it as a late-night snack to keep the party vibes up all night long.

From A Whimsical Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

16. Make-Your-Own Tacos

Taco tray at wedding reception
photo by David Lynn Photography

Your guests will love a taco bar, and it's a fun way to let everyone put their own twist on their meal.

From An Elegant Formal Wedding in Mount Vernon, Colorado

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