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29 of the Prettiest Wedding Chuppahs We've Ever Seen

We love these creative chuppah ideas.
Romantic, Opulent Floral Chuppah
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The Knot
by The Knot
Updated Nov 12, 2018

If you're planning a Jewish ceremony, a standout chuppah (a canopy that a Jewish couple stands under at the altar) is a wonderful way to uphold the tradition and put a creative spin on your nuptials. 

While there's definitely nothing wrong with a classically draped chuppah, think of this as a moment to make a statement and include a structure that both complements your ceremony space and showcases your personality as a couple—a bloom-covered chuppah to evoke the feeling of a secret garden, or a lucite chuppah for the ultimate modern décor statement. You can even build an entirely new structure, like a chuppah chandelier or floating installation, for a slightly less traditional take or for an interfaith ceremony.

Jewish or not, any to-be-wed can appreciate the gorgeousness of the below. Check out these ultra-creative chuppahs and chuppah-inspired structures that can inspire your own. 

1. A Circular Chuppah

Circular chuppah with white roses

2. A Driftwood Chuppah

Driftwood and Succulent Ceremony Chuppah

3. An Ivy and Floral Chuppah

An Ivy and Floral Chuppah

4. A Clear Chuppah

Lucite Chuppah

5. A Colorful Chuppah

 Red Fabric and Floral Wedding Huppah

6. A Column Chuppah

Column cherry blossom chuppah

7. A Tropical Chuppah

Tropical-inspired chuppah

8. A Chuppah With Hanging Décor

Fabric chuppah with hanging terrariums

9. A Chuppah With Floral Bases

Floral Chuppah

10. A Classic Draped Chuppah

White Rose Petal Aisle Runner Leading to Fabric Chuppah

11. A Hanging Chuppah

Hanging Huppah

12. A Modern Lucite Chuppah

Lucite chuppah was decorated with peonies and blush and ivory ribbon

13. A Chuppah Chandelier

Hanging Amaranthus and Branch Chandelier

14. An Ombré Chuppah

Ombre floral chuppah

15. A Whimsical Chuppah

Sunflower accented chuppah

16. A Birch Chuppah

A Birch Chuppah

17. A Streamer Chuppah

Purple Streamer Chuppah

18. A Cherry Blossom Chuppah

Cherry Blossom Chuppah

19. A Beach Chuppah

Chuppah with small glass bottles and single blooms

20. A Botanical Chuppah

Branch covered chuppah

21. A Flower-Dotted Chuppah

Chuppah with yellow flowers

22. A Signed Chuppah

Chuppah with Guests' Well Wishes

23. A Floating Chuppah

Modern hanging chuppah

24. A Wooden Chuppah

wooden chuppah

25. A Lush Floral Chuppah

A Lush Floral and Wood Chuppah

26. A DIY Origami Paper Crane Chuppah

A DIY Origami Paper Crane Chuppah

27. A Rustic Sunflower Chuppah

A Rustic Sunflower Chuppah

28. A Dahlia Chuppah With Fall Leaves

A Dahlia Chuppah With Fall Leaves

29. A Garden-Inspired Chuppah

A Garden-Inspired Chuppah

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