37 Breathtaking Chuppah Ideas You Need for Your Jewish Ceremony

Blend culture and style with these creative options.
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated May 14, 2024

Whether honoring their religion or celebrating a shared heritage, many couples incorporate religious and cultural elements into their wedding. So, if you're planning a Jewish union and want to include Jewish wedding traditions, you're probably thinking about including a chuppah. But before you figure out your Jewish wedding processional order and chuppah songs, you should know there are endless design choices for this structure. Don't worry though, because we're here to help make the decision process easier. We've gathered examples of creative chuppahs from real weddings for about every wedding theme. Plus, we provided the top chuppah facts from pros, like its meaning, pronunciation, history and more, to give you the background knowledge you need.

Chuppah ideas that'll take your breath away: What Is a Chuppah? | How to Find a Chuppah Rental Near You | With Flowers | Simple | Modern | Boho | Rustic | FAQs

What Is a Chuppah?

"A chuppah is a square ceremony space with four poles and a top. It's usually required by the Rabbi that the opening between the four poles is covered," explains Laura Maddox, an expert with 15 years of hospitality experience and owner of Magnolia Celebrates. "The chuppah is supposed to represent the couple's first home together. Since most ceremonies were originally held outdoors, this structure was supposed to create a sacred space. They were traditionally carried in by family members and held in place during the ceremony but that portion of the tradition is rarely carried out today as chuppahs have become far too elaborate to carry anymore."

Chuppah Meaning

Chuppah is a Hebrew word. When translated into English, chuppah means "canopy" or "covering." Simply put, a chuppah is a wedding canopy that's part of Jewish tradition and is something you'll see on just about every Jewish wedding program.

How to Pronounce Chuppah

While chuppah is the spelling you'll most commonly see, chuppa and huppah are alternate spellings that refer to the same four-posted ceremony structure traditionally used at Jewish wedding ceremonies. Also, it's important to know that the prayer shawl that frequently hangs above a chuppah is a tallit (Hebrew spelling) or tallis (Yiddish spelling). Pronounce chuppah like this, [KHOOP-uh]. For tallit, it's pronounced as [tah-LEET].

Where to Find a Chuppah Rental Near You

If you're wondering if you can rent a chuppah, the answer is yes. There are two ways you can go about finding one. First, go to The Knot Vendor Marketplace and head to the rentals section. Once there, you can add your marrying location and search through numerous top-rated rental companies to find the wedding chuppah you're looking for. Another option is to write "chuppah rental near me" into your favorite search engine to discover the one you want.

Chuppah Flower Ideas

A floral-covered chuppah is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your wedding floral design. As you're wedding planning, remember that hearty botanicals like eucalyptus may hold up better than dainty blooms like orchids as part of chuppah's design. Once you've perused the ideas below, consult your florist for the best look for your floral chuppah.

1. Elegant Flower Chuppah at a Multicultural Wedding

    Floral chuppah
    Photo: Laura Segall Photography
    Florist: Suzanne Taussig Wedding & Event Design

    At this Jewish and Mexican wedding, the couple's wedding colors were pink, orange and yellow. These tones were incorporated into their chuppah design with cheerful flowers that popped against the brown intertwining vines.

    2. White Floral Chuppah at an Outdoor Wedding

      Couple under greenery-covered Chuppah with veil draped over them.
      Photo: The de Jaureguis

      If you're having an outdoor wedding, enhance the natural beauty around you. The combination of greenery with white roses will bring a timeless look to your wedding ceremony.

      3. Vibrant Chuppah With Wildflowers

        Couple under colorful chuppah at Jewish wedding in Colorado
        Photo: b. schwartz photography

        This couple's chuppah added bursts of color to their mountain wedding ceremony. "We chose bright, happy colors reflective of our Latin heritage and a good time," the bride says.

        4. Dramatic Garden-Themed Chuppah

          For an outdoor wedding ceremony, lean into greenery as the base for your ceremony event design. This will help the whole space complement the surrounding area.

          5. Luxurious Chuppah Covered in Hydrangeas and Roses

            We love a chuppah with flowers in abundance. A pop of pink tied this couple's chuppah into the rest of the decor for this pink-and-black wedding in California.

            6. Beautifully Decorated Wooden Chuppah

              Hydrangeas are a great option for decorating a floral chuppah since they elegantly add fullness to the floral design. Also, the surrounding greenery helps the white hydrangeas stand out.

              7. Large Chuppah for an Orthodox Jewish Wedding

                Since lots of the couple's loved ones and religious leaders needed to be under the chuppah, a large structure was built. This Jewish wedding chuppah is also an example of how floral accents don't have to be symmetrical.

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                8. Unique Jewel-Tone Chuppah

                  Jewel-tone chuppah at Jewish wedding
                  Photo: Binaryflips Photography
                  Florist: Tiger Lily Flowers

                  This couple went for a bold look with their floral chuppah. Bright blooms in red, pink and purple caught guests' eyes at this Sarasota, Florida, wedding ceremony.

                  9. Colorful Faux Flowers on a Jewish Chuppah

                    Oversized faux rainbow flowers brought drama to this indoor venue. When asked why this design was chosen for the chuppah, the bride said she was inspired by the paper flowers and textiles she had seen in Mexico.

                    10. Greenery Chuppah at a Waterfront Venue

                      The waterfront backdrop of this ceremony was eye-catching. This is why the marriers kept their chuppah decor to a minimum by opting for simple greenery and small bunches of white flowers.

                      11. Overgrown Branches on an Indoor Chuppah

                        The outdoors came inside this industrial loft wedding with the help of a dramatic branch chuppah. With a circular seating arrangement, each guest could appreciate the gorgeous chuppah in all its glory.

                        12. Stunning Asymmetrical Wedding Chuppah

                          If you're having an all-white ceremony, there are ways to add subtle pops of color. This chuppah with asymmetrical floral and greenery accents added a natural feel to such a sleek ceremony space.

                          Simple Chuppah Ideas

                          If you prefer a less-is-more look for your chuppah, you have options. A simple Jewish wedding canopy made out of wood will bring an elegant touch to your ceremony event design.

                          13. Outdoor Birch Chuppah

                            Birch is a popular choice for couples hosting a wedding with a neutral color scheme. This simple chuppah is a great reminder that sometimes less is more.

                            14. Eucalyptus and Vine Adorned Chuppah

                              At this garden-themed wedding, the couple did Jewish wedding vows and customs. The ceremony was made even more special with the chuppah tallit which was the bride's late grandfather's.

                              15. Jewish Wedding Chuppah at the Beach

                                Bamboo poles were the foundation of this chic chuppah. In addition, pink and white roses and delphiniums were added to the corners.

                                16. Chuppah Made of Driftwood for a Beach Wedding

                                  At this romantic beach wedding in Tulum, Mexico, the to-be-weds played off their environment for their chuppah decoration ideas. Driftwood was the main structure, with flowing white fabric attached to the sides.

                                  17. Simple Wood Chuppah

                                    Couple wrapped in prayer shawl underneath birch chuppah.
                                    Photo: Patrick Quezada Photography

                                    Keeping your chuppah decor simple isn't a bad thing. That's why this couple ensured the ocean view remained unobstructed.

                                    Modern Chuppah Ideas

                                    If you're looking for something more unique and modern, the chuppahs below will definitely pique your interest. These real weddings will help inform the event design for your celebration.

                                    18. Whimsical Wedding Chuppah

                                      The bride and groom included lots of Jewish wedding rituals into their day, like the hora dance and a chuppah. The bride considered their chuppah a masterpiece made of branches, cherry blossoms, roses and hydrangeas.

                                      19. White Patterned Jewish Chuppah

                                        The white chuppah at this wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico, featured a laser-cut lace-inspired pattern. Inspired by the colors typically seen in the desert and at sunset, sage, white, pale orange and pink were used for the chuppah flower arrangements.

                                        20. Industrial Copper Wedding Chuppah

                                          "We wanted our ceremony to be secular with some Jewish elements that felt meaningful to us," the groom says of his Leap Day wedding. A copper frame and colorful floral arrangements made this chuppah feel fresh and contemporary.

                                          21. Elegant Lucite Wedding Chuppah

                                            Lucite chuppah at Jewish wedding
                                            Photo: Judith Rae Photography
                                            Florist: Atlas Floral Decorators

                                            For those having a rooftop wedding, this idea is perfect for you. At this New York affair, an acrylic chuppah ensured guests could enjoy the city skyline behind this couple as they exchanged vows.

                                            22. Chuppah Made of Paper Cranes

                                              The bride and groom tied the knot in a blended Jewish and Japanese wedding. Fun Fact: The groom's mother folded a thousand origami cranes, also known as Senbazuru, which is a tradition where the cranes are skillfully put on a string and can be displayed hanging from the ceiling. It's said that the custom represents happiness, strength and loyalty and that the origami folder is granted one wish.

                                              23. Custom Chuppah at a Woodsy Wedding

                                                Custom chuppah at woodland Jewish wedding
                                                Photo: Yumi Matsuo Studio,
                                                Florist: Elan Flowers

                                                The chuppah symbolizes the marriers' first home together. That's why this bride and groom asked for a custom black chuppah in the shape of a house for their wedding.

                                                24. Round Chuppah at a Glam Wedding

                                                  This structure included the all-important elements of a chuppah. But instead of a square configuration on the top, the lush, baby's breath chuppah chuppah had a circular shape.

                                                  Boho Chuppah Ideas

                                                  Boho weddings are having a moment right now, and we're here for it. If you're planning a bohemian celebration, consider one of these chuppah designs below.

                                                  25. Wood Chuppah With Jewel-Tone Fabrics

                                                    The backdrop of this ceremony space was a plain gray wall. To cover it, the couple created a layered fabric installation to demarcate their ceremony space.

                                                    26. Copper Chuppah With Palm Frond Accents

                                                      To match the colorful aesthetic of this couple's wedding, they asked for some of the palm fronds to be painted. The plant's bright hues of tamarind orange, periwinkle and indigo complemented the wedding's desert-inspired design.

                                                      27. Autumn-Inspired Wedding Chuppah

                                                        Spotlights illuminated the wooden chuppah and the floral vines at the grooms' wedding. We also love the sprinkling of orange flower petals scattered at the chuppah's threshold.

                                                        28. Lush Greenery Covered Chuppah

                                                          Couple holding hands under wood chuppah decorated with greenery.
                                                          Photo: India Earl Photography

                                                          The foliage brought lots of texture to this chuppah design. This is also a prime example that not every ceremony structure needs an abundance of fresh flowers to look stunning.

                                                          29. Enchanting Boho Chuppah

                                                            Gauzy fabric added to the boho feel at this sunny outdoor union. The addition of pampas grass, greenery and dried flowers made this chuppah a rustic-boho hybrid.

                                                            30. DIY Jewish Wedding Chuppah

                                                              The to-be-weds exchanged vows under a custom-made chuppah. With the help of cousins and mother, the bride made this bohemian design with colorful ribbons.

                                                              Rustic Chuppah Ideas

                                                              Since chuppahs are frequently constructed from wood, the foundations lend themselves well to a rustic wedding theme. To help motivate you, we've gathered these ideas for you.

                                                              31. Dark Brown Chuppah Surrounded by Flowers

                                                                You don't always have to attach flowers to the chuppah structure. This couple chose to decorate the entire altar space with groupings of floral arrangements.

                                                                32. Birch Chuppah With Dahlias and Peonies

                                                                  The dramatic dahlia and peony blooms are a great way to pack a punch visually with your chuppah. The chuppah's elements also pair well with the stone walls around the ceremony.

                                                                  33. Beautiful Fall Chuppah

                                                                    The to-be-weds wanted to spotlight nature at their Manhattan wedding. Their florist focused on a season-appropriate theme and covered the chuppah with autumn leaves, greenery and dahlias.

                                                                    34. Moss Covered Jewish Wedding Chuppah

                                                                      We can't express enough how letting your wedding location influence your theme and look is a great idea. For this mountain wedding, the bride and groom had their Jewish ceremony under a moss-adorned chuppah.

                                                                      35. Burgundy and White Birch Chuppah

                                                                        Combining the grooms' cultures was a big priority for them. That's why their chuppah used Kente cloth, a traditional Ghanaian fabric, instead of tallit.

                                                                        36. Rustic Chuppah With Twisting Vines

                                                                          Make your chuppah look like it sprouted from the earth. The intertwining vines, hydrangeas, roses and foliage on this chuppah accomplished that look easily.

                                                                          37. Natural Wood Chuppah

                                                                            Dark wood brought a rustic feel to this chuppah at a Jewish wedding ceremony in Alabama. We also love how the couple's ketubah color scheme complements the flowers' hues.

                                                                            Chuppahs: Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                            You might have seen a chuppah at multiple weddings but still not understand its purpose and history. Keep reading to learn why chuppahs are an integral part of Jewish unions.

                                                                            What Is the Historical Significance of a Chuppah?

                                                                            "Traditionally, Jewish ceremonies were held outdoors. The chuppah created a sanctified space for the couple to get married under," explains Syrie Roman, founder of Social Maven with over 12 years of event management knowledge. If you aren't Jewish but want to have a chuppah-like arrangement at your ceremony, remember to always ensure you're respecting the tradition and religious symbol. "If you adopt this tradition, do it respectfully and honor its history and significance. You can maybe add a similar design to a chuppah, like a canopy with two poles, for a similar look without the religious implications," Roman adds.

                                                                            Is a Chuppah the Same as a Wedding Arch?

                                                                            "While a wedding arch is typically constructed as a single element placed either in front of or behind the couple, a chuppah must have four separate pillars or poles, creating a space that the couple and both sets of parents stand under," Beth Bernstein, owner and event director of SQN Events and leader in the wedding industry since 2009, tells us. There are chuppah requirements for the traditional structure, which are that "all four sides must be open, signifying that the couple's home will be open and welcoming to all visitors," explains Bernstein.

                                                                            How Can Couples Personalize Their Wedding Ceremony Chuppah?

                                                                            "Most couples personalize their chuppah by incorporating a meaningful heirloom at the top. I've had couples use everything from a tallis worn by a parent or grandparent to their mother's vintage veil. The most special item one of my couples used was a hand-knit tablecloth that the groom's grandparents had brought over from Europe when they fled during the Holocaust," Bernstein says.

                                                                            What Are the Common Dos and Don'ts of the Chuppah?

                                                                            "Always check with your Rabbi if you're thinking outside the box. Most Rabbis are flexible, but the more observant ones won't accept if the chuppah is suspended instead of coming from the floor, for example. Or some require the top to be fully covered, while others would be fine if you covered them with branches and could still see some holes in the top," advises Maddox.

                                                                            What Happens Under the Chuppah?

                                                                            Under the chuppah, two parts of the Jewish wedding ceremony are performed. Before those, traditionally, the couple initially enters the chuppah, and the bride circles the groom seven times, which represents the seven days of creation, wedding blessings and that the groom is the center of the bride's world. Nowadays, couples choose to circle one another to make the ritual equal.

                                                                            The first part of the ceremony is kiddushin and involves greetings, a wine blessing, sips taken by each to-be-wed, a ring exchange and the reading of the ketubah. The second part is nissuin, which represents the couple uniting as one, that includes the sheva b'rachot. This entails well wishes being said to the couple, praise for God and a peace prayer for Jerusalem, which is all done over a second cup of wine. The two cups of wine symbolize the marriage commitment and the wedding.

                                                                            Hannah Nowack contributed to the reporting of this piece.

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