9 Unique NYC Lofts You'll Love For Your Wedding

Still searching for the perfect venue? Check out these spacious, lofted locales.
by Nicole Piquant
industrial wedding venue
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So, you've taken the Style Quiz and determined that an urban loft venue fits your wedding vision perfectly—now it's time to find a gorgeous space and start planning. We took tours of nine of our favorite industrial loft wedding venues in New York City, all to answer one simple question: What makes this space unique? Some of the answers were pretty obvious; Studio 450's all white interior simply can't be beat since it's the perfect blank canvas. Other cool details were more covert. Did you know that the owner of The Foundry lives on site (and personally checks in with couples to make sure the planning process is going smoothly)? Take a peek at our favorite industrial finds below.

  1. Studio 450

    All white loft wedding ceremony space with white chairs
    Eli Turner Studios

    Address: Studio 450, 450 W 31st Street (The Garment District)

    What Makes It So Unique: Sure, this space is a little out of the way by Manhattan standards. But the trip west to 10th Avenue is totally worth it. The all-white venue features stark floors, walls and bathrooms for a space that's perfectly bright and airy. "It's a canvas," says Shannon, one of Studio 450's venue managers. "Everything pops. And every event is different and totally customized to the couple's style." We love how Andrea and Manuel's floral garden wedding had a totally different feel than Melissa and Samuel's all white wedding style. It just goes to show how much you can personalize this venue to fit your taste, whatever it may be.

    The Studio even gives you a couple of different space options for your ceremony—including a spacious main room that can be closed off for smaller wedding parties. Another is the studio's rooftop terrace—a quintessentially Manhattan space that faces the famed bright red 'New Yorker' sign.

    How It's Priced: Starting at $5800

    Maximum Guest Capacity: 250

  2. Dumbo Loft

    Colorful wedding reception at Dumbo Loft in New York City
    Ava Weddings

    Address: Dumbo Loft, 155 Water Street (DUMBO)

    What Makes It So Unique: "This space is totally do it yourself," says Lauren, the manager at Dumbo Loft. "But people really like that." Whereas tons of other venues have preferred caterers and florists (and may even charge you extra to use professionals that are outside of their network), no suggestions or recommendations are thrown into the mix at Dumbo. Sure, the sheer number of event planners, DJs, and food options that are available to you may be a little daunting without a preferred list. But there's a good chance you'll enjoy the freedom of being able to completely customize the space.

    A chic outdoor space sits directly outside the venue, with stairs on the side of the loft that lead to an intimate seating area. But be advised: the outdoor space isn't exactly private. You have to go through the city to get permission have your wedding ceremony out there. But on the flip side, Lauren has many couples that get married at the nearby Main Street Park (or even at the slightly farther Brooklyn Bridge Park), then travel to the loft for their wedding reception. "It's totally doable," says Lauren. But then again, that's pretty much the standard at Dumbo.

    How It's Priced: Starting at approximately $2,000

    Maximum Guest Capacity: 200

  3. The Foundry

    Industrial wedding ceremony space with brick walls and a glass ceiling
    Love Is Cool - Levi Stolove Photography

    Address: The Foundry, 42-38 9th Street (Long Island City)

    What Makes It So Unique: Though we weren't able to meet the Du Val family when we visited The Foundry, it's clear that they are deeply invested in the space and the couples that get married there. In fact, they live on the premises and often pop into meetings and the occasional wedding just to make sure everything is okay! One look at the meticulously pruned outdoor reception space behind the facility shows the ridiculous the level of detail that has been put into making the space unique. The stunning views of the Queensboro Bride certainly aren't too shabby, either. Ivy lines the indoor and outdoor perfectly faded brick walls of the space for a natural look that can easily be incorporated into your wedding decor, like Sasha and Oliver did with their ultra-lush, organic wedding on the property. Another awesome feature? The not-quite-rooftop, not-quite-reception room above the main receiving room. It's perfect for late night snacks, s'mores, scotch tastings and a variety of other off-beat activities your guests will love.

    How It's Priced: Starting at $6,700

    Maximum Guest Capacity: 200

  4. Gary's Loft

    Rustic, wooden interior wedding reception space at Gary's Loft in New York City
    5th Avenue Digital

    Address: Gary's Loft, 28 W 36th St (Midtown)

    What Makes It So Unique: Gary's Loft has such a homey feel, it's hard to believe that you're smack dab in the middle of Midtown. One plus-side to the venue's central location: It's unparalleled view of The Empire State Building. "Out-of-towners love it," owner Gary says of the view off of Fifth Avenue. "It's just the typical New York City space." While the former garment factory venue boasts breathtaking views and large windows, the city space also features a vintage working kitchen, built-in bookshelves and a spacious living room. So essentially, it's like having your wedding at a rustic, 50s-inspired cabin, only better. "They give the space a sense of permanence," Gary says of the cozy living room and kitchen space. For a peek at just how weddings work within the venue, take a look at how John and Scott used distressed wooden tables for guest seating or just how Rainne and Christopher set up their centerpiece within the space.

    How It's Priced: Starting at $5,600

    Maximum Guest Capacity: 150

  5. Tribeca Rooftop

    Wedding ceremony on the Tribeca Rooftop in New York City
    Vanessa Joy Photography

    Address: Tribeca Rooftop, 10 Desbrosses Street (Tribeca)

    What Makes It So Unique: Our tour at Tribeca Rooftop began with Billy, the venue's head manager and Tracey, an event manager. Over the course of my afternoon there, we met at least 15 other employees at the space. There was Rio, the second-in-command chef who was making creamy bechamel sauce as we walked through the spotless industrial kitchen. Then came Donna, one of the venue's sales managers. This family-centric atmosphere is something Tribeca Rooftop prides itself on (and is a little surprising considering its huge size). "Lots of people will have their wedding here, then have their kid's Bat Mitzvah here 13 years later," Tracey told me. The constant attention and hospitality we experienced at Tribeca Rooftop is definitely one of the reasons people return, despite it being one of the more lavish venues on our list. Another, of course, is the view. "This is really a city venue," Billy said as we walked around the circular main hall. On a clear day, you can practically see into the office buildings at One World Trade, which is located about 10 minutes away by train. Walk to the other side of the venue and a beautiful view of the Jersey City skyline is suddenly in view. And then of course, to the east, are the magnificent buildings that make up downtown Manhattan. "You can give your guests a tour of New York City without ever leaving the building," Billy told me. In fact, you can have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all in different areas of the room to give each of the photos a different background. If you're looking for a more polished New York City venue that still has some of that industrial feel, try Tribeca Rooftop.

    How It's Priced: Starting at $160 per guest (menu, staff, open bar, tables, linens and stage lighting included)

    Maximum Guest Capacity: 400

  6. Smack Mellon Gallery

    Smack Mellon wedding ceremony venue
    Julia Newman Photography

    Address: Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth Street (DUMBO)

    What Makes It So Unique: With towering windows and plenty of natural light, this coveted Brooklyn warehouse is located right on the water. Aside from 40-foot stone beams and a to-die-for location, Smack Mellon becomes that much more unique since the venue is normally used as an art exhibition space. Created in 2000, Smack Mellon gives up-and-coming mid-career and female artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a highly-acclaimed gallery; making for an event space art-afficionados will love. Be warned though—the space doesn't come equipped with air conditioning; so August brides may want to avoid it altogether.

    How It's Priced: starting at $4000

    Maximum Guest Capacity: 75

  7. Greenpoint Loft

    Aerial view of Greenpoint Loft with confetti and wedding decorations
    Jenna Marie Photography

    Address: Greenpoint Loft, 67 West St (Greenpoint)

    What Makes It So Unique: Despite all the industrial venues on this list, it really doesn't get any more raw than the the 5,000-square-feet of space that is Greenpoint Loft. Though the owners have only been hosting weddings in the open venue since 2013, the historic loft was built in the early 20th century and served as a metal factory before it became the event space that it is today. Original wood pillars and rafters give the space an airy feel, while brick walls make foran raw space that's super-customizable. Our favorite detail: The loft's stunning view of the Manhattan skyline along with original wood floors.

    How It's Priced: starting at $4,000

    Maximum Guest Occupancy: 245

  8. Midtown Loft and Terrace

    Couple kissing on the roof of the Midtown Loft and Terrace

    Address: Midtown Loft and Terrace, 267 5th Ave (Midtown)

    What Makes It So Unique: The Midtown Loft and Terrace is yet another blank space perfect for creating a customized reception. The family-owned, Old World-inspired space features large glass windows and vintage furniture along with an impressive roof that boasts views of midtown Manhattan. What's more, the terrace features pretty potted plants and vines throughout the outdoor space along with a cozy wood-and-brick lounge that's the ultimate hang out spot post-ceremony.

    How It's Priced: starting at $5,000

    Maximum Guest Occupancy: 300

  9. The Green Building

    Brick wall detailing with golden chandelier
    Zorz Studios

    Address: The Green Building, 452 Union St (Caroll Gardens)

    What Makes It So Unique: If you've ever walked down Union Street on your way to Ample Hills, then you've definitely passed the Green Building. Okay, while this isn't a loft per se, we had to include it on our list given all the buzz that constantly surrounds the space. Brick and wood details make this warehouse a favorite among in-the-know couples; plus the space is large enough to hold up to 225 guests and features gilded decor like gold vintage chandeliers. "It really gives off that 'I'm-partying-in-a-really-cool-Brooklyn-warehouse-with-all-my-friends" type of vibe," says their marketing manager, Sarah. Another sweet detail? The outdoor space is adjacent to the venue's main room, so you can easily create two separate celebration spaces that don't feel too disconnected. There's even enough outdoor space to accommodate several food trucks, so you can treat guests to a unique, Smorgasburg-type reception.

    How It's Priced: Starting at $3,000

    Maximum Guest Occupancy: 225

    Find the dreamiest lofts in your city, perfect for your wedding reception.

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