Green Wedding Color Combos

It's easy being green -- especially with these gorgeous color combinations. From funky to demure, we have inspiring green color combos to fit every wedding style.
by The knot editors
Green wedding shoes
photo by Kate Triano Photography
  1. Green + Chocolate Brown

    Green and brown wedding programs
    photo by James Christianson Photographers

  2. Light Green + Dark Green

    Green wedding centerpiece
    photo by SI LK Studio

  3. Green + Gray + Red

    Green gray and red boutonniere
    photo by Liana Photography

  4. Green + Gray

    Green and gray wedding programs
    photo by Amy Squires Photography

  5. Green + Navy

    Green and navy place setting
    photo by Deborah Kates Fine Photography

  6. Lime Green + Orange

    Lime green and orange centerpiece
    photo by JK Dallas Photography

  7. Green + Light Green + Dark Green

    Light green and dark green wedding centerpiece
    photo by Catherine Leonard Photography

  8. Dark Green + Yellow

    Dark green and yellow bouquet
    photo by Cheryl Ungar Photography

  9. Dark Green + Pink

    Dark green bridesmaid dress
    photo by Sarah Bastille Photography

  10. Light Green + Pink + Light Blue

    Green, pink and blue bouquet
    photo by Tec Petaja Photography

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