Green Wedding Color Combos

It's easy being green -- especially with these gorgeous color combinations. From funky to demure, we have inspiring green color combos to fit every wedding style.
  1. Green and brown wedding programs

    Green + Chocolate Brown

  2. Green wedding centerpiece
    Photo by SI LK Studio

    Light Green + Dark Green

  3. Green gray and red boutonniere

    Green + Gray + Red

  4. Green and gray wedding programs

    Green + Gray

  5. Green and navy place setting

    Green + Navy

  6. Lime green and orange centerpiece

    Lime Green + Orange

  7. Light green and dark green wedding centerpiece

    Green + Light Green + Dark Green

  8. Dark green and yellow bouquet

    Dark Green + Yellow

  9. Dark green bridesmaid dress

    Dark Green + Pink

  10. Green, pink and blue bouquet

    Light Green + Pink + Light Blue