Bridesmaids: How Should I Ask My Friends to be in Wedding?


I want to ask my friends to be bridesmaids, but I am not exactly sure how. Do I just call them up and ask, or should I do something a little more personal? I really want to let them know how important they are to me.


Wow, it sounds like you're a great friend, and your pals must already know how much you treasure them. And the idea of making the occasion of asking each of them to be in your wedding a special one is fantastic! Take each of them out to a nice cafe or tearoom and ask them then. Make a female-bonding afternoon or evening out of it. Be sure to bring your camera and ask your waitress or another patron to take a picture of all that sisterly love. If you have a friend who lives far away whom you want to ask, consider writing her a special letter instead of just calling her up -- it'll be a keepsake. You could even ask her to respond in writing, so you'll have something for the scrapbook.

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