You Can Now Have an Olive Garden Breadstick Board at Your Reception

When you can have (arguably) the best breadsticks on the planet at your reception—who needs a doughnut wall?
The Knot
Updated May 16, 2018

If you've been to an Olive Garden—and we sincerely hope you have—you're probably aware of how notoriously addictive and delicious their breadsticks are.

And since you definitely need a late-night snack for your wedding reception anyway, why not help your guests fuel up with their favorite family restaurant appetizer? And just like the doughnut wall trend you've likely seen everywhere, a "breadstick board" will be as Insta-worthy as it is delectable.

If you're interested in serving them up, all you have to do is place an order for the breadsticks via Olive Garden catering (don't forget the dipping sauces!) and purchase some DIY supplies, like a bulletin board, parchment paper, some thumbtacks and mini sauce holders. Once you roll the parchment paper (you can decorate it in your wedding colors for a festive touch), you can attach your cones to the board and drop in the 'sticks for a photo-worthy late-night feast.

Pro tip: Get a tabletop chalkboard to write an Olive Garden–inspired saying on. Your guests will eat it right up—pun intended.

Olive Garden breadstick board for wedding reception
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