15 Instagram-Worthy Backdrop Ideas (and 4 DIYs!)

Want to create a focal point with some serious wow factor? We got you.
by Andrea Fowler

Whether you want to make a backdrop for your ceremony, craft a fun spot for selfies, dress up your dessert table or cover up less-than-desirable wallpaper at your reception, these creative backdrop ideas will personalize your space and completely elevate your décor. 

Want to go the DIY route and make something ahead of time? We shared a few of our favorite DIY projects that would be perfect for any ceremony or reception style.

  1. 1. Macramé Art

    Macrame ceremony backdrop
    Ash Imagery

    Macramé designs can host multiple patterns in one piece, giving your guests some extra eye candy in one fantastic element. Want to dress it up a bit? String a flower garland above it for even more of a pop.

    From: A Natural, Bohemian Wedding at Woolverton Inn in Stockton, New Jersey

  2. 2. Cloth Designs

    Stitched cloth backdrop
    Brandon Kidd Photography

    Don't be afraid to play with texture—fabric, sequins or 3-D paper flowers all make for eye-catching details. A minimalist design like this one is perfect for dressing up a cocktail lounge or the area behind a bar.

    From: A Chic, Themed Wedding at L'Auberge Del Mar in Del Mar, California

  3. 3. Paper Triangles

    Modern dessert table backdrop of paper triangles
    NBarrett Photography

    Looking for something a bit more modern for your urban space? Geometric cutouts have a way of feeling whimsical but incredibly contemporary at the same time. (Perfect for a sweet dessert display.)

    From: An Industrial Boho Wedding at Hickory Street Annex in Dallas, Texas

  4. 4. Ribbon Cascades

    Colorful ribbon backdrop at an outdoor ceremony
    Emma Case Photography

    A cascade of colorful ribbons is a fun and totally customizable ceremony backdrop. A little bit of distance between each ribbon is enough to make the space feel open, but still maintain a solid focal point.

    From: A Bright, Offbeat Wedding at the Foundry in Long Island City, New York

  5. 5. Oversize Canvases

    Overlapping canvases creating a unique ceremony altar
    Matthew Moore Photography

    Pick out a few cohesive pieces of art to decorate your altar space. Not only does it look completely bespoke, the canvases can also double as newlywed nest décor.

    From: An Intimate Courtyard Wedding at Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas

  6. 6. Paper Flowers

    Colorful paper flower backdrop
    Sarah McKenzie Photography

    You can follow your wedding color scheme in a backdrop, or go the playful route and throw a slew of colors into the mix. A wall of colorful paper flowers is sure to brighten any space.

    From: A Colorful, Whimsical Wedding at Station 3 in Houston, Texas

  7. 7. Yarn Backdrop

    DIY yarn backdrop for wedding reception decor
    Lauren Fair Photography

    Gathering up some tangled spools of yarn is the backdrop version of "I woke up like this." It looks effortless, but very stylish.

    From: A Bohemian Barn Wedding at Rodale Institute in Kutztown, Pennsylvania

  8. 8. Rustic Crepe Streamers

    DIY crepe streamer wedding reception backdrop
    Nbarrett Photography

    A few long strips of fringed crepe streamers make a simple background that's just enough to designate a photo area, but doesn't take away from the rest of the event's décor. 

    From: A Rustic, Whimsical Wedding at Golden Homestead in Golden, Texas

  9. 9. DIY Coffee Filter Backdrop

    DIY coffee filter backdrop
    Erin L. Taylor Photography

    Coffee filters offer a fun texture and absorbant canvas for playing with different color dyes. (Read: They can coordinate with any wedding color palette!)

    From: A Colorful DIY Wedding at the Historic Rice Mill in Charleston, South Carolina

  10. 10. Taped Blooms

    Bright floral backdrop with Washi taped blooms
    Delbarr Moradi Photography

    There are so many unique ways to use flowers outside of vases. Taping single blooms to a bright solid-colored backdrop makes the display look a little modern and a little boho at the same time.

    From: A Vibrant, Colorful Wedding at Brix in Yountville, California

  11. 11. Knotted Gold Rope

    Eucalyptus garland with knotted gold rope wedding ceremony backdrop
    Leslie Gilbert Photography

    Incorporate the theme of "tying the knot" into a DIY rope backdrop. A garland of greenery will lend a bit of whimsy to the scenery.

    From: An Elaborate Rustic Wedding at the Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Bonus: Backdrop DIYs

  12. 12. DIY Yarn Tassels

    Cute DIY wedding decor idea, a tassel backdrop
    The Wedding Scoop

    We love fringe in every shape and form, especially this yarn DIY. We've already walked you through a tissue paper tassel project, but here's a new one for a rustic spin on this trendy décor.

    Get the DIY at The Wedding Scoop

  13. 13. Color Block Post-Its

    DIY backdrop idea with Post-Its, from Poppytalk.com
    Courtesy Poppytalk

    Operating on a tight budget? A few packages of colorful Post-It notes in different sizes will create a modern color block backdrop that will make every single selfie "pop."

    Get the DIY from Poppytalk

  14. 14. Washi Tape Design

    Temporary wallpaper backdrop DIY from Brit + Co
    Brit + Co

    We love this temporary wallpaper idea. Not only can it be used for an accent wall in your newlywed nest, but we also see it bringing a reception lounge area to life, or creating the perfect backdrop for a photo booth station. 

    Get the DIY from Brit + Co

  15. 15. Hanging Flowers

    Hanging flower backdrop idea from Sugar & Cloth
    Sugar & Cloth

    Flowers aren't just for tables. Suspend some from the ceiling to turn a dessert table into a major photo moment or to create a boho garden vibe for a selfie backdrop.

    Get the DIY from Sugar & Cloth

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