19 Modern Escort Cards for a Stylish First Impression

This must-have detail gives your guests a sneak peek at what's to come for the reception.
by Amanda Casertano

You’ve tackled your guest list and finalized the seating arrangements. Now it’s time for the fun stuff, starting with designing your escort cards. Although this detail seems small, don’t overlook it—you don’t want your guests playing musical chairs, do you?  Plus, it’s your chance to set the tone for the reception, so have fun with it. From flawless calligraphy to DIY designs, we’ve rounded up 19 modern escort card ideas for you to recreate.

  1. 1. Hanging Hexagons

    Modern escort card ideas geometric and gold
    Amber Gress Photography
  2. 2. Fun and Games

    Unique graphics escort card ideas modern
  3. 3. Pressed Petals

    Glass and floral escort card idea
    Dana Fernandez Photography
  4. 4. Sleek Peaks

    Geometric and gold escort card idea
    Autumn Burke Photography
  5. 5. Bunches of Blossoms

    Unique and floral escort card idea
    Kerinsa Marie Photography
  6. 6. Black-and-White Graphics

    Graphic striped modern escort card ideas
  7. 7. Bold Black and Gold

    Geometric and gold escort card idea
    Anna Grace Photography
  8. 8. Glamorous Agate Slice

    Agate escort card ideas
    Milou + Olin Photography
  9. 9. Window Pane Seating Chart

    Tall window pane seating chart idea
  10. 10. Travel Tags

    Modern travel inspired escort card idea
    Milou + Olin Photography
  11. 11. Wax Stamps

    Modern square escort card idea
    Abby Jiu Photography
  12. 12. Honeycomb Display

    Modern escort card idea geometric
    Vienna Glenn Photography
  13. 13.One and Done

    Mirror seating chart idea
    Rachel Havel Photography
  14. 14. Hand-Painted Place Card

    Gold escort card idea with calligraphy
    Samule Lippke Studios
  15. 15. Simple Tags

    Simple hanging escort card ideas
    B. Jones Photography
  16. 16. Modern and Minimalistic

    Simple black and white escort card idea
    Elisha Braithwaite Photography
  17. 17. Patterned Pieces

    Geometric and patterned escort card ideas
    The Brauns
  18. 18. Surprise Gift

    Favor and escort card idea
    One Love Photography
  19. 19. Glass Fixture

    Simple and mirror escort card idea
    Lauren Scotti Photographer
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