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6 Retro Wedding Cakes That Cut It!

simone hill the knot wedding planning and style expert
by Simone Hill
simone hill the knot wedding planning and style expert
Simone Hill
Wedding Planning and Style Expert
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This Throwback Thursday, we're celebrating the most delicious part of weddings, the cake! For better or for worse, cake (no matter what shape, form, or flavor it comes in) will always be our first love. See how wedding cake design has changed over the decades:

1990s Cake


The 90s: Stairway to Cake Heaven

In the 90s (my favorite decade!) wedding cakes became complex architectural masterpieces. Multiple tiers, design elements, and layers, this cake is reminiscent of Barbie's Dream House (I'd live in it!). It just wouldn't be a 90s wedding cake without a fully functioning fountain.



The 80s: Princess Diana's Wedding Cake

Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding is arguably the most famous wedding of the 80s, and their wedding cake is no exception. One of 27(!!) cakes served at the royal reception, this was considered the "official" cake of the famous wedding. The five-ft cake featured the royal family's coat of arms and was topped with spray roses.

1970s Cake Smash


The 70s: Face Full of Cake

This 70s cake is very conservative in comparison to the pranks and outfits of the bride, groom, and the wedding party.

1960s Cake


The 60s: Simple and Chic

Unlike the large, abundant layers of today's cakes, the 60s were a simpler time. The round cake featured a classic garland design.

1950s Cake


The 50s: Extreme Icing

Now that's a cake! While cakes today have taken design to new and evermore lifelike extremes (just check out these grooms cakes for proof of that), this oversized wedding cake from the 50s features a high-level of artistic detail made with icing instead of fondant.

1940s Castle Cake


The 1940s: A Cake Castle

It's rare that you'll see bridesmaids included in the cake topper, and I admire this 1940s wedding couple for including their wedding couple so literally on their cake.

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