Wedding Ceremony Altar Alternatives

Put a twist on the traditional ceremony with one of these genius altar ideas.
  1. Surfboards

    Photo by Elizabeth Walker

    This quirky beach couple took a cue from their casual surroundings and planted surfboards in the sand, stringing a single garland between them.

  2. Birch Trees

    Photo by 4 Eyes Photography

    Tall birch trees decorated with hanging blooms add a natural look and lots of drama to this all-white, modern space.

  3. Word Art

    Photo by Jonas Peterson

    This outdoor ceremony spot speaks volumes with a larger-than-life, cute cutout. Hung between trees, it creates focus both visually and thematically. The message does -- and says -- it all!

  4. False Walls

    Photo by McGowan Images

    For their outdoor wedding, this couple built an entire wall, complete with windows, to look like a chapel.

  5. Arbors

    Photo by Photography by Vanessa

    You can set up an arbor just about anywhere, but we love how this super-lush one sits right in the middle of a winding path.

  6. Airplanes

    Photo by Jake Holt Photography

    If you're saying your vows in an airplane hangar, there's no better focal point than this.

  7. Pinwheels

    Photo by Ashley Rose Photography

    This arch is a festive combination of paper flowers, kites and pinwheels. It’s a super-fun photo op that sets a fun tone.

  8. Fabric Panels

    Photo by Dawn Sparks

    To define a large space with high ceilings, panels of fabric are hung from the balcony above to define space and block a not-so-picture-perfect view behind.

  9. Trees

    Photo by Luna Photo

    Giant trees are a natural focal point, so use them! Hang paper pom-poms and drape fabric from the branches for a whimsical look.

  10. Furniture

    Photo by The Wiebners

    Create a freestanding outdoor "room" with a view for your vows. Paint a punchy piece of furniture or build a window wall for a backdrop that can't be beat.

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