9 St. Patrick's Day Inspired Wedding Ideas

If you want to avoid getting pinched at your St. Patrick's Day-themed wedding, steal some green inspiration here!
St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas
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jamie miles the knot honeymoon expert
Jamie Miles
jamie miles the knot honeymoon expert
Jamie Miles
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The best way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day when you're engaged? Soaking in lots of pretty wedding photos inspired by the festive holiday, of course. Think: lucky horseshoes, four-leaf clovers and everything green. So cuddle up with some Guinness and get in the spirit with these nine St. Patrick's Day wedding ideas.

1. Lucky Horseshoe Invites

Jess and Nate Studios, BellaFigura.com

Jess and Nate Studios, BellaFigura.com

2. Green Amaryllis Bridal Bouquet

Karen Wise Photography

3. Green Rose and Hydrangea Centerpiece

Jeff Greenough

4. Horseshoe and Burlap Ceremony Aisle Markers

Jess and Nate Studios

5. Emerald Green Pins

Shamrock emerald green wedding pin

6. Plaid Ties For the Guys

Cooper Carras

7. Shamrock Cuff Links

John & Joseph Photography

8. Irish Soda Bread Favors

Laurie Bailey Photography

9. Guinness Groom's Cake

Scott Plauche
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