20 Gorgeous, Frosty Winter Wedding Cakes

Frosty air inspires frosty tiers.
by The Knot

We love seasonal approaches to wedding cakes, especially when your particular wedding date falls in the middle of winter. There's something so magical and romantic about winter weddings, from freshly fallen snow to cozy hot chocolate to keep everyone warm.

To incorporate winter touches into your cake design, think about decorating the tiers with frosted pine cones, deeply hued florals, greenery, berries, fondant snowflakes or metallic accents. If you don't want to bring winter vibes into the cake itself, consider the presentation instead. A natural birchwood dessert stand or a garland of evergreen branches framing your dessert table, for example, are both beautiful nods to the season. Get inspired by some of our favorite winter wedding cakes below.

  1. 1. Half-Frosted Layers With a Berry Garnish

  2. 2. Modern Cake With White and Gold Deckle-Edge Motif and Geode Topper

  3. 3. Rustic, Woodland Cake With Berries and a Crystal Topper

    Winter wedding cake idea with a crystal topper
    Kel Ward Photography
  4. 4. Neat White Layers With Frosted Pine Cones and Winter Ferns

  5. 5. Decadent Chocolate Ganache Drip Cake With Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  6. 6. Textured White Buttercream With White Flowers, Evergreen, Gold Antlers and Winter Berries

  7. 7. Nearly Naked Red Velvet Cake With Blackberries and Birchwood Cake Stand

  8. 8. Tall Wedding Cake With Moody Pink, Purple and Red Florals

  9. 9. Nearly Naked Vanilla Cake With Draped Crimson Amaranthus

  10. 10. Drip Cake With Blush and Burgundy Watercolor and Oxblood Dahlias

  11. 11. White Buttercream Cake With Piped Dot Tiers, Roses and Pine Branches

  12. 12. Tiered Wedding Cake With a Pinecone Topper and Rustic Branch Motif

  13. 13. Lightly Frosted Naked Cake With Large White Roses and Baby's Breath

  14. 14. Adirondack Birchwood-Inspired Cake With Moose Cake Topper

    winter birchwood inspired wedding cake
  15. 15. Towering Red Velvet Naked Cake With Greenery Accents and PEZ Cake Toppers

  16. 16. Textured Single-Tier Buttercream Cake With Rustic Winter Berries

  17. 17. Simple Combed Buttercream Cake With Elegant Greenery and Berries

  18. 18. Sugar-Dusted Naked Spice Cake With Assorted Fruit

  19. 19. Classic White Icing Drip Cake

    Classic White Icing Drip Cake
  20. 20. White Fondant Cake With Black and Gold Handmade 3-D Flower Petals

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