10 Most Outrageous Wedding Photos

The typical wedding: A white dress, tiered cake, floral centerpieces and a cute flower girl -- you know the drill. Every once in a while, though, a couple trades in tradition for a quirky, never-seen-that-before idea. Here are a few of the most out-there wedding photos that made us do a double take.
  1. The Sign Placement Nobody Will Forget

    Photo by Brooke Aliceon Photography

    Riding off into the sunset on your wedding day is lovely, but maybe a horse’s behind isn’t the best place to hang a “just married” sign.

  2. The Bride Who Got Carried Away

    Photo by Sara Bee Photography

    We’re not sure if this bride had too much to drink or her feet hurt, but there’s no shame in being carried by her groom for their sparkler exit. It’s exhausting being the bride!

  3. A Romantic Barbecued Rib Exchange

    Photo by Dave Robbins Photography
    Who needs sugary wedding cake to feed to each other when messy ribs (that will definitely stain your wedding attire) are on the menu?
  4. Some Serious Dance Moves

    Photo by Dominique Attaway Photography

    When this groom busted out "the worm" on the dance floor... and it was still daylight.

  5. The Groom Who Doubles As a Desk

    Photo by Elevate Photography

    Signing a marriage license usually occurs on a hard surface, but when this couple married in an open field, the groom’s back had to do!

  6. The Unpredictable Ring Bearer

    Photo by Elevate Photography

    If you have children in your wedding party, prepare to find a few cross-eyes and tongues sticking out while flipping through your photos.

  7. The Jumping Photo That Just Isn’t a Good Idea

    Photo by Farrah's Photography

    These groomsmen decided to make the classic “jumping in midair” wedding party photo a little more dangerous, which probably didn’t end well for these bridesmaids.

  8. Groomsmen Caught With Their Pants Down

    Photo by InkedFingers

    Boxers or briefs, stripes or solids, Texas Longhorns or rocket ships? So many awkward questions, so many awkward groomsmen.

  9. You Can't Have an "I Do" Without Donuts

    Photo by Kristin Chalmers Photography

    It looks like wedding cake wasn't this couple's style, so they took a unique approach to sharing another sweet dessert. Who doesn’t like donuts?

  10. A Wedding Cake Cutting Gone Wrong

    Photo by Nyla Gray Photography
    Chocolate frosting, knives in the air and a cake smash directly in the face? Even though this couple is laughing, their cake cutting was still super-aggressive!

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