20 Creative Dessert Buffet Ideas

Finish the night with a serve-yourself treat station that your guests will love.

By Andrea Fowler

Adding a sweets station to your reception food menu is a great way to stretch a dessert budget, especially if you have a large guest list and can't afford a big wedding cake. If you're doing a treat station that's easy to take-away, like candy or cookies, it can easily double as favors too (another cost-cutting tip!). Place favor bags on the table with a sign that says something like "Thank you for coming, you're so sweet. Please take a treat!" That way guests know they can load their bag with goodies and enjoy them after the celebration. Here are some of our favorite treat bar ideas to inspire your own:

Cheesecake and Pie Dessert Bar

Photo by Jacquelynn Brynn Photography

Vintage Sweets Bar

Photo by Tifani Lynn Photography

Sweets Station With a Marquee Sign

Photo by Aesthetic Life Studio

Cake Pop Dessert Station

Photo by Rachel Ryan

Cookie Dessert Bar

Photo by Firm Anchor

S'mores Dessert Bar

Photo by Austin Gros Photography

Cookie, Tart and Pie Dessert Station

Photo by Shaw Photography Co.

Ice Cream Food Truck

Photo by Nicole Haley Photography

Sundae Dessert Bar

Photo by Madeline Barr Photo

Glazed Doughnut Dessert Bar

Photo by Watson Studios

Pie Dessert

Photo by Carley Rehberg Photography

Cotton Candy Dessert Bar

Photo by J Photography by Jessi Caparella

Tiered Assorted Dessert Bar

Photo by Melissa Fuller Photography

Gourmet Cupcake Dessert Station

Photo by onelove photography

Color Coordinted Candy Bar

Photo by Belle Ombre Photography

Wonderland-Themed Dessert Station

Photo by Jaime Davis Photography

Colorful Candy Bar

Photo by Arielle Doneson Photography

Assorted Pie Dessert Station

Photo by Kellianne Jordan Photography

Cupcake Dessert Station

Photo by Melissa Durham Photography

Powdered Doughnut Dessert Station

Photo by Kairos Photography

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