24 Stunning Ways You Can Design Your Black Wedding Cake

Black is never out of style.
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Updated May 15, 2023

When it comes to wedding cakes, there are no rules that dictate what color your sweet treat should be. If you want to serve guests something they'll never forget, consider breaking the mold with a black wedding cake. The latest wedding cake trends are all about originality and personalization, and there's no better way to experiment than with a moody color scheme. And, believe it or not, black cakes are more attainable than you realize—you don't even need a Halloween- or New Year's Eve-themed wedding to pull it off.

If a black wedding cake is right for you, work with your caterer or pastry chef to create a design that fits your vision. Whether you dream of sky-high tiers or intricate hand-painted accents, your pro will make your black wedding cake dreams a reality. To help you get started, we've rounded up 24 black wedding cake ideas that'll stand out among your dessert spread. Plus, advice from wedding culinary experts for how to achieve an unforgettable black dessert.

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How Common Are Black Wedding Cakes?

Ron Ben-Israel, owner of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes with over two decades of culinary expertise, says black wedding cakes have become quite popular over the past couple of years. "Well, actually, surprisingly, they became very prominent. But bakers couldn't produce cakes with black frosting for many years because of the technical challenges of taking black food coloring and mixing it in the frosting because it becomes gray. I waited many years to be able to provide black cakes, and it took a lot of convincing manufacturers to come up with a color that's totally black–– what we call 'licorice black.' [Finally,] I was able to get my wish, and now that color is available to every cake designer in the world."

Tips for Having a Black Wedding Cake

Black wedding cakes are a bold choice but definitely worth it. Here are a few expert tips for having one on your special day.

Consider the black food coloring.

Corrie Pechan, confections expert and weddings and custom cake manager of Sugar Fixé Pâtisserie, says black food coloring can stain a person's mouth depending on how the cake is made. "Couples should consult with their baker; most bakeries will opt for black fondant rather than black buttercream. When eaten, black buttercream will stain guests' mouths and isn't the most appealing since the frosting normally contains a large amount of food coloring. Black fondant can be peeled off before eating, and if even it's eaten, it will not stain like buttercream." You also don't have to worry about an unpleasant taste because the black fondant is usually flavorless or has hints of vanilla.

Black doesn't equal gothic.

Some people think having black is bad luck because it's on the opposite side of the color spectrum of the classic white wedding cake or that black wedding cakes are only for Halloween- or gothic-themed nuptials. But that's not true. "Black doesn't have to mean gloomy. Don't be afraid of using color on your cake. You can make a black cake just as colorful as if you had a white background. Black looks beautiful paired with bold colors like bright pinks, oranges and purples," Pechan says.

Speak with your baker about the design.

Having an in-depth conversation with your baker is necessary for them to give you a black cake you love. "Consider the synergy and the environment of all the other [wedding] elements. I feel that the cakes aren't independent of the location, the menu, the time of the year, the couple's personality, what they're wearing, the invitations, the flowers and the decor. Even the tablecloths or dance floor could influence us. So we ask for all the elements to be shared with us so we can come up with complimentary designs," Ben-Israel explains.

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Black Wedding Cake Ideas

Now that you know all the basics and logistics surrounding black wedding cakes, it's time to gather some inspiration. Check out these eye-catching black options from real weddings.

Marble Black and White Wedding Cake

At this alternative wedding, the happy couple had a luxurious cake with the top two tiers in a marble design and the bottom tier in jet black with a 3-D texture. We love how the silver foil complements the cake's colors and vibe.

Elegant Black Wedding Cake With Floral Accent

Make your black wedding cake pop with contrasting floral accents. We love how this oversized white flower stands out against black fondant and shimmering gold foil. If you're worried a black wedding cake might look too dark, bright decorations will lighten up the color palette.

Black Wedding Cake With Faux Glass

Guests will be enthralled by icy shards on your black wedding cake. This brings unexpected texture and dimension to this three-tier cake, making it a focal point at the reception.

Alternating Three-Tier Black Wedding Cake

At this "Addams Family"-Inspired Halloween wedding, the newlyweds had a black wedding as the main dessert. We love how each tier has its own style––black roses at the base, black glitter in the middle and matte black on the top.

Black Wedding Cake With Custom Topper

A black wedding cake will stand out on its own, but you can up the wow factor with a unique cake topper. We love how this couple enhanced their edgy black cake with bright flowers and sprigs of greenery, but the custom motorcycle topper steals the show.

Black and White Ruffle Wedding Cake

The happy couple had a beautiful black and white winter wedding and wanted their cake to match their color scheme. The confection has a distinctive ruffled texture that reminds of a dress, with fresh anemones on top.

Two-Tier Black and Gold Wedding Cake

Clearly, gold foil is a favorite addition to black wedding cakes––most likely because of the stark and beautiful contrast. This dessert also reminds us of a geode, which can work well at rustic- or natural-themed weddings.

Floral Black and White Wedding Cake

If there's a floral motif in the rest of your wedding, don't hesitate to continue the theme on the cake. The contrast between the white and black makes for a stunning cake.

Black Wedding Cake With White Flowers

Black and gray ombré wedding cake with flowers and gold leaf foil
Photo: Lauren Slusher Photography
Cake: Sweet Treats Bakery

Bold wedding cake designs aren't all about fondant decorations or buttercream frosting. For something out of the ordinary, lean into the color wheel with ombré gradients of black and gray. Additional details like fresh flowers and gold leaf foil make this black wedding cake idea one of our favorites.

Sequined Black Wedding Cake

Ben-Israel says the inspiration for this black wedding cake came from the sequin details found on a 1920s flapper dress. Ben-Israel and his team imitated the reflective elements of real sequins and made more than 100 faux sequins by hand.

Black and White Striped Wedding Cake

Turn your confection into a work of art with abstract black lines throughout. This modern design is perfect for couples who aren't sold on a monochrome black cake. Instead, this simple black motif will make just as much of a lasting impression.

Black Wedding Cake With White Peony

Ben-Israel says this three-tier black cake is the smallest cake they do. The white peony is made of sugar and is a whopping 10 inches. Our favorite part about this cake is the fallen petals along the sides of the cake, which give it a realistic touch.

Black Wedding Cake With Fresh Fruit

We love blackberries (R.I.P. to BlackBerry phones) and especially fresh ones on a cake. This two-tier black wedding cake proves that even small confections can have a big presence. Artfully strewn fruit on the top layer gives this mouth-watering treat an elegant finish.

Black Tulle Wedding Cake

While technically not a true black wedding cake, this simple idea is a must for an upscale black-tie affair. If you're not sold on an all-black design, go for a white wedding cake instead. Then, bring in the dark hue with a black cake topper and tulle tied around the middle. The final product will be almost too pretty to eat.

Black Art Deco Wedding Cake

If you're having a 1920s-themed affair, you should definitely have an art deco wedding cake. Don't forget a pop of color, like these beautiful purple sugar flowers, for a sophisticated finishing touch.

Black Wedding Cake With Gold and White Flowers

Cover your black wedding cake with gold foil on the outer layer of fondant. This subtle design hack will give your treat a metallic sheen that'll glimmer from all angles. Additional elements like colored sugar flowers will make your cake one to remember.

Black and White Cityscape Wedding Cake

Ben-Israel says this four-tier wedding cake featured a different design on each tier because it was inspired by New York City, which was where the wedding took place. The bottom tier is influenced by city windows, then the garlands represent the Chrysler Building, next is the New York skyline and the top piece is the couple's monogram. Our favorite aspect of this cake is the sugar flowers between each tier, which Ben-Israel says was done to seem like each cake layer was floating.

"Star Wars"-Inspired Black Wedding Cake

Custom black Star Wars-themed wedding cake with custom toppers
Photo: Photography by Micahla Wilson,
Cake: Social Bites

We're obsessed with this black "Star Wars"-themed cake, which has a custom cake topper inspired by the film's most iconic characters. A gold wire cake stand helps elevate the treat so it can be admired from all angles. If you're unsure how to personalize your wedding cake, motifs from your favorite movie or television show will make it feel uniquely yours.

Black Wedding Cake With Colorful Base

Four-tier wedding cake with three black tiers with fondant ribbon and white base tier with colorful confetti print
Photo: Apollo Fotographie
Cake: A Spoonful of Sugar Cakes

Who says your black wedding cake can't be playful? This towering four-tier dessert has three black layers with a black fondant ribbon flowing from the top, but it's the bottom tier that grabs all the attention. The white base and colorful 80s print offer a playful contrast to the glam tiers above.

Black Wedding Cake With Vibrant Flowers

We are beyond shocked that these vibrant blooms aren't fresh flowers. And the cascading florals make the black wedding cake dynamic and textured in the best ways.

Gothic Black Wedding Cake

Upgrade your dessert table with a variety of sweets for guests to enjoy. We love how this couple opted for a small cake and cupcakes in matching red and black icing. After all, there's no such thing as enjoying too many desserts on your wedding day.

Black Ribbon Wedding Cake

Feeling indecisive? Go for a black and white wedding cake. Sleek black ribbons adorn this white buttercream treat, with elegant red roses placed throughout for a romantic touch.

Five-Tier Black Wedding Cake With Flowers

We love when couples bring drama to their special day––the good kind, of course. The varying blooms in different sizes and colors look like fireworks coming out of this gorgeous black wedding cake.

Geometric Black Wedding Cake

Incorporate your color palette to make your wedding cake feel like an extension of the theme. We love this geometric cake, which has modern square tiers and a metallic pattern. Silver, black and gold create the perfect palette for a New Year's Eve or 1920s-inspired wedding.

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