25 Sugar Flower Wedding Cakes That Are Extra Sweet

The only thing better than real flowers? Edible ones.
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Updated May 11, 2023
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When it comes to wedding cake decorations, flowers are always a popular choice. But as pretty as they are, fresh flowers aren't your only options. Sugar flower wedding cakes can be just as beautiful—and they're artistic in their own way, since the flowers tend to be intricate and handmade. If you're thinking about decorating your wedding cake with sugar flowers, the first thing we recommend is consulting your baker for their expert advice. They'll be able to let you know what's best for your budget and needs, but in the meantime, take a look at these edible works of art.

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How to Decorate a Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

Whether your cake has just a handful of sugar flowers or you go all out with a decadent cascade of blooms, there are a few different ways to approach the design. Brainstorming ideas for your baker consultation appointment? Here's what to consider in terms of decorating a wedding cake with flowers.

Use sugar flowers in a variety of sizes.

Achieve a multi-dimensional (and more visually interesting) look by using flowers in different sizes and shapes to decorate your cake. Your baker will help you when it comes to judging which pieces pair best together depending on your desired style and the specific cake dimensions.

Include textured or iridescent details.

Along the lines of using sugar flowers in different sizes and shapes, you can also mix in a variety of colors and textural details, such as painted petals or iridescent finishes. (Your baker will use an edible sugar called luster dust to add a shimmery effect to the flowers.) They might seem like insignificant details, but these little finishing touches will help take your cake to the next level.

Turn to real flowers for inspiration.

Sharing photos of cakes with real flowers can help your baker get an idea of what you like, even if you're ultimately planning to use sugar flowers. Depending on the types of sugar flowers and how they're applied to the cake, your baker can achieve a pretty realistic look, if that's what you're going for. Focus on placing the sugar flowers in a way that feels natural and organic, such as pairing them with greenery or opting for an asymmetrical design.

Where to Buy Sugar Flowers for Wedding Cakes

Chances are, your cake baker has their go-to source for sugar flowers, whether they purchase them directly from a supplier or make them by hand in their very own studio. If you're interested in finding your own sugar flowers, be sure to have a conversation with your baker first to make sure they're on board. Still need to hire a wedding cake baker? Head to The Knot Marketplace to browse professionals near you.


When it comes to handmade goods, Etsy never fails—and that goes for sugar flowers for wedding cakes, too. There are hundreds of sellers specializing in handmade sugar and gum paste flowers, which means you can choose from an almost endless selection of styles, colors and price points.


Founded in 1959, BakeDeco is a top source for professional-grade supplies. Their selection of more than 100 different sugar flowers (and other accents, like gum paste butterflies) will give you plenty of options, whether you're going for a classic sugar hydrangea bunch or a showstopping dahlia.


If you're looking for basic sugar flowers for your wedding cake, Amazon is another good source to check out. Their budget-friendly options come in handy if you're decorating a cake or cupcakes for other wedding-related events, like the engagement party, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

Wholesale Sugar Flowers

For intricate, realistic-looking decorations, head to Wholesale Sugar Flowers. They specialize in luxury sugar flowers and other confectionery goods—plus, they offer a range of unique options, like sugar grape bunches, sugar poinsettias and beautiful sugar tulips.

Sugar Flower Wedding Cake Ideas

You already know that sugar flowers can bring a whole new look to your wedding cake, but you might be surprised by all the different ways you can use them. Browse our favorite wedding cakes with sugar flowers for inspiration.

1. Rosette Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A four-tiered wedding cake with white sugarcraft roses
Photo: Kane and Social
Event planning: Events by Francesca

Achieve classic romance vibes by decorating your wedding cake with a cascade of sugar rosettes sweeping down the front. This ivory hued cake fits into any season, but you could switch up the colors depending on your wedding style.

2. Glamorous Pink Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A five-tiered wedding cake with pink and white sugarcraft flowers
Photo: Modern Wedding Photography,
Cake design: Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Just like real flowers, sugar flowers are great for adding a pop of color to your wedding cake. This decadent five-tier cake is adorned with gorgeous poppies, roses, orchids, and ranunculus, plus a hint of iridescent detailing.

3. Simple and Classic Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A four-tiered white wedding cake with gorgeous sugarcraft flowers
Photo: Alexis Sweet Photography
Cake design: Minette Rushing of Custom Cakes

Match the colors of the flowers to the icing and cluster them all together at the center of the cake for a minimalistic look. Add an optional accent color (or two) like these soft pink and green details.

4. Blush and Gold Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Pair blush pink flowers with gilded leaves or bands around the tiers for a delicate yet glamorous effect. A few simple votive candles placed around the cake table will complete the dreamy setup.

5. Ivory Piped Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

A four-tiered wedding cake with floral icing design and white sugarcraft flowers
Photo: David Pezzat Photography,Cake design: Honey's Cakes

Who said a white wedding cake has to be boring? The focus of this cake is the intricate piping, while a few well-placed sugar flowers add dimension and variety.

6. Green and Blue Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

If you prefer a little splash of color on your wedding cake, this blue and green combo will do the trick—and it's perfect for a rustic wedding theme. White flowers and fondant icing offset the colors so they don't overwhelm the small cake.

7. All-White Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A four-tiered all-white wedding cake with elegant white sugarcraft flowers
Photo: GERBER SCARPELLI Photography,
Cake design: Cake Chicago

A stunning pick for a formal wedding theme, this four-tier wedding cake with sugar flowers features glossy bands that contrast against the smooth fondant. The handcrafted roses were staggered around each tier to ensure that it looks good from every angle.

8. Yellow Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Scatter tiny sugar blossoms across smooth buttercream tiers for a charming and whimsical effect. The pale yellow color palette and baby's breath base make this cake an adorable pick for a summer reception.

9. White Flower and Greenery Sugar Wedding Cake

Looking for a wedding cake that's different from all the rest? Opt for draped fondant instead of a smooth finish. With the addition of beautiful sugar flowers and greenery vines, this cake looks like a sculptural masterpiece.

10. Small Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

One or two oversized flowers will add all the necessary flair to a simple two-tier cake. Position them front and center for the most impactful effect.

11. Sugar Flower Wedding Cake with Strawberries

Look closely and you'll see that not only is this cake decorated with sweet sugar flowers—it also features tiny handmade strawberries. Serve this one at an outdoor garden wedding in the countryside.

12. Pink Ombré Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A three-tiered ombré wedding cake in pink and white with tiny sugar flowers
Photo: Karma Hill Photography

The ombré pink flowers on this three-tier cake would easily match a spring or summer wedding color palette, but the concept would be just as great with darker hues, like purple and blue, for a fall or winter wedding.

13. Five-Tier Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A five-tier wedding cake makes a statement all on its own, so there's no need to go overboard with sugar flowers or decorations unless you're going for a highly opulent look. Simple white blooms complement the understated design of this cake.

14. Gold Fondant Wedding Cake with Sugar Flower

For a contemporary and streamlined look, use a single flower as the focal point on a metallic gold cake. Showcase it atop an elegant cake stand for the finishing touch.

15. Summer Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

In situations where real flowers aren't safe to eat (like bougainvillea), sugar flowers are a handy and stylish alternative. This colorful cake channels all the tropical vibes of a beach locale without the risk.

16. Pale Blue Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Iridescent sugar flowers will bring an ethereal tone to your wedding cake, especially in barely-there colors like ivory or blush. Pair them with a smooth, marbled fondant cake to balance modern and romantic aesthetics.

17. Pink Rose Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Traditional pink sugar flowers are a perfect match for other timeless cake decorations, like filigrees, beading and hand-piping. Recreate this design for a classic wedding theme, or downsize it for a lovely bridal shower cake.

18. White Lace Wedding Cake with Sugar Flower

An elegant two-tiered wedding cake with sugarcraft paisley and a single white sugar flower
Cake design: Buckingham Cakes

One of our favorite wedding cake trends of the moment is the concept of using your wedding dress as inspiration. If you're wearing a lace style, have your cake baker recreate a similar pattern to decorate the tiers.

19. Greenery and Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

You can also draw inspiration for your cake from the rest of your wedding flowers. Match a rose wedding bouquet by using sugar flowers in a similar color, then finish with complementary greenery branches.

20. Emerald Green Wedding Cake with Gold Sugar Leaves

If a delicate wedding cake with sugar flowers isn't your style, no problem. Sugar leaves or other botanical-inspired details, like butterflies, are eye-catching yet unique. Add them to a bold cake design, like this emerald green one with separated tiers.

21. Colorful Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A ten-tiered floral wedding cake with a cascade of multicolored sugar flowers
Photo: Shelly Taylor Photography
Cake design: LANA BURNS

Double the height of your wedding cake by stacking sugar flowers in between each tier. The story behind this colorful confection makes us love it even more—the mother of the groom spent six months creating all of the flowers by hand.

22. Whimsical Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Mix and match the decorations on each tier for a wedding cake that doesn't feel too stuffy or precious. The dots and striped buttercream on this cake were made to look even more playful with an assortment of flowers in different sizes and colors.

23. Rustic Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

We love the attention to detail on this rustic chic cake. Beneath the white sugar orchids, the fondant is decorated with a subtle floral print that feels elegant and pastoral.

24. Pastel Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

A three-tiered wedding cake with elegant piping and a burst of sugar flowers in the spring color palette
Photo: a guy + a girl photography

If you told us these flowers were real and not made of sugar, we'd believe you. But they're an incredible example of just how realistic sugar flowers can look (thanks to your talented cake baker!). The pastel pink, purple and yellow color palette is spot-on for a springtime wedding.

25. White Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

A three-tiered wedding cake with a waterfall of white sugar flowers

We can't imagine anything more sophisticated than this three-tier cake. The all-white design, featuring a simple cascade of sugar flowers, stands out among the rose bouquets on the table.

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