Blue Wedding Color Combos

Get the blues -- at least when it comes to your wedding color palette. We've got all the prettiest blue wedding color combos to inspire your big day.
by the knot editors
Blue and yellow place setting
photo by Jennifer Lindberg Weddings
  1. Periwinkle Blue + Berry

    Periwinkle blue and berry bridesmaid bouquet
    photo by Marisa Holmes Photographer

  2. Blue + Navy + Gold

    Blue, navy and gold wedding cake
    photo by Echard Wheeler Photography

  3. Aqua Blue + Chocolate + Red

    Aqua blue, chocolate and red wedding favors
    photo by IN Photography

  4. Light Blue + Chocolate

    Light blue and chocolate cupcakes
    photo by Geoff White Photographers

  5. Turquoise Blue + Fuchsia

    Turquoise blue and fuchsia bridesmaids bouquet
    photo by In His Grace Photography

  6. Aqua Blue + Green

    Aqua blue and green centerpiece
    photo by Silver Thumb Photography

  7. Light Blue + Navy

    Light blue and navy bridesmaid dress
    photo by Andrea Hallgren Photography

  8. Blue + Orange

    Blue, orange wedding invitations
    photo by Jenna Walker Photographers

  9. Mint Blue + Pink + Cream

    Mint blue, pink and cream photography
    photo by Kate Connolly Photography

  10. Navy + Pink

    Navy bridesmaid dresses with pink peony bouquets
    photo by Robin Proctor Photography

  11. Aqua Blue + Red

    Aqua blue and red wedding cake
    photo by Lucida Photography

  12. Blue + Red + Gold

    Blue, red and gold wedding appetizer
    photo by Bellissima

  13. Blue + Salmon

    Blue bridesmaid dress with salmon-colored rose bouquets
    photo by Jeremy Hess Photographers

  14. Blue + Yellow

    Blue bridesmaid dresses with yellow sunflower bouquets
    photo by Dev Khalsa Photography

  15. Turquoise Blue + Gray

    Turquoise blue and gray ceremony backdrop
    photo by Ling Photography

  16. Mint Blue + Rose

    Mint bridesmaid dresses with rose bouquets
    photo by The Wedding Bureau

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