Blue Wedding Color Combos

Get the blues -- at least when it comes to your wedding color palette. We've got all the prettiest blue wedding color combos to inspire your big day.
  1. Periwinkle Blue + Berry

    Periwinkle blue and berry bridesmaid bouquet
    Photo by Marisa Holmes Photographer

  2. Blue + Navy + Gold

    Blue, navy and gold wedding cake
    Photo by Echard Wheeler Photography

  3. Aqua Blue + Chocolate + Red

    Aqua blue, chocolate and red wedding favors
    Photo by IN Photography

  4. Light Blue + Chocolate

    Light blue and chocolate cupcakes
    Photo by Geoff White Photographers

  5. Turquoise Blue + Fuchsia

    Turquoise blue and fuchsia bridesmaids bouquet
    Photo by In His Grace Photography

  6. Aqua Blue + Green

    Aqua blue and green centerpiece
    Photo by Silver Thumb Photography

  7. Light Blue + Navy

    Light blue and navy bridesmaid dress
    Photo by Andrea Hallgren Photography

  8. Blue + Orange

    Blue, orange wedding invitations
    Photo by Jenna Walker Photographers

  9. Mint Blue + Pink + Cream

    Mint blue, pink and cream photography
    Photo by Kate Connolly Photography

  10. Navy + Pink

    Navy bridesmaid dresses with pink peony bouquets
    Photo by Robin Proctor Photography

  11. Aqua Blue + Red

    Aqua blue and red wedding cake
    Photo by Lucida Photography

  12. Blue + Red + Gold

    Blue, red and gold wedding appetizer
    Photo by Bellissima

  13. Blue + Salmon

    Blue bridesmaid dress with salmon-colored rose bouquets
    Photo by Jeremy Hess Photographers

  14. Blue + Yellow

    Blue bridesmaid dresses with yellow sunflower bouquets
    Photo by Dev Khalsa Photography

  15. Turquoise Blue + Gray

    Turquoise blue and gray ceremony backdrop
    Photo by Ling Photography

  16. Mint Blue + Rose

    Mint bridesmaid dresses with rose bouquets
    Photo by The Wedding Bureau