Hot New Wedding Colors We Love

Check out the hottest new wedding color combos that we're obsessed with right now.
by Vi-An Nguyen
  1. Hunter + Oregano + Peony

    Good for: Classic outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: With a little bit of the feminine and the masculine, this is the perfect combo for the couple who can't agree on a color scheme. Its natural earthiness lends itself well to loosely arranged flowers and organic stationery design.

    Clockwise from left: Erica Loeks Photography, Kelly Pratt Kreidich, Jasmine Star Photography, Bella Grace Studios, Megan Thiele Studios, Azul Photography, Klose Photography, Jasmine Star Photography, Geoff White Photographers, Jackie V. Photography, Real Photography

  2. Oxford + Amber + Dove

    Good for: Sunset courtyard weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: We promise no one will be expecting this chic combo. These hues look stellar paired with natural wood and leather tones, so use those elements to guide your decor.

    Clockwise from left: Andy Wakeman Photography, Ashley K Photography, Leigh Miller Photography, Kris Drake Photography, Angela Anderson Photography, Red Gallery Photography, Dia Rao Photography, Jen Lynne Photography, Heather Saunders Photography, Dia Rao Photography

  3. Neon + Beige + Papaya

    Good for: Modern outdoor weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: A quiet neutral like beige tames the two other highlighter colors for a stylish palette with personality. Natural elements like raw wood and organic floral arrangements will keep your decor from looking too stark.

    Clockwise from left: Perez Photography, Katherine Birkbeck Photography, Jennifer Lindberg Weddings, Katherine Birkbeck Photography, Erin Johnson Photography, Katherine Birkbeck Photography, Next Exit Photography, Katherine Birkbeck Photography

  4. Bronze + Pewter + Cream

    Good for: Vintage formal weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This color combo is all about old-world glamour, so let the past inspire the rest of your wedding details. Think: antique brooches as cake decoration, old gilded frames as table numbers and intricately adorned china.

    Clockwise from left: Brandy J Photography, Philip Gabriel Photography, Roggio Weddings, Christina Carroll Photography, Mel Barlow Photography, Kathering Birkbeck Photography, Millie Holloman Photography, Robert Sukrachand Photography, Cappy Hotchkiss Photography, Serendipity Photography, Misha Media

  5. Salmon + Terracotta + Maroon

    Good for: Rustic late summer weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Both girly and daring, this combo looks best against a stately and rustic venue. Think: a grand stone mansion, wooden lodge or even among some tall, lush trees.

    Photos by: Jennifer McMenamin Photography

  6. Black + Crimson + Robin's Egg

    Good for: Casual modern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Achieve high-style status with this totally of-the-moment color combo. Clean and simple decor paired with graphic and contemporary stationery design show off these colors in their best light.

    Clockwise from left: Revert Photo, Mark Garber Photography, Visionaire Studios, Philip Ficks, Antonis Achilleos, Philip Ficks, Red Ribbon Studio, Jensen Studios NYC, Leo Patrone Photography, Philip Ficks

  7. Nude + Sienna + Cadmium Red

    Good for: Summery Southwestern weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Make your guests feel at ease with this casual, yet chic color scheme. Use the deep red only as an accent color to achieve the most sophisticated effect.

    Photos by: Katelyn James Photography

  8. Rose + Willow + Cream

    Good for: Fall vintage weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Inspired by a soft rose garden, this subdued trio is demure, yet stylish. Complement these natural hues with neutrals and wood tones in your decor for the best possible look.

    Photos by: Q Weddings Photography

  9. Light Teal + Tangerine + Salmon

    Good for: Casual daytime weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Bright and whimsical, this combo is all fun and no fuss. Decorate with playful accents like pinwheels and floral patterns to make the most of this light-hearted color palette.

    Photos by: Jenna Walker Photographers

  10. Violet + Fuchsia + Avocado

    Good for: Summer country weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: This trio is both whimsical and natural at the same time. You'll have no trouble finding flowers to create pops of color throughout your decor, so keep your linens and other elements more muted.

    Photos by: Forever Photography Studio

  11. Navy + Blush + Silver

    Good for: Classic ballroom weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: Cool and sophisticated, this trio has it all: lightness from the blush and silver and drama from the navy. Dress up this palette with traditional decor like formal table settings and monobotanical floral arrangements to let it really shine.

    Clockwise from left: Edyta Szyszlo Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Mary Wyar Photography, Antonis Achilleos, Cappy Hotchkiss Photography, Patricia Kantzos Photography, 1. Art Beauty Life: Jenny Ebert Photography, Antonis Achilleos, La Vie Photography

  12. Burgundy + Creamsicle + Plum

    Good for: Luxe fall weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: These shades look stunning against natural elements, so choose an indoor venue with exposed beams and vaulted ceilings or an outdoor spot with colorful trees. Keep lighting soft with votive candles or paper lanterns to match this trio's elegance.

    Clockwise from left: Ashley K Photography, Pen Carlson, Elegant Bliss Wedding Photography, Susan Jackson Photography, Abby Rose Photo, Alyssa Almeida Duncan Photography, Lisa Rigby Photography, Doug and Chenin Boutwell from Boutwell Studio, Scott Streble Photographer, Lauren Brooks Photography

  13. Peach + Periwinkle + Pearl

    Good for: Spring garden weddings

    Tips for pulling it off: These natural shades look right at home outdoors. Choose simple, solid linens and basic dishware to keep the look organic.

    Photos by: Kelly Brown Weddings

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