38 Tall Wedding Centerpieces for Maximalist Decor

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Updated Jul 27, 2022

Your wedding will likely be the biggest party you'll ever throw, making it the perfect time to take the phrase "larger than life" literally. One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding is expressing yourself through your theme, style and decor—and this includes the flower arrangements. Tall wedding centerpieces will immediately set the vibe for a more luxe affair, and they'll play a major role in adding personality to the ambience of your reception. (Another tip: If your wedding venue has high ceilings, you'll want to use tall centerpieces to fill out the room). Below, we've rounded up 38 gorgeous tall centerpiece ideas that will take your event decor to new heights.

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Tall White Wedding Centerpieces

1. Bridge wedding centerpiece with gold stands

Go for an unmistakably luxurious look with bridge-style centerpieces (floral arrangements designed to look like one continuous centerpiece, rather than separate clusters of blooms) that run the length of long banquet tables. Glass-top or mirror-top reception tables will appear even more glam.

2. White and greenery wedding centerpiece

Bring a woodsy, natural undertone to your tall white centerpieces by swapping out popular greenery, like eucalyptus, for fern fronds instead.

3. White orchid wedding centerpiece

Phalaenopsis orchids are a favorite wedding flower for modern, streamlined themes, and they're striking enough to anchor the arrangement without the need for other blooms. Consider this the #cleangirlaesthetic version of a centerpiece—chic and classy.

4. Classic round wedding centerpieces

For a timeless effect, you can't go wrong with rounded centerpieces on tall gold or silver pedestals. Stick with classic flowers, such as these roses in blush and ivory tones, to complete the elegant look.

5. Lucite wedding centerpiece with votives

Alternatively, adding lucite or acrylic bases to your centerpieces is an easy way to put a trendier spin on classic white flowers. With the addition of votive candles in glass orbs, it looks like the blooms are floating above the table.

6. High-low wedding centerpieces

Worried about overpowering your wedding reception space? You don't need a tall centerpiece on every table. Alternate between high arrangements and low wedding centerpieces to achieve a similar effect (and potentially save a bit on your flower budget).

7. Tall wedding centerpiece with cascading flowers

Adding flowers that "cascade" down the sides of the centerpiece will give your tablescapes a sense of movement and visual depth, while filling in the open space between the arrangement and the table.

8. Neutral wedding centerpiece

If ivory or all-white centerpieces aren't a perfect match for your wedding style, try warm neutrals instead. Toffee roses, dried fan palms, pampas grass and bleached ruscus give off earthy vibes without going overboard on color.

Tall Greenery Wedding Centerpieces

9. Mixed eucalyptus wedding centerpiece

Eucalyptus is ideal for achieving a laid-back, unassuming vibe with your wedding decor. You can ask your florist to mix some of the most common varieties, like seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus, for added texture in your table centerpieces (flowers optional).

10. Tall wedding centerpiece with flowering branches

Flowering tree branches are a great alternative if you can't decide between traditional flower centerpieces or natural, greenery-focused arrangements. You'll get the best of both worlds by using leafy options like lilacs, wisteria, pear blossoms or bougainvillea.

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11. Magnolia leaf wedding centerpiece

Magnolia leaves are a must-have for any Southern-inspired wedding. You can add flowers if you want, but the green and brown leaves look just as good on their own.

12. Smilax wedding centerpiece

Thanks to its shiny leaves in a rich green hue, smilax is an ideal greenery if you're going for a polished, timeless look (compared to eucalyptus, which is typically more rustic and earthy). Showcase it on top of simple gold pedestals at the center of each table.

13. Tall wedding centerpieces with hanging greenery

If tabletop greenery centerpieces aren't enough, extend the design upward by hanging vines and branches throughout the ceiling.

14. Tropical greenery wedding centerpiece

For a beach wedding, a black wooden pedestal provides edgy contrast to island greenery like palms and monstera leaves. This is a stylish option if you don't want your table decorations to be overly tropical or nautical.

15. Greenery and pampas grass wedding centerpiece

Greenery and pampas grass go hand-in-hand for boho weddings. White flowers or other bleached elements will help the centerpieces feel airy and light.

16. Cascading greenery wedding centerpiece

A few longer pieces of greenery or trailing vines that extend toward the table will prevent extra-tall wedding centerpieces from feeling like they're towering too high above guests' heads.

Simple Tall Wedding Centerpieces

17. Tall baby's breath wedding centerpiece

Baby's breath is experiencing a renaissance, and we love the fluffy, cloud-inspired arrangements you can achieve with this delicate blossom. Display a cluster of baby's breath atop a cylindrical glass vase for a simple, understated centerpiece.

18. White calla lily wedding centerpiece

Long-stem flowers like calla lilies are perfect for taller centerpieces, and bonus: you won't need to add much else. This bundle of white lilies is an elegant tall wedding centerpiece that will always be in style.

19. Fall foliage wedding centerpiece

If intricate centerpieces aren't your thing, a few oversized branches can quickly boost your reception decor (plus, they look beautiful with fall wedding colors). Your florist may be able to source seasonal foliage from a supplier, or in some cases, they'll pull the branches directly from nature.

20. Eucalyptus and roses wedding centerpiece

Petite bundles of roses and greenery can be showcased using tall vases or pedestals for height, but their smaller size won't overpower your tabletops.

21. Simple wedding centerpiece with greenery

Go super-minimalist with your tall wedding centerpieces by displaying a handful of greenery branches and statement flowers (like these proteas) in simple glass cylinder vases.

22. Dogwood branch wedding centerpiece

These dogwood branches give off a whimsical effect, and their spindly shape keeps the trumpet vase arrangement from looking too dense or complicated.

Tall Wedding Centerpieces with Candles

23. White wedding centerpiece with floating candles

Floating tea lights are one of the most classic ways to incorporate candles into your centerpieces. Use an all-white palette with hints of blush and green for a timeless fairytale look.

24. Modern wedding centerpiece with hanging candles

To add even more drama to tall wedding centerpieces, finish them with votives in glass orbs hanging at varying heights. This is a good way to dress up your head table or sweetheart table to make it stand out from the rest of the decor.

25. High-low wedding centerpiece with candles

Take a cue from Old World style by lining your tables with a mix of tall gold candelabras and short candlesticks. Ask your florist about renting the pieces (you may be able to add them as part of your floral design package) or scour antique shops to find an eclectic assortment.

26. White candles and greenery wedding centerpiece

Add glass covers to traditional candelabras for a highly opulent look. Finish off this lavish wedding table centerpiece idea with tall greenery arrangements, gold-rimmed glassware and formal place settings.

27. Wedding centerpiece with extra-long taper candles

These elongated taper candles will definitely capture guests' attention as they take their seats. Keep the actual flower arrangements low and simple to put all eyes on the candles.

28. Gold candelabra wedding centerpiece

Flower-topped candelabras are a gorgeous pick for romantic wedding themes—and they work with a range of color palettes. Brass and gold tones will complement flowers in warm hues, like burgundy and blush, while silver metals are a natural match for cool tones, like lavender and blue.

29. Wedding centerpiece with glass candle holders

Considering skipping the flowers altogether? This tall candle centerpiece might just convince you. The cylindrical glass vases will reflect the candlelight all evening, creating a magical twinkling effect.

30. Pink cherry blossom wedding centerpiece

A statement centerpiece like this doesn't need much else, but glass bead strands and tiny votives provide just the right amount of shimmer.

Unique Tall Wedding Centerpieces

31. Tall pastel wedding centerpiece

When placed on white or clear acrylic flower stands, your centerpieces will look like they're floating above the tables. Dark burgundy blooms brought contrast to the pops of pastel blush, blue and cream flowers in this design.

32. Long wedding banquet table with miniature trees

Why stop at flowering branches when you can have actual trees? Adding table-sized trees or shrubs on risers is a guaranteed way to get your guests talking about your wedding reception centerpieces. It will bring a touch of the outdoors into your event space, creating an enchanted forest-type atmosphere.

33. Ribbon wedding centerpiece with candles

Non-floral wedding centerpieces can look just as good as traditional arrangements, and this unique ribbon creation is just one example. A greenery hoop serves as the base for the whimsical rainbow strips of fabric and hanging candles.

34. Tall boho wedding centerpieces

In addition to adding a boho look to your decor, pampas grass can help make your centerpieces look even bigger—not just vertically, but horizontally too. The light beige grass pairs nicely with other earth tones, like terracotta, mauve and sage green.

35. Pillar wedding centerpieces

Instead of the standard centerpiece vases, ceramic urns are one option to bring a more unique look to your tabletops. Add height by stacking the vessels on top of classical-style pillars or pedestals.

36. Two-tiered wedding centerpiece

Use stands or vases with multiple built-in levels to achieve extra-tall wedding centerpieces.

37. Tropical suspended wedding centerpiece

A hanging floral centerpiece is another idea that your guests won't see every day. The arrangements can be suspended in various ways, from ropes and flower-covered chandeliers to custom structures like this A-frame setup.

38. Tall wedding centerpiece with curly willow

Oversized centerpieces can be topped off with long manzanita branches or curly willow, adding another foot or two of height to the flowers. This is a good option if your reception venue is especially large and you don't want small arrangements to be overlooked.

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