21 Tropical Wedding Bouquets To Bookmark For Your Florist

Add these lush wedding bouquets to your wedding festivities
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Updated May 15, 2023

Are you in the process of dreaming up your ideal tropical wedding bouquet for your wedding? There are a plethora of tropical flowers and color variations that can be used to match your wedding's color scheme, style and attire. We spoke with several wedding florists about the various kinds of tropical flowers, their cost and how they can be used in bouquets. Continue reading to learn more about tropical flowers and how you can incorporate them into your big day.

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What Are Tropical Flowers?

Tropical flowers are those that thrive in warm and humid environments. These tend to be "locations that are close to the equator and do not get real cold," says floral designer Joan Rogers of In Bloom Florist. The seasoned wedding pro has over 20 years of experience and is based in Orlando, Florida. "They come in bold colors and interesting shapes and don't like being cold," says Cameron Hardesty, CEO & Founder of Poppy Flowers, a Washington, DC-based floral design company founded in 2019.

Types of Tropical Flowers

Hardesty, Rogers and JP Varvarigos, West Palm Beach, Florida-based florist and owner of Wellington Florist, which he's owned since 2003, told us that some of the most popular and common tropical flowers are:

  • Orchids
  • Anthurium
  • Heliconia
  • Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia)
  • Protea/pincushion flowers
  • Ginger

Average Tropical Flower Bouquet Cost

As with all wedding flower costs, the price for a tropical bouquet may vary based on numerous factors. However, Varvarigos says that "average pricing for a tropical arrangement is around $150, although it can range from $75-$350." If you're buying individual stems, "you can expect to pay a professional florist $7.50 per stem for a bird of paradise, pincushion protea or an anthurium. It's $5 per stem for orchid blooms and $15-25 per stem for Pink Mink and king proteas or heliconia."

Florists' Tips for Adding Tropical Flowers to Your Wedding Bouquet

When thinking about how you want to incorporate tropical flowers to your wedding bouquets, there are a couple of factors you want to consider including what flowers complement each other and how much weight you're willing to carry when walking down the aisle. Keep these florist expert tips in mind as you start planning your tropical flower wedding bouquet.

Include Complementary Blooms in Tropical Wedding Bouquets

Varvarigos recommends pairing tropical flowers with orange Asiatic lilies, liatris and green trick dianthus. Since tropical flowers tend to be more structured or geometric in shape, Hardesty recommends adding softer blooms like roses, baby's breath, ranunculus, freesia, delphinium, hanging amaranthus, sweet pea and preserved flowers like bleached ruscus, tulips, calla lilies for some balance.

Consider the Weight of Your Bouquets

One of the downsides of tropical flowers is that they may feel heavy if many are used to due to their thick and bulky stems. "The biggest challenge when making a tropical wedding bouquet is keeping it lightweight. Tropicals tend to have very thick, fibrous stems that get bulky and heavy fast. Orchids, pincushion protea and anthurium are the exception so I would suggest adding more of those and less of the heavier stems such as birds or heliconia," explains Varvarigos.

Search for Expert Florists

A solid floral designer is key to making your tropical wedding bouquet dreams come true. We recommend visiting The Knot Marketplace to find florists in your area who can make your tropical wedding bouquet vision a reality. Simply enter your location into the search bar to view a list of suggested florists.

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Tropical Wedding Bouquet Ideas

If you're planning on having tropical types of flowers flowers be part of your wedding festivities, continue reading for 21 of our favorite unique tropical wedding bouquet ideas from real weddings. From simple to cascading, these are the very best tropical wedding bouquets—make sure to save your faves for when you meet with your florist.

Modern White Tropical Wedding Bouquet With Anthurium, Roses and Branches

Modern White Tropical Wedding Bouquet With Anthurium, Roses and Branches
Photo: Derek Bedwell Photography,
Floral Design: We Are Gathered

If you're seeking a tropical flower wedding bouquet for your modern bohemian wedding, consider a bouquet of white anthurium, roses and branches. We love how the anthurium and branches add texture to create an asymmetrical bouquet that complements a white wedding dress.

Vibrant Orange Bouquet With Poppies, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise and Roses

Vibrant Orange Bouquet With Poppies, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise and Roses
Photo: You Look Lovely - Fine Art Photography
Floral Design: Best Day Ever Floral

Begin your wedding ceremony with a lively entrance when you carry a vibrant bouquet of anthurium, poppies, birds of paradise and roses. Whether you're having a fall or summertime wedding, this bouquet works well as it consists of a plethora of orange tones.

A Purple Tropical Bridesmaid Bouquet Featuring Orchids and Peonies

Perfect for a wedding with a purple color scheme, this purple tropical bridesmaid bouquet features a combination of purple and coral orchids. Tie the stems with some ribbon or decorative lace for an easier holding experience.

Romantic Tropical Bouquet With Protea and Palm Leaves

Romantic Tropical Bouquet With Protea and Palm Leaves
Photo: Ken Tan Photo,Floral Design: I Am Flower

Are you looking for a romantic tropical bouquet to complement your romantic tropical wedding? If so, consider this tropical bouquet with protea and palm leaves. This bouquet's pastel tones will emanate warmth while you make your way down the aisle.

Tropical Bridesmaid Bouquets With Anthurium and Birds of Paradise

If you're looking for tropical bouquet inspiration for your bridesmaid bouquets, consider small round bouquets of anthurium and birds of paradise. The orange birds of paradise flowers combined with the red anthuriums work well especially if your wedding's color scheme is filled with warm and vibrant colors.

Tropical Bouquet With White Mink Proteas, Ferns and Calla Lilies

Hardesty recommends adding soft blooms such as calla lilies to an otherwise structured bouquet for some balance. Plus, its green and white color scheme will complement a tropical wedding, especially those which take place outdoors.

Elegant Tropical Bouquet

If you're looking to keep things elegant, consider this simple tropical wedding bouquet. We love this bouquet's combination of white orchids and greenery—and think you will, too.

Whimsical Pink and Ivory Tropical Bouquet

Whimsical Pink and Ivory Tropical Bouquet
Photo: Julia Zave Photography,Floral Design: The Bride Candy

If pink is your thing or is a prominent color in your wedding, you can't go wrong with a pink and ivory tropical wedding bouquet. Regardless of how the proteas and orchids are arranged in your bouquet, this bouquet is sure to add an extra level of romance to your big day.

Tropical Bouquet of Hibiscus, Protea and Monstera Leaves

Make a statement with this gigantic bouquet of hibiscus, protea and monstera leaves. To add even more dimension to this already luscious bouquet, organize the blooms so they pop out at different lengths. Although this may be a heavier bouquet, it will be worth it as all eyes will be on you (and your flowers).

Cascading Tropical Wedding Bouquet With Amaranthus, Peonies and Anemones

Cascading Tropical Wedding Bouquet With Amaranthus, Peonies and Anemones
Photo: Care Studios
Floral Design: Studio South

Take your tropical wedding bouquet to the next level by adding long cascading amaranthus. Whether you want the falling blooms to be on the longer or shorter side is up to you and both will look equally stunning when you make your way down the aisle. We recommend this tropical beach wedding bouquet for weddings on the beach or those taking place outside during the summertime.

Tropical Bouquet With Anthurium, Protea and Palm Leaves

Looking for a bouquet for your tropical vintage wedding? Opt for an arrangement of anthurium, protea and palm leaves. You'll love how the colorful center of the bouquet stands out against the palm leaves on its perimeter.

Colorful Bouquet With Birds of Paradise, Orchids, Craspedia and Peonies

If a colorful wedding is in your future, consider a colorful birds of paradise wedding bouquet featuring orange birds of paradise and green orchids. Throw in some multicolored craspedia to round out (literally) your bouquet. When held against a white wedding dress, this bouquet will pop.

Bright Pincushion Flower, Rose, Craspedia and Fern Bouquet

A gorgeous summery bouquet in shades of copper, pink and gold.

Looking for the perfect bouquet for your chic wedding? This bright bouquet combines bright orange pincushion flowers along with yellow craspedia and coral roses creating a vibrant arrangement. Save this one as inspiration to show your florist.

Contemporary Bouquet With King Protea and Tropical Leaves

For a tropical wedding bouquet with a contemporary feel, fill your bouquet with king protea and embellish the outermost parts with tropical leaves. We love the addition of anthurium for some additional texture, however this is optional and your choice.

Tropical Green and Orange Bridesmaid Bouquet

Tropical Green and Orange Bridesmaid Bouquet
Photo: The Ganeys
Floral Design: Apple Blossoms Floral

If you're planning on a color scheme with lots of orange and green, consider having your bridesmaids carry small but fun arrangements of birds of paradise, yellow daisies, green orchids, yellow craspedia, green hypericum berries, green hydrangeas and orange proteas. These tiny but mighty bouquets are most easily carried when tied—we recommend using a ribbon or another fabric of your choice.

Cascading Bouquet With White Anthurium, Garden Roses and Greenery

If a glamorous cascading tropical bouquet is what you seek, this is it. You'll catch everyone's attention with this bouquet of white anthurium, garden roses and the hanging greenery.

Bridesmaid Bouquets With Roses, Craspedia, Eucalyptus and Tropical Leaves

This textured bridesmaid bouquet of roses, craspedia, eucalyptus and tropical leaves will look great when held by your bridesmaids. It's big enough to be seen in photos, but small enough that it won't take away from your bouquet. We love how its use of tropical leaves provides this bouquet with a relaxed look, especially on a day that may feel hectic.

Big and Textured Tropical Bouquet With Roses, Protea and Eucalyptus

If a big tropical bouquet is what you seek, you can't go wrong with a large and textured bouquet of protea, eucalyptus and roses. Depending on your wedding's color scheme or preferred colors, you can change out the bloom's colors to best suit your festivities. Either way, the arrangement of these beautiful and unique flowers is stunning regardless of their color.

Bold Yellow Rose and Pincushion Protea Bouquet

If you're having a summertime wedding, consider keeping things lively with a yellow bouquet of roses, pincushion proteas, ranunculus and hypericum berries. If you want to personalize your bouquet, we recommend wrapping it in a piece of sentimental or decorative fabric.

White Cascading Phalaenopsis Orchid Bridal Bouquet

If you're looking for a classic bouquet for your classic wedding, show your florist this simple and classy cascading bouquet of Phalaenopsis orchids. We love its use of one kind of flower and one color which will look picture-perfect in your wedding photos.

Beachy Tropical Bouquet With Leaves, Ranunculus, Anthurium and Protea

Are you having a beach wedding? If so, we recommend keeping your bouquet's colors pastel along with some greenery. These blooms may be hard to carry, so tie them with a draping piece of fabric for an elegant touch.

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