21 Watercolor Wedding Cake Ideas That Are Total Works of Art

These wedding cake displays would make van Gogh proud.
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
Ariel Taranski
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Updated Feb 01, 2024

There are so many amazing wedding cake designs to choose from, and you want to be sure you avoid common mistakes when making a decision. That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite watercolor wedding cakes because you really can't go wrong with this versatile style. When picking the right cake for your big day, you do want to find a baker who can execute your vision (and The Knot Vendor Marketplace is the perfect place to source one near you). So grab your wedding cake checklist and get ready to update your Pinterest board with this bit of watercolor inspo.

Paint and Pretty Petals

This stunning watercolor cake incorporates fresh flowers for a more vibrant display. This is a great way to add some of your wedding flowers to your cake.

Ombre Watercolor Cake

Here's a watercolor cake that has a waterfall of color. This ombre design goes from lighter shades of green to a gorgeous piece of artwork at the bottom tier.

Color Me Purple Cake

Give your cake a modern spin when you add a geometric topper. This perfectly complements the timeless watercolor design while injecting your wedding color palette.

Streaks of Color and Gold Cake

Rainbow watercolor streaks with gold accents wedding cake
Photo: Rodeo & Co. Photography
Cake design: Jacques Pastries

Between these paint strokes and streaks of gold, this design takes the cake. And check out those miniature bites that make the perfect extra sweet treat for your guests that can help save on the cost of your wedding cake.

A Painted Masterpiece Cake

This watercolor cake has a sort of marbled design with pops of gold. Because everything is better with some gold flakes.

Something Blue Cake

Let your cake be your "something blue" on your wedding day. This design screams lapis lazuli, which many artists love for its vibrance and deep blues.

Tropical Watercolor Cake

This cake puts the "water" in watercolor. Turn your artistic dessert into a tropical treat when you play around with banana leaves and sea-inspired hues.

Blush and Burgundy Painted Cake

Make every tier more colorful than the last with this jaw-dropping ombre-style cake. You can also incorporate other trendy elements, like fresh florals and a drip design.

Marbled Watercolor Cake

Wow your guests with a hint of watercolor on the bottom of your wedding cake. This design blends two beautiful textures for a unique look.

Hand-Painted Bouquet Cake

Who says you have to choose between one cake? This selection has two watercolor designs that'll remind you of your wedding bouquet for a floral explosion perfect as a spring wedding cake.

Gilded Painting Cake

gold frame gilt wedding cake with watercolor roses
Photo: Michael Will Photography,
Catering: Culinaire International

Is it just us, or does this watercolor wedding cake feel like a Renaissance painting? This cake uses flowers and a gilded "frame" for a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

Splashes of Color Wedding Cake

This watercolor cake has a unique painting technique to give it more texture. Plus, its mix of colors is a perfect way to display your palette.

Romantic Painted Flowers Cake

Here's a hand-painted cake that is just as romantic as your love story. Display your new initials with this floral monogram for a picture-perfect design.

Stained Glass Wedding Cake

This watercolor cake is next level with its stained-glass design. And we bet it tastes just as good as it looks.

Blend of Blooms Watercolor Cake

Now here's a cake that looks like it's been flower-pressed. This is perfect for a spring wedding that gives April showers and May flowers.

Sea-Inspired Painted Cake

fishing mermaid wedding cake with blue watercolor details and pink roses
Photo: Eve Greendale Photography
Cake design: Sweet Savannah's

This cake is for those nautical nuptials by the sea. Evoke the feeling of the ocean with your wedding cake when you do an ocean blue watercolor design.

Watercolor Cut-Out Cake

Defy physics with this amazing cut-out cake. It blends some watercolor designs with a heart shape in the middle to perfectly display a cake topper in a unique way.

Reds and Golds Wedding Cake

If your love burns red, then this vibrant watercolor cake is a must during your big day. And who can resist that golden tier in the center?

Shades of Blue Painted Cake

This cake's 3D elements really make it pop (and we're still not sure what's painted and what isn't with this optical illusion). Add your favorite berries for a cake as sweet as your new spouse.

Painter's Palette Cake

This hand-painted design is a festival in a fun cake. If you really want to get creative, add a unique cake topper, like a mini piñata.

Secret Garden Watercolor Cake

This cake is fit for a garden party or Bridgerton-inspired wedding. The watercolor flowers, monogram and ruffled edges add a romantic spin on a classic design.

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