15 Ways to Style Your Cocktail Bar

After all, a wedding is a party. Right?
by Andrea Fowler

One of the wedding trends we're loving this year is the integration of a customized cocktail experience into the celebration. Whether it's putting a twist on the traditional wedding day timeline and kicking things off with a little champagne-fueled happy hour before proceeding to the nuptials or designating a satellite bar for your signature sip, there are so many ways to personalize your day with a fun spirit. If you're caught in the middle and still trying to figure out which cocktail bar is right for your celebration, get inspired by some of our favorite cocktail bar ideas below that totally amped up the party vibe. 

  1. 1. Rustic Barrel Decor

    Rustic outdoor wedding bar with wood barrels
    Cassidy Carson Photography
  2. 2. Themed Margarita Bar

    Cute margarita bar idea for an outdoor wedding
    Jen Lynne Photography
  3. 3. Cotton Candy and Champagne Bar

    Cotton candy and champagne bar idea for a wedding reception
    Blume Photography
  4. 4. A Vintage Booth

    Vintage wedding reception bar idea
    Steph Smith Photography
  5. 5. Nautical Beach Bar

    Outdoor beach wedding with a sailboat bar
    J Photography by Jessi Caparella
  6. 6. Eclectic Cocktail Bar

    Eclectic cocktail bar decor for a wedding reception
    Leah Marie Photography
  7. 7. A Wine Bar

    Chalk calligraphy for a wedding reception wine bar
  8. 8. Outdoor Bar With Sun Umbrellas

    Pretty bar idea for an outdoor wedding reception
    Lacie Hansen Photography
  9. 9. Decorated With Tinsel

    A rustic glam decor idea for a wedding reception bar
    NBarrett Photography
  10. 10. Dressed Up With a Chandelier

    Decorate an outdoor bar with indoor details like a chandelier
    Eliza J. Photography
  11. 11. Repurposed Bookcase Bar

    A DIY wedding bar idea with a bookcase
  12. 12. Light-Up Bar Signage

    Cool cocktail bar decor for an outdoor wedding
    Hyer Images
  13. 13. DIY Craft Beer Bar

    DIY craft beer bar for a wedding reception
    Jessica Crews Photography
  14. 14. Simple Rustic Wooden Bar

    Rustic wooden bar idea for an outdoor wedding reception
    The Grovers
  15. 15. Repurposed Mobile Bar

    Repurposed mobile bar idea for a wedding reception
    onelove photography
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