This Is Where Couples in Your Home State Want to Honeymoon

Do newlyweds dream of honeymooning far away or close to home? It varies by state—check out the stats here.
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
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maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
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Ever wondered if couples in New York dream of a different honeymoon than couples in Texas or Maryland? The team at Brilliant Earth wanted to discover exactly where US couples in all 50 states want to honeymoon most. Using localized Google Autocomplete results, they figured out the most-searched honeymoon locations by couples in each state. Here are a few of the coolest findings.

1. Almost Half the Country Dreams of a Honeymoon in Hawaii

Hawaii is the number-one, most-searched honeymoon location in 32 states, including Florida, Maine, Oregon and Virginia. Las Vegas comes in second as the most-searched getaway in 11 states, including California, New York and even Hawaii.

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2. Couples in Six States Want to Stay Local

Not every couple dreams of traveling far away after saying "I do." In Arkansas, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin, couples searched most often for a honeymoon locale in their home state, while those in Vermont and Kansas researched destinations in adjacent states (Maine and Kansas City, Missouri, respectively).

3. Italy Ranks Top Three in 34 States

More than 30 states had "Honeymoon in Italy" as a top autocomplete result (either a first, second or third most-searched location by couples throughout each state). That means Italy is the most popular international honeymoon search by a landslide. On the heels of everyone's favorite boot-shaped destination are overseas hot spots Thailand, Greece and Ireland.

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