6 Honeymoon Destinations With Awesome Exchange Rates

Stretch your budget farther thanks to the exchange rates in these exotic locations.
by Maggie Seaver

If you’re on the lookout for ways to stretch your honeymoon budget, consider a location where the dollar goes a long way, thanks to advantageous exchange rates. Upon touching down in a destination where the US dollar is strong, you’ll likely save on hotel rates, restaurants, sightseeing and more than you would otherwise. That means more room in your budget for splurge-worthy amenities, pricier flights (worth it to get somewhere awesome!) or just straight-up savings. Like the sound of that? See six honeymoon destinations with favorable exchange rates.

  1. 1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Croatia’s budding popularity as a tourist destination can at least partly be attributed to the fact that it’s been used to film scenes from blockbusters like Star Wars movies and Game of Thrones. This shimmering baroque city nestled on the Adriatic Sea will likely offer the best exchange rates between September and June.

  2. 2. Providencia, Colombia

    Providencia, Colombia

    Head to Colombia where a romantic, multicourse meal (plus wine) will cost you around $18 per person. While there’s always the city of Cartagena for old-world culture, the gorgeous Caribbean island of Providencia is one of Colombia’s hidden jewels.

  3. 3. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

    San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

    The stunning beaches and lively cities of Mexico aren’t new to the honeymoon popularity contest. We’re not surprised since only a few hundreds dollars per night will land you in a luxe hotel. If you’re looking for a culturemoon experience over lying on the beach, look to San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era city filled with impressive and colorful baroque Spanish architecture and no shortage of personality.

  4. 4. Bali, Indonesia

     Bali, Indonesia

    If Bali’s reputation for being one of the most breathtaking and romantic honeymoon destination doesn't entice you to visit, the exchange rate might push you to pack your bags. Eat, pray and love your way through this insanely beautiful spot spending only a few hundred dollars per day per person.

  5. 5. Zanzibar, Tanzania

    Zanzibar, Tanzania

    In Zanzibar, Tanzania, you’ll find picturesque beaches, thriving nightlife and, of course, a favorable exchange rate. A double room at an upmarket hotel will cost you around $150 per night.

  6. 6. Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Float past thousands of impressive islets and grottos—and get your money’s worth in Vietnam. A beer will cost you about 30 cents, while a gourmet dinner for two will only be about $40.

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