The Comprehensive List of Honeymoon Ideas in the US and Abroad

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Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
Esther Lee
Esther Lee - Deputy Editor, The Knot
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Updated Jun 30, 2023
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With so many geological wonders and otherwordly destinations across the US and around the world, you're likely weighing honeymoon ideas and options left and right—and we can see why. America's rugged natural parks and splendid coastlines make for a swoon-worthy honeymoon (plus, you can leave the passport at home). On the other hand, couples who decide to chase the Northern Lights in Iceland or the lessons that come from witnessing the Great Migration in the Mara are rewarded with some of the most splendid sights on earth. When it comes to narrowing down a precise honeymoon idea and vision, what's most important is that it speaks to your relationship.

"Each couple has their own personality, as does each destination and hotel," says Carly Moss, travel expert at Black Tomato. "It's important to choose a honeymoon that is complementary to the couple, and one that will ensure both partners feel comfortable and in their element." For some, this may mean a luxury stay in a pristine suite overlooking Central Park or a bucolic cottage experience surrounded by rolling hills and mesmerizing meadows. Here are our favorite honeymoon ideas to help you decide on the what, then you can determine the where. (Champagne problems if you ask us.)

Magnificent Beach Honeymoon Ideas

The sun rises over a beach in New Zealand.
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Soft and white sand dunes dotting the East Coast, waves lapping against the powdery fine beaches of Poipu in Kauai, and dramatic volcanic rock formations clashing against the dramatic Pacific showcase the geographical diversity across the best beach honeymoon destinations in the US. Tourists from around the world dream about someday visiting beach destinations in the US like Waikiki Beach, Miami Beach and Santa Monica. Several states stand out for being home to the country's best-received beaches, including Florida, Hawaii, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine and Massachusetts.

But the options around the world are endless with world-class beaches across the Mediterranean, Australia and the Caribbean, including tropical islands dotting every corner of the planet. Couples who enjoy swimming in open water, snorkeling in a reef-lined bay, and lounging outdoors with views of crystalline water should consider a beach honeymoon.

Mountain Honeymoon Ideas

hot air balloon flies over el capitan and yosemite national park against blue and pink tinted skies
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Outdoorsy types will be delighted by the possibility of a mountain honeymoon. The vertically inclined may want to spend their honeymoon hiking or scrambling across mountain terrains in the country (with intermittent spa treatments, of course). The US is home to arguably some of the world's most beautiful hiking trails and mountain ranges, including Acadia National Park's Cadillac Mountain in Maine and Yosemite's El Capitan. Summer and fall seasons across regions like the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast offer gorgeous trails with blindingly brilliant foliage viewing.

Come winter, skiing across the Rockies or the Alps is undeniably a memorable experience for newlyweds who come alive once powdery-fresh snow settles across peaks lining the Northern Hemisphere. A select number of the very best ski resorts across the country are nestled at the base of famed winter honeymoon destinations, allowing couples to ski in and ski out from their hotels (and partake in the great tradition of apres-ski).

Northern Lights Honeymoon Ideas

The aurora borealis flutters over the forest in Fairbanks, Alaska.
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For a less conventional honeymoon idea, couples who've seen it all and done it all may want to consider chasing the Northern Lights to celebrate their new marriage. (It's as though the skies are lighting up for you.) Iceland, Sweden and Norway are known as the most popular destinations for finding this natural phenomenon, but there's one particular US honeymoon destination that is renowned for showcasing the Northern Lights. In Fairbanks, Alaska, couples will indulge in the peace and quiet that often accompany an under-the-radar getaway… with romance and a slew of eventual bragging rights. What's more: Fairbanks is also the fishing headquarters of the country. (Imagine the freshest quality king crab legs with a side of garlic butter. That's romance.)

Foodie Honeymoon Ideas

restaurant daniel croissant dessert for foodies
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New Orleans, New England and New York. Need we say more? Speaking of the best foodie honeymoon destinations, the true beauty of eating your way through the best foodie destinations is the sheer range and breadth of experiences per location. Honeymooners in the US can enjoy their fill of beignets, doughnuts, bagels, dollar slices, lobster rolls, smoked barbecue, and cheesesteaks, whereas international cuisine is tough to beat when you're in countries like France, Italy, Japan and Mexico. Don't even get us started on romantic tasting menus around the world. Find a delicious destination that speaks to you.

Luxury Honeymoon Suite Ideas

amangiri suite open air overlooking nature in the west

Most five-star properties will have designated suites for couples and families. If you're looking to splurge, honeymoon suites across the US are known for pairing spacious accommodations with service. A honeymoon suite often includes either a type of package for couples or romantic flourishes in the room, such as an infinity pool or a clawfoot tub. Most include an outdoor balcony space where you can sip your morning coffee with sunrise views (cities and remote locations, included).

Rustic Ranch Honeymoon Ideas

stanly ranch beautiful open air terrace cabin rustic and bucolic in napa valley
Stanly Ranch / Auberge Resorts

Defined by adventure and upscale stays, rustic ranches are increasingly popular among the best honeymoon destinations in the US. Those on the lookout for quality and luxury will be surprised to find top-tier service across some of the most splendid destinations around the country. Considering the rise of social media and a sense of longing for nostalgia, accommodation options have put locations on the map.

Honeymoon Cabin & Cottage Ideas

cottage intimate setting indoros with cute american design touches like green shams and an armchair
The Pridwin / Cape Resorts

One can consider farmhouses and cottages to be quaint options for a honeymoon hotel. However, trends signal that these seemingly cozy concepts have evolved into highly sought-out, full-service, luxury stays.

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package

sandals south coast people lounge outdoors
Sandals Resorts

What makes an all-inclusive so appealing to couples is that they can indulge in everything (food, drinks and most experiences) without concern for mounting costs during a trip. Psychologically, it alleviates any budgetary restrictions. Experience-wise, couples know exactly what they're paying for–upfront. After all, you're on your honeymoon. Relax a little.

Honeymoon Vacation Rental Ideas

VRBO home chalet in the snow with alpine trees surrounding the property

Couples who prefer spacious accommodations, coupled with privacy, may want to consider rental services like Airbnb or VRBO. Some booking engines are full-service (outfitted with staff to facilitate the experience), while others will feel like a home away from home. The big contenders include VRBO and Airbnb, but new brands are entering the market as more travelers seek spacious homes for work and pleasure.

Unique Honeymoon Destinations

gorgeous view of sun setting over Camilo Beach in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.
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So you're looking for something different. Perhaps, you'd like to find a lesser-known island that hasn't been completely overrun by tourists during peak season, or your idea of romance is staying in a remote small town in Norway that encourages visitors to stow their phones away and explore. We have just the destinations for you.

Honeymoon Ideas Based on TV Shows and Films

the mamma mia church on skopelos island greece where couples can visit for their honeymoon
BunusevacB / Getty Images

If you're certain your honeymoon should retrace the steps of the Mamma Mia! cast in Skopelos, Greece, or you envision yourself on an ATV overlooking iconic landscapes from Jurassic Park scenes in Kauai, Hawaii—sans the family drama and the aggressive dinos—then we have numerous honeymoon ideas for you.

Road Trip Honeymoon Ideas

road trip honeymoon along the pacific coast highway highway one in big sur california
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With world-class beaches along both coasts, volcanic and tropical islands dotting the Pacific and the Caribbean, and incredible ski resort towns, couples can certainly build up a dream itinerary tailor-made to their best interests with a road trip.

Adventure Honeymoons

whale breaches the water a rainbow dazzles in the backdrop
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Some couples may bond over their pursuit of an adrenaline-pumping activity. If rafting among migrating humpback whales sounds enticing to you, perhaps a Maui honeymoon is for you. If you're looking for an even more hands-on experience with aquatic wildlife, perhaps a surf safari expedition in Cape Town speaks to you.

US Honeymoon Ideas on a Budget

The sun sets over Lake Davis in downtown Orlando, Florida.
Smithlandia Media / Getty Images

What makes honeymooning in the US especially appealing is the fact that you can leave your worries behind with passports, preventative care and visas. Even more convincing, however, is that beautiful and affordable honeymoons are easily found across the country. If a bigger value for your money or a cheap US honeymoon destination is your M.O., you're in good hands. Between the Capes (Cod, May and Lewis), Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the Dakotas, as well as Arizona, there are plenty of affordable, homegrown towns and attractions to enjoy—naturally without the accompanying price tag.

Dog-Friendly Honeymoon Ideas

a beautiful corgi frolics and runs along the water banks of a beach
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Couples love their four-legged friends, meaning dog-friendly vacations are easy to plan pending location. Cities like Denver, San Diego and Portland (both Oregon and Maine) are known for their ever-growing list of dog-friendly establishments, making it easy for couples to take their puppies to brunch. Qualifications that make a honeymoon destination friendly for dogs include whether the location offers multiple dog parks and outdoorsy trails to give these active animals plenty of space to roam and run. Some hotels in dog-friendly destinations even offer a welcome amenity to dogs. (It's a ruff life, if you ask us.)

Treehouse Honeymoon Ideas

treehouse in bali with a beautiful view of the sunset and coastline
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There's a nostalgic factor here for couples who want to stay in a romantic treehouse setting, whether it be in Costa Rica, Bali or the US. Certain luxury properties and rentals are perched among hulking treetops, making these unique accommodation options perfect for couples who prefer intimacy with views.

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