8 Themed Bar Ideas for Your Wedding

The latest cocktail hour trend? Highlighting one specific type of drink, whether it's beer, whiskey or even lemonade. Check out our favorite themed bars you can copy for your own wedding.
by Alexandra Napoli
Custom mimosa bar with a sign and carafes of juice and fruit garnishes
J. Anne Photography

When it comes to your cocktail hour, set the bar high! Try the latest trend with a "themed" bar featuring your favorite liquor or drink that guests can customize themselves. Whether you set up a DIY station or have a bartender slinging the drinks, your friends and family will totally get in the spirit and appreciate the personal touch.

  1. Beer Bar

    Beer tasting boards with glasses of different types of beer
    Aesthetic Life Studio

    Do you and your fiance geek out over craft beers? Turn your cocktail hour into a beer tasting. Serve a variety from a favorite local brewery, or mix it up with different bottled beers. Get creative and display the samples on wood boards like these, where you can write the type (from porter to pilsner) next to each glass.

    From the Album: A Rustic-Chic Wedding at Historic Shady Lane in Manchester, Pennsylvania

  2. Mimosa Bar

    Custom mimosa bar with carafes of juice and fruit garnishes
    J. Anne Photography

    Let your guests play bartender with a create-your-own mimosa bar that includes fresh fruit garnishes, carafes of different juices and, of course, plenty of bottles of bubbly! If they're not fans of the classic orange juice and champagne combo, your friends and family can personalize the drink to their taste. Gold accented labels ID the juices and add a little extra sparkle to the display.

    From the Album: Amy & Micah in Las Vegas, NV

  3. Coffee Bar

    Coffee bar with man pouring teapot of hot water over grounds
    Brittany Conner Photography

    Provide a postdinner pick-me-up for you and your guests with a coffee bar. Include a decaf option and flavored syrups, so there's something for everyone—plus optional whiskey and Irish cream to spike the brew.

    From the Album: A Rustic, Vintage-Inspired Wedding at Museum of Appalachia in Norris, Tennessee

  4. Whiskey Bar

    Wooden whiskey bar with lamps and moss
    Dear Wesleyann

    If you're both whiskey connoisseurs, play it up! Create a tasting bar dedicated to your choice liquor, highlighting several of your favorite ones for sipping. You could even have a few craft cocktails that can be made with them. Bonus points for decorating the serving area. We suggest handsome wooden lamps and moss accents to add a woodsy, masculine charm.

    From the Album: A Romantic Garden Wedding at Carillon Beach Village Green in Panama City Beach, Florida

  5. Lemonade Bar

    Rustic lemonade bar with drink dispensers and flavored syrups
    Amber Hempen Photography

    Give your guests a nonalcoholic option with a sweet lemonade bar. Start with drink dispensers filled with regular and pink varieties, then let them customize their glass with flavored syrups like honey-basil and peach-thyme. You can't go wrong giving this bar an old-school-lemonade-stand spin with a handwritten wood sign.

    From the Album: A Ponte Family Estate Wedding in Temecula, California

  6. Bloody Mary Bar

    Bloody mary bar with vodka bottles, garnishes and striped straws
    Cadey Reisner Weddings

    Having an afternoon wedding or postwedding brunch? We think that calls for a Bloody Mary bar. Include a pre-seasoned mix, plus plain tomato juice that guests can doctor up themselves with lemons, hot sauce, worcestershire sauce and horseradish. Then let them go crazy with toppings like celery, pickles, olives—even slices of bacon! The final touch? Red-and-white-striped paper straws.

    From the Album: A Bright and Elegant Wedding at Black Hills Receptions in Rapid City, South Dakota

  7. Sangria Bar

    Sangria bar with drink dispensers and fruit garnishes
    Brinton Studios

    Looking to add a little Spanish flavor to your cocktail hour? Shake things up with a sangria bar. Give your guests options—and let them help themselves—by serving both red and white varieties in glass beverage dispensers. Then set out dishes of additional sliced fruits (think: apple, peach, pineapple and berries) that complement the drinks. The best part? You can even mix up the sangria a few days in advance—the flavor will only get better.

    From the Album: A Romantic Urban Wedding at Coohills Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

  8. Hot Chocolate Bar

    Rustic hot chocolate bar with plaid thermoses, whipped cream, marshmallows and other toppings
    Brinton Studios

    Getting married during winter's coldest months? A hot cocoa bar will warm up your guests and indulge their sweet tooth. It's all about the toppings—marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, chocolate shavings, candy canes—and don't forget the whipped cream! Use vintage-looking, plaid thermoses to keep the cocoa hot and decorate the bar with wintry garlands, pinecones and American holly.

    From the Album: A Rustic, Whimsical Wedding at Devil's Thumb Ranch Tabernash, Colorado

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