19 Décor Ideas for a Gorgeous Rustic Ceremony

Personalize your ceremony with details that stand out.
by Andrea Fowler

A rustic wedding theme can mean different things to different people (think: rustic glam, shabby chic, ranch rustic), but the overall aesthetic remains the same: organic elements like wood tables or chairs, flowing floral arrangements, scenic outdoor venues and a few personalized vintage touches.

Start the wedding day off with some unique ceremony decor—it'll help to set the vibe for the rest of the celebration. Check out some of our favorite ideas below. 

  1. 1. Vintage Program Table

    Rustic program table for an outdoor wedding ceremony
  2. 2. DIY Wooden Barrel Altar

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea with a wooden barrel altar
    Andie Freeman Photography
  3. 3. Wooden Arbor With Ribbons

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea with a wooden arbor and ribbons
    Stephanie Hunter Photography
  4. 4. Vintage Ceremony Altar

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea with a vintage altar
    Katelyn James Photography
  5. 5. Moss Ring Pillow

    Rustic moss ring pillow with pink spray roses
  6. 6. Chalkboard Signage

    Black and white chalkboard signage
    Erin Wilson Photography
  7. 7. Decorated Birch Arch

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea
    onelove photography
  8. 8. Wooden Crates

    Rustic wedding idea with wooden crates
    Katie Linggren Photography
  9. 9. Monogrammed Aisle Runner

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea with a monogrammed aisle runner
    Carrie Patterson Photography
  10. 10. String Lights

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea wtih string lights
    Krista Turner Photography
  11. 11. Paper Banner

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea with a paper banner
    Alison D Photography
  12. 12. Seating Sign

    Rustic wooden ceremony seating sign
  13. 13. Twig Chandelier

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea, hanging twig chandelier
    Joleen Willis Photography
  14. 14. Potted Flower Arrangements

    Rustic wedding ceremony flower arrangements
  15. 15. Draped Fabric

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor idea
  16. 16. Customized Programs

    Rustic wedding ceremony programs
    Aly Carroll Photography
  17. 17. Unexpected Accents

    Rustic wedding ceremony decor with a vintage bathtub
    Karlisch Photography, Inc
  18. 18. Mismatched Chairs

    Rustic mismatched ceremony seating
    Anna Shackleford
  19. 19. Fabric Curtains

    Rustic outdoor wedding ceremony with fabric curtains
    Shauna Veasey Photography
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