Standout Succulent Wedding Bouquets for Any Season

Curious about adding succulents to your bouquet? Check out these 25 ideas for inspiration.
25 Succulent Wedding Bouquets for Any Season
Photography: Rachel Joy Barehl
Floral Design: Possum Run Greenhouse
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Updated Mar 11, 2023

When choosing your wedding flowers, you want blooms that match your style, color scheme and the time of year you plan to say, "I do." While roses, peonies and dahlias might come to mind, have you considered a succulent wedding bouquet? Succulents can be found in different colors and textures, giving your bouquet some unexpected visual interest. This unique addition also pairs well with a variety of flowers. Combine dark green succulents with burgundy calla lilies for a woodsy fall wedding, or join together light green succulents and white hydrangeas for a classic look.

No matter what style you choose, work with your florist to create a wedding bouquet with succulents that fits in perfectly with your wedding vision. Need a few ideas? These succulent wedding bouquets are sure to inspire.

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What Are Succulents?

Found in about 60 plant families, succulents come in a variety of colors and shapes. They are often recognized for their thick leaves that are usually bumpy or smooth. Succulents prefer a climate with low humidity, and grow best in deserts or other dry areas.

Succulent Colors

Succulents don't just grow in one shade of green. Lisa Gloff, owner of The Rosy Posy based in Manassas, Virginia, said succulents are actually quite versatile. Because of this, it's easy to match them to your other wedding flowers. "They come in so many shades of green, from a light dusty green to a dark green to a burgundy," she said. "They are perfect for every season."

When Are Succulents In Season?

Most succulents prefer spring and fall temperatures and tend to thrive during these seasons. Depending on the variety, they go into a dormant phase in the summer or winter. Check with your florist to see which varieties are available at the time of your wedding.

Average Succulent Cost

Succulent wedding bouquet cost varies based on size and where you live. Starting at approximately $8, succulents can be a budget-friendly option. If you're eyeing larger varieties to give your bouquet a dramatic pop, expect to pay a bit more, sometimes as much as $25.

Tips for Adding Succulents to Your Wedding Bouquet

When adding succulents to your wedding bouquet, there are a few things to keep in mind. It's important to know what flowers pair best with succulents and how to handle these often delicate plants. They're also a wonderful option if you want to repurpose them after the wedding.

Flowers to Pair With Succulents for a Wedding

A succulent wedding bouquet can include a variety of blooms depending on the aesthetic of your wedding. Pair them with several combinations of flowers to achieve different looks.

Gloff said she loves to combine succulents with all white blooms including ranunculus, lisianthus and garden rose. These delicate and dreamy blooms won't overwhelm the succulents and keep them the focal point of the bouquet.

"Natural foliage, protea and scabiosa pods create a great garden bouquet," she added. "Then you have the beautiful Perle von Nurnberg. It has the perfect hint of burgundy for a fall wedding. Paired with dahlia, scabiosa, ranunculus and hypericum it creates a lovely warm fall bouquet."

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Handle Succulents With Care

Even though many succulents have thick leaves, they are fragile. Erin Geyer, Marketing Director at The Flowerman in Dayton and Columbus, Ohio mentioned they should be handled delicately. "Provide additional support and structure by wiring them to a stick to create a faux stem," she said. "This will allow the succulent to stand tall in the design and have a stable foundation in the piece. Handle the bloom with care."

Looking for a professional who knows how to handle delicate succulents and other wedding blooms? The Knot Marketplace is a great resource for finding florists in your area.

Replanting Succulents After a Wedding

Succulents aren't just beautiful, they're also sustainable. Replant them at home for a sweet reminder of your wedding day. "Succulent blooms can be added back into soil after being used in a design to be kept as a plant," Geyer said. "Additionally, the leaves/petals of the succulent can be pulled off, placed in soil and propagated."

Succulent Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Now that you know how versatile this plant can be, take a look at a list of our favorite succulent wedding bouquets. From bohemian and rustic to classic and bright, you're sure to find a combination that matches your style.

Whimsical and Bright Garden Bouquet

This greenery-filled wedding bouquet looks as if it were picked straight from a garden. Full of vibrant yellow and green, it includes succulents, eucalyptus, craspedia and dusty miller.

Fall-Inspired Bohemian Bouquet

Fall in love with this rustic bouquet perfect for an autumn wedding. It combines succulents with seasonal shades including burgundy and golden yellow. Cascading eucalyptus leaves tie in the bohemian theme.

Summer Succulent Wedding Bouquet With Anemones and Roses

Succulents, rosemary, thistle, roses, dusty miller and a variety of proteas make up this eclectic wedding bouquet. Hand-tied with satin, it boasts shades of yellow, red, purple and green.

Minimalist Wedding Bouquet With Succulents and Hydrangeas

Minimalist Wedding Bouquet With Succulents and Hydrangeas
Photography: Elisha Braithwaite Photography,
Floral Design: Orchid Dynasty

Bright white and modern, this succulent and white blossom bouquet includes hydrangeas, roses and eucalyptus. This combination is perfect for a couple with a natural and elegant style.

Icy Blue Wedding Bouquet With Succulents

Complement your winter wedding with an icy blue bouquet made with succulents, cabbage and kale. It's a stunning and unique combination that gives off an eclectic vibe.

Sophisticated Spring Succulent Bouquet

Add drama and romance to your spring wedding with a bouquet in shades of cream, sage green, deep purple and blush. Succulents, scabiosas and fiddleheads add dimension and depth for a modern edge.

Succulent Wedding Bouquet in Rich Autumn Tones

This romantic bouquet boasts a stunning color palette of burgundy, orange and sage. Succulents, garden roses and thistles pair together for a gorgeous bouquet perfect for a fall wedding.

Rainbow-Inspired Wedding Bouquet

Fun and playful, this bridal bouquet is inspired by every color of the rainbow. Roses, hydrangeas, anemone and succulents in bold pops of color are tied with coordinating rainbow ribbon streamers.

Wedding Bouquet With Succulents and Roses

Sage green succulents come together with roses in shades of peach, white and dusty rose in this exquisite bouquet. We love how the succulents stand out among the delicate roses for a desert-inspired look.

Pink and Green Dahlia and Succulent Bouquet

Pops of vibrant pink and green make this gorgeous bouquet a great choice for a summer wedding. Pink dahlias, roses and succulents in different shades of green give it its eye-catching appeal.

Rustic Green and Burgundy Succulent Bouquet

Rustic Green and Burgundy Succulent Bouquet
Photography: Stephanie Fong Photography,Floral Design: My Little Flower Shop

For the to-be-wed who can't get enough succulents is this breathtaking bouquet featuring different varieties of the plant. Not only are there succulents in shades or green and burgundy, but the different textures also lend to its unique style.

Red, Blush and Green Modern Wedding Bouquet

Succulents and fresh sprigs of green complement the red and blush hues of ranunculus in this romantic spring bouquet. We love the statement air plant in the center that ties everything together.

All-White Bouquet With Succulents

All-White Bouquet With Succulents
Photography: Laura Segall Photography,Floral Design: The Garage By Ivy

Green succulents are the star of the show as they pop among champagne roses. This simple and natural design works for any minimalist or desert-inspired wedding.

Deep and Moody Wedding Bouquet

Deep and Moody Wedding Bouquet
Photography: SO Photography
Floral Design: Urban Poppy

Florals in colors of dark green, burgundy and deep purple pair well with the moody vibes of a fall or winter wedding. This stunning bouquet includes football mums, dusty miller, succulents and eucalyptus in rich hues.

Pastel Dahlia and Succulent Bouquet

Spring-inspired shades of peach, green and orange complement each other in this lovely wedding bouquet. Dahlias, succulents and twine-tied stems give a rustic touch.

Elegant Crimson Bridal Bouquet

The combination of blush, ivory and deep crimson blooms is timeless and elegant. Pair together succulents and roses for textural contrast and visual appeal.

Rustic Fall Wedding Bouquet With Calla Lilies and Succulents

Green and burgundy succulents pair with deep plum calla lilies in this rustic wedding bouquet. The loose structure, mini berries and greenery accents give the feeling it was gathered in an enchanted forest.

Coral, Pink and Green Garden Wedding Bouquet

Bright coral, pinks and green come together in this vibrant bouquet. The combination of dahlias, peonies, roses, succulents and ranunculus pair perfectly for a spring or summer garden wedding.

Wildflower Bouquet With Daisies and Succulents

Wildflower Bouquet With Daisies and Succulents
Photography: Sofi Seck Photography,Floral Design: Mary Tuttles

Inspired by a field of wildflowers, this bright and happy wedding bouquet includes gerbera daisies, succulents, craspedia and seeded eucalyptus. The colors scheme of white, yellow, purple and green remind us of a sunny spring day.

Bright Pink Peony and Succulent Bouquet

Bright Pink Peony and Succulent Bouquet
Photography: Nine Photography,
Floral Design: The Flower Girl

Whimsical and fun, this beautiful bouquet features white roses, succulents and bright pink peonies. While the peonies and roses complement each other's shape, the succulents break up the pattern and add unique texture.

Bold and Imaginative Wedding Bouquet

Bold and Imaginative Wedding Bouquet
Photography: Carina Photographics
Floral Design: Mickey O'Kane

We're enamored with the bold pops of color and variety of textures in this cheery bouquet. The florist included dahlias, zinnias, succulents and an unexpected addition of cabbage to create this beauty.

Classic Peony and Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Soft pastel roses, peonies and hydrangeas create a classic and timeless look. Succulents add a unique texture and pop of green.

Succulent Wedding Bouquet With Roses and Chrysanthemums

Succulent Wedding Bouquet With Roses and Chrysanthemums
Photography: Fyrefly Photography & Films,Floral Design: Cincinnati Parks Floris

A combination of purple, yellow, organ and green come together in this nature-inspired bouquet. It includes a lovely mix of roses, chrysanthemums, succulents, craspedia and thistle.

Bold Green and Blue Wedding Bouquet

Bold Green and Blue Wedding Bouquet
Photography: Courtney McManaway Photography,Floral Design: Romance Etc

This vivid bouquet with pops of blue and green is definitely commanding some attention. Hydrangeas, succulents, scabiosa pods and hypericum berries make up this stunner.

Delicate Rose Bouquet With Succulents

This bouquet is classic and delicate with a vintage vibe. White roses are complemented by green succulents and darling yellow craspedia.

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