38 Oh-So-Pretty Peony Wedding Bouquets

This beloved flower needs no introduction.
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Updated Feb 09, 2023

There's a reason that peonies are among the most coveted flowers year after year. From their gorgeous color range to their large, fluffy petals, the flowers are beautiful and mesmerizing—not just on an everyday basis, but especially on your wedding day. These peony wedding bouquets include our favorite ways to use the flowers in your arrangements, whether your style is glam and luxurious or a little more free-spirited. Plus, we're covering some of the basic things to know about this popular blossom, such as when peonies are in season, the common peony colors and how their cost compares to other flowers.

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What Is a Peony?

Peonies are a type of perennial (a plant that re-blooms every year). Along with being a favorite for home gardens and landscaping, peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers of all time. The flowers have large, cupped petals that open and expand over the course of the bloom, which lasts for about one week. Peonies are often mistaken for garden roses but are distinguished by their narrow, elongated leaves and thornless stems.

What Does a Peony Flower Symbolize?

These iconic flowers don't just look pretty—they also hold special significance for your wedding day. Peonies resemble a happy marriage, prosperity and bashfulness.

Peony Colors

Peonies bloom in several of the most popular wedding colors, which makes them easy to match almost any color scheme. Peony colors range from white to light pink, coral pink, fuchsia, purple, red and yellow. Peonies have bright yellow stamens at the center.

Peony Season

Peony season is from April to June, making them a popular spring wedding flower.

Peonies can also extend into the summer months, but generally, your florist will have to work harder to find peonies after their peak during the spring season. This could mean sourcing the blooms from a grower in another state or even purchasing them from outside of the U.S., which will ultimately impact your total wedding flower cost.

Average Peony Flower Cost

Because of their short bloom window and incredibly high demand, peonies are one of the most expensive wedding flowers.

The exact cost will vary depending on when you're getting married and where your florist is sourcing the peonies from. If the peonies can be sourced from a local grower and your wedding takes place during peony season, the cost might be slightly lower. Otherwise, shipping fees and seasonality will affect the price.

Tips for Adding Peonies to Your Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding florist should be your first source of truth when it comes to deciding how to add peonies to your wedding bouquet, because ultimately, it depends on your wedding budget and desired style. But there are a few tried-and-true tricks that are helpful to know ahead of time as you're preparing for your floral consultation. (Still need a florist? Check out The Knot Marketplace to read reviews and find one near you.)

Use peonies as a statement flower.

Peonies make a statement even when they're used in small quantities. Adding just two or three to your wedding bouquet can help elevate the overall design while being a budget-friendly alternative to a full peony arrangement.

Use multiple peonies to maximize their impact.

If you do want to go all out, splurge on a wedding bouquet entirely of peonies. Closed peonies have a formal, classic romance look with their tightly cupped petals. Open peonies are a little more whimsical and bold, with some flowers spanning several inches wide once the petals have fully bloomed. Skip the accent flowers to put all the focus on the peonies in your bouquet.

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Peony Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Gathering inspiration for your flowers is an important step when bringing your wedding vision to life. Use these peony bouquets to figure out exactly what you love (and have ideas on hand to share with your florist).

1. All-Pink Peony Bouquet

Pink is the most iconic color for this flower, and you can't go wrong with an all-pink peony bouquet. Double-down on the color scheme by using both light and dark pink blooms.

2. Fall Peony Bouquet

Pair coral or blush peonies with other blooms in dark magenta, ivory and green tones for a bouquet that's perfect for late summer or early fall.

3. Peony and Rose Bouquet

Peonies and roses are a classic pairing. Use both flowers in a similar color and add a hint of greenery for a bouquet that's chic and timeless.

4. Pastel Bouquet with Peonies

This bouquet of delicate purple sweet peas, lily of the valley and grape hyacinth features a single pink peony at the center. The color scheme is light and airy for springtime.

5. Hot Pink Peony Bouquet

A bride holds an overflowing bouquet of hot pink and white peonies.
Photo: Bethanne Arthur Photography,
Floral design: Gillespie's Flowers & Productions

Fuchsia peonies add an extra dose of vibrancy to your peony wedding bouquet. Pair them with pastel flowers to let the more colorful blooms really stand out.

6. White Peony Bouquet

Perfect for a summer beach wedding, this white peony bouquet is accented with calla lilies, ranunculus and large leaves for contrast.

7. Pink and Blue Bouquet with Peonies

Bring a contemporary, architectural spin to an otherwise classic peony bouquet by adding phalaenopsis orchids and anthuriums.

8. Peony and Greenery Bouquet

Trailing vines, sword ferns, decorative grasses and bishop's flower will add a woodland-inspired look to a bouquet of white peonies.

9. Presentation-Style Peony Bouquet

Named for the way it's carried across the forearm, this presentation wedding bouquet is a unique way to use peonies. Pair them with long-stemmed flowers like roses and delphinium to complete the look.

10. Burgundy Peony Wedding Bouquet

Ruby-colored peonies are ideal for an autumn or winter wedding. Carried solo or paired with other flowers, they're a dramatic upgrade from pastel tones.

11. Simple Peony Wedding Bouquet with Ribbons

Keep your bouquet sweet and simple by carrying an arrangement of all-white petals. If you want a subtle hint of color, a few sprigs of fresh greenery or pastel ribbons will do.

12. Peony Bouquet with Eucalyptus

A muted peony palette is understated enough that it won't distract from your overall look, but a bouquet this elegant won't go unnoticed.

13. Classic Peony Bouquet

Magnolia leaves are a timeless addition to any bouquet, but especially one featuring classic white peonies. This sophisticated combo works for formal wedding themes year-round.

14. Red and White Peony Bouquet

Include a variety of lush greenery to bring more depth to your already incredible bouquet. With red peonies at the center, this bouquet is spot-on for a Christmas wedding theme.

15. Coral Charm Peony Bouquet

Recognizable by their bright coral pink color and orange center, coral charm peonies are one of the most popular varieties of this flower. They make a statement all on their own, so you won't need to add much else to your bouquet.

16. Garden-Style Peony Bouquet

Keep the flowers of your bouquet in the same color family while adding in soft greenery accents for an airy, romantic look. Other garden-inspired flowers, like astilbe and sweet peas perfectly complement peonies.

17. Blush Peony Bouquet

We'd carry this pastel pink and ivory bouquet for a late spring wedding at the beach or other waterfront venue.

18. Peony Bouquet with Orchids

Bring a subtle tropical vibe to your peony wedding bouquet with the addition of pink orchids—monstera or palm leaves optional but encouraged.

19. All-White Peony Wedding Bouquet

Embrace the monofloral wedding trend by carrying an all-white bouquet of peonies and having your bridesmaids carry other white flower varieties, such as tulips or calla lilies.

20. Oversized Peony Bouquet

Wispy vines, anemones, viburnum and fully open peonies will create an oversized wedding bouquet that feels like it came straight out of an English garden.

21. Muscari and Peony Bouquet

Notable for its pretty blue color and sweet fragrance, muscari (also called "grape hyacinth") is the perfect something blue for your peony wedding bouquet.

22. Peony Bouquet with Lavender

Tie in the summer season with a few sprigs of fresh lavender. They'll add a beautiful hint of purple to your bouquet (not to mention the amazing fragrance) without stealing the show from the peonies.

23. Jewel Tone Peony Bouquet

Dark blue viburnum berries, red dahlias and greenery add a moody flair to bright coral peonies. This jewel tone palette is perfect for a fall wedding where you want to incorporate a bit of drama.

24. Yellow Peony Bouquet

Yellow peonies don't get as much attention as the pink and white varieties, but that's what makes them a hidden gem. Pair these cheerful blossoms with other yellow flowers like craspedia, ranunculus, daffodils and roses for all the happy vibes.

25. Rustic Peony Bouquet

Finish your peony wedding bouquet with lace ribbons for a sweet, country-inspired look.

26. Purple Peony Bouquet

When it comes to this enchanting peony bridal bouquet, the light pink peonies stand out among the purple lilacs, hellebores and greenery.

27. Pink and Orange Peony Bouquet

Not into bouquets with a lot of greenery? This sunset-hued arrangement of peonies, garden roses and ranunculus is simple and summery.

28. Green and White Peony Bouquet

Here's proof that you don't need to use brightly colored blooms for your bouquet to capture attention. By arranging the flowers and greenery at various heights, this bouquet is full of texture and movement.

29. Colorful Peony Bouquet

On the other hand, we love a good pop of color. This rainbow-inspired peony wedding bouquet will stand out even more against a white dress or jumpsuit.

30. Wildflower and Peony Bouquet

Pale pink peonies are delicate and dainty. They're the perfect addition to any pastel bouquet, like this charming wildflower-inspired arrangement with wax flowers, stock, scabiosa pods and hydrangeas.

31. Red, Orange and Blue Bouquet with Peonies

Contrast the warm tones of coral peonies by adding light blue delphinium, campanula and white calla lilies to your bouquet.

32. Peony Bouquet with Ranunculus

Peonies and other spherical flowers like ranunculus are great picks if you love the symmetrical shape of a round wedding bouquet.

33. Garden Rose and Peony Bouquet

Wrap ivy vines around your bouquet like a halo to create an enchanting, fairytale garden look.

34. Summer Peony Bouquet

Sunshine in a bouquet. Add pops of yellow to coral peonies for a summery, energetic arrangement.

35. Glamorous Peony Bouquet

If you're going for a glam wedding theme, skip the elaborate greenery and busy color scheme. This small peony bouquet is accented with classic roses and orchids in a blush and white palette.

36. Red and Pink Peony Bouquet

A bride holds a breathtaking bouquet of proteas and peonies in shades of burgundy and pale pink.
Photo: Rocking J Imaging,
Floral design: Holdredge Floral

If your bouquet is filled with bold blooms like proteas, add a few classic flowers like peonies and roses to balance out the design.

37. Whimsical Peony Bouquet

Open peonies have a more whimsical look compared to closed peonies. Complement them with ranunculus, poppies and forget-me-nots for a playful result.

38. Purple and White Peony Bouquet

Dark purple is one of the most popular fall wedding colors. These purple peonies are contrasted with white peonies, but you could also incorporate burgundy or orange hues to reflect the season.

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