17 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Cakes

Get inspired by these autumnal-themed designs.
by Andrea Fowler

Looking to tie the beauty of fall into your autumn wedding? Your cake is the perfect opportunity to bring a bit of fall charm into your reception. The biggest way to make a statement is with unique cake flavors, since taste and smell are the two senses that play the largest role in crafting a memorable dining experience. Delight your guests with seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice cake, maple icing glazes or salted caramel drizzles.

If you're a classic dessert person who prefers a good, old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate cake, opt for a few fall-themed décor elements or accents to give your tiers a seasonal style. Ask your baker to decorate the tiers with a few red, orange and yellow buttercream rosettes or craft fondant maple leaves. If you want the cake to look more natural, dress it up with fresh fall blooms, like sunflowers or dahlias. 

  1. Chocolate Wedding Cake With Gold Foil Accents

    Chocolate wedding cake with gold foil decor
    Bri Cibene Photography
  2. Chocolate and Vanilla Naked Wedding Cake With Strawberry Garnish

    Naked wedding cake for a fall wedding
    A. Caldwell Events
  3. White Wedding Cake With Orange Dahlias

    Fall decorated wedding cake with dahlia flowers
    Eli Turner Studios
  4. Chocolate Wedding Cake With Ganache and Roses

    Chocolate wedding cake with ganache
    Kurtis Kronk Photography
  5. White Wedding Cake With Red, Yellow and Orange Buttercream Flowers

    Fall wedding cake with red, orange and yellow buttercream roses
    Shane Godfrey Photography
  6. Boho Fall Wedding Cake With Roses and a Swiss Dot Design

    White wedding cake with a Swiss dot design
    Leila Brewster Photography
  7. Wedding Cake With Fall-Colored Fondant Maple Leaves

    Fall wedding cake with fondant leaves
    Ned Jackson Photography
  8. White and Gold Fall Decorated Wedding Cake

    Gold and white fondant wedding cake with berry garnish
    J. Woodbery Photography
  9. Chocolate Wedding Cake With a Rustic Cake Topper

    Chocolate wedding cake with a rustic cake topper
    Jen Hughes Photography
  10. Rustic Birchwood Wedding Cake Design

    Fall faux birchwood wedding cake design
    Nikki & Chip Photography
  11. Textured Buttercream With Rustic Bird Cake Toppers

    Rustic fall wedding cake with bird toppers
    Anna Shackleford
  12. Wedding Cake Table With Three Small Naked Cakes

    Fall naked wedding cake ideas
    Paige Winn Photo
  13. Fall Decorated Wedding Cake With Fondant Leaves

    Fall decorated wedding cake
    BG Productions Photography and Videography
  14. Rustic Wedding Cake With Flowers and Hearts

    Rustic wedding cake decor
    Fyrefly Photography
  15. White Wedding Cake With Roses and Timber Cake Stand

    Fall-themed wedding cake with roses and a timber cake stand
    Jackie Cooper Photo
  16. Caramel-Covered Naked Wedding Cake With Flowers and Berry Garnish

    Caramel-covered naked wedding cake
    Best Photography
  17. Fondant Wedding Cake With Lego-Themed Toppers

    Fall leaf decorated wedding cake
    Beth Photography
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