10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Feel Extra Cozy

Make your celebration as inviting as possible with a few simple tricks.
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
maggie seaver the knot wedding planning expert
Maggie Seaver
Wedding Planning Expert
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Updated Nov 09, 2018

There's nothing wrong with appreciating the cozy things in life. We're talking about lazy Sundays in bed, nights on the couch by the fire and homemade meals at the kitchen table. If your idea of the perfect wedding aesthetic is a beautiful blend of celebration and comfort, let your love of homey touches, plush blankets and candlelight inspire your wedding setup and décor. Here are a few easy ways make even the largest event feel warm, intimate and cozy.

1. Go Heavy on the Candlelight

We probably don't need to sell you on candles, but they're an amazing way to create ambience, up the romance and warm things up—even at a large party like your wedding. As long as your venue(s) allow, add candles wherever you can. Your reception centerpieces, ceremony aisle and altar are great places to start.

2. Rely on Rich, Warm Colors

Create an instantly cozy foundation with a deep color palette. Look for venues with warm, wood details and opt for a color palette of jewel tones (think: crimson, burgundy, forest green, gold and eggplant). The richer the colors, the more homey it'll feel.

3. Hand Out Blankets or Pashminas

If it's actually cold on your wedding day, make sure your guests are physically cozy thanks to warm blankets or pashminas. Strategically placed heating lamps are always a good idea too.

4. Create Comfortable Lounge Areas

This is hands-down the best way to take any wedding venue from cold to cozy. Set up pockets of comfortable furniture throughout the space so guests can sit, chat, sip and rest before heading back to the dance floor. It's also a great way to make sure elderly guests and non-dancers have a living-room-like place to relax and talk.

5. Offer Warm Drinks

Who could say no to a hot toddy, spiked eggnog, warm apple cider or a hot chocolate bar? Having a hot drink in hand makes everyone feel right at home.

6. Serve Savory Comfort Food

Whether it's grilled cheese, creamy risotto or steak frites, opt for simple, delicious food inspired by your favorite home-cooked meals. Caterers love working with couples to craft a wedding menu that feels completely personal.

7. Use Small Tables

Smaller dinner tables are magic—if possible, keep each table around 10 people. If you skip long, rectangular tables and high centerpieces, your reception will instantly feel like an intimate dinner party instead of a formal event.

8. Serve Dinner Family Style

Keep your centerpieces minimal and serve family-style dishes to encourage a dinner party atmosphere and make food and conversation the focal point.

9. Incorporate Cozy Textures

To help soften your ceremony seating, cover hard surfaces with cushions or faux fur runners (trust us, they'll thank you). Not only will it making watching your vows more comfortable, it'll make everything look cozier too. And take the edge off reception chairs by draping faux sheepskin throws over the backs.

10. Have a Fireplace (If You Can)

Okay, so this won't be feasible at every wedding venue, but if there's a fireplace or fire pit available, take advantage of it—there's nothing cozier. Just make sure it's safe and regulated (especially with kids running around and drinks flowing!).

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