9 Groom's Cake Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Inspiration for every groom, from the sports fan to the foodie.
by Andrea fowler

Back in the day, a groom's cake was served alongside a traditional wedding cake, but it was baked much differently. To offset the "feminine" wedding cake, the groom's cake featured richer flavors, like dark chocolate. It's since lost that purpose, and is used instead as a unique opportunity to show off the groom's personality at the reception—because bow ties and pocket squares are handsome, but only say so much.

  1. 1. Football Stadium Groom's Cake

    Football stadium-themed groom's cake
    Justin Wright Photography

    For the football fanatic or alma matter enthusiast, a fun-sized model of the groom's collegiate football stadium or favorite pro team is the perfect way to express his athletic spirit. You can even ask your baker to get creative with the "people" in the stands: Small candies like Nerds, gummy bears, Skittles or mini chocolate chips make great fans.

  2. 2. Beer Cooler Groom's Cake

    Beer cooler groom's cake
    Bray Danielle Photography

    Not only is it awesome to use props that you can drink, but a cooler filled with ice-cold beers is the epitome of good old-fashioned dude bonding time. Accessorize the display with the groom's favorite brews to make it even more personal.

  3. 3. Career-Oriented Groom's Cake

    Texas A&M EMS ambulance groom's cake
    Stacey Reeves

    Hobbies aren't the only thing that should be considered when gathering inspiration for a groom's cake. If there's a symbol or icon that represents his career, like a paramedic ambulance for example, ask if your baker can replicate it. As the saying goes: Do what you love, love what you do... and make it into a cake.

  4. 4. Ballpark Groom's Cake

    Boston red sox themed grooms cake
    Allan Zepeda

    If you don't want to go the stadium route, a sports equipment cake is a different spin on the athletically inclined groom's cake. For example: hockey sticks and pucks, a basketball and net, golf clubs and tees, tennis racket and balls, soccer ball and a goal—you get the idea.

  5. 5. Poker Enthusiast Groom's Cake

    Groom's cake of bride and groom in Dogs Playing Poker scene
    Jayd Gardina Photography

    With a bit of imagination (and sense of humor), the newlyweds can be placed smack-dab in the middle of a parody of their favorite piece of art. Think Grant Wood's "American Gothic," Salvador Dalí's "The Persistence of Memory" or C.M. Coolidge's "Dogs Playing Poker."

  6. 6. Peanut Butter Groom's Cake

    Peanut butter jar themed groom's cake
    Emily Ku Photography

    Yes, a dessert modeled after food is completely acceptable. If you want to get really fancy, incorporate the flavor of the food into the cake—a peanut butter filling would really take this Skippy Jar cake to the next level.

  7. 7. Record Player Groom's Cake

    Old fashioned record player groom's cake
    Roey Yohai Photography

    An old-fashioned record player display can also play up the groom's favorite tunes. Fondant stickers of different bands on the outside and the record that's playing under the needle are all opportunities to show off his favorite chart toppers.

  8. 8. Classic Piano Groom's Cake

    Grooms cake shaped like a grand piano
    VUE photography

    Pay tribute to the groom's musical interests with an instrument-shaped confection. Whether he's a rocking guitar player, smooth jazz saxophonist or classic piano player, it's a creative way to put his talents on display. (And don't forget the mini sheet music of his fave tune!)

  9. 9. Golf Caddy Carrying Case Groom's Cake

    Golf club carrier groom's cake
    Eau Claire Photographics

    For the groom who's always on the green, what's more appropriate than some frosting grass and fondant clubs tucked away in a replica of his own carrying bag? For a little confidence boost, ask your baker to include an impressive score sheet sticking out of the pocket.

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