Inspiring Ways to Make Your Wedding Even More “You”

It’s all in the details! 7 unique ideas to play up your personalities on your wedding day.
by Kristen Maxwell Cooper
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Here's a little secret: No matter what kind of wedding you have, it's bound to be an amazing reflection of the two of you. Every choice you make, from the formality of the day to the food and the entertainment, is a chance to reveal a little bit of your identities, both as individuals and as a couple, to your guests. But if you're looking to really play up the personality, focus on the details. When my husband, Mickey, and I got married in my hometown of St. Louis, we added nods to both our interests and our current home base, New York City. Our wedding cake blended the NYC and St. Louis skylines, and we served Manhattans—Mickey's fave cocktail—as our signature drink. Need a little more inspiration? Check out some of our favorite one-of-a-kind elements from other couples' weddings.

  1. 1. Local Roots

    new orleans wedding details
    Dennis Kwan Weddings

    If a big part of your identity comes from your hometown, incorporating local traditions into your wedding is a no-brainer. This New Orleans–born bride paid tribute to her favorite city with a jazz-inspired wedding full of distinctly NOLA elements. The couple set a 1920s, flapper-inspired dress code and chose an iconic hot spot during the days of Prohibition as their venue. And after saying their “I dos," the couple took to Bourbon Street for the traditional second line parade.

    From: A Jazz Age-Inspired Vintage Wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana

  2. 2. Job Spotlight

    grooms cake
    Corner House Photography

    Your wedding is an occasion when you're probably not thinking about the office (we hope!). But when your profession is more than just a job—like for this Florida firefighter—it's definitely worth incorporating into your day. We love that this cake topper celebrates the groom's career in a whimsical way.

    From: A Christmas-Themed Wedding at Lakeside Landings in the The Villages, Florida

  3. 3. Novel Idea

    books wedding decor
    Lens Cap Productions

    You many not want to go “by the book" when it comes to your wedding celebration, but we're all for using them as décor. This bride and groom demonstrated their love for the written word in a variety of bookish ways, from stacks of novels as centerpieces to typewritten card-catalog escort cards.

    From: A Rustic, Bookish Wedding at Gramercy Park in New York, New York

  4. 4. Homegrown Cocktails

    wedding details cocktails
    Amber Gress Photography

    A signature drink is an easy (and delicious) way to mix yourself into your reception. This couple blended their roots at the bar with cocktails honoring each of their birthplaces—plus one for their adopted hometown.

    From: A Modern Loft Wedding at The Foundry in Long Island City, New York

  5. 5. Pineapple Punch

    pineapple decor details
    Michelle March Photography

    Think your favorite fruit can't have a role in your wedding? Think again. This Florida bride wove her love for pineapples throughout the day, painting the tropical fruit gold and using it as a custom seating chart, nestling one within her bouquet and even printing them on the guest book.

    From: A Pineapple-Filled Wedding at the Caribbean Resort in Islamorada, Florida

  6. 6. Hot Stuff

    wedding details hot sauce
    Jenna Marie Photography

    A mutual love of Mexican food inspired this bride and groom's spicy theme. The reception décor was vibrant and colorful with unexpected details, like boutonnieres with tiny chile peppers and mini bottles of hot sauce as escort cards-slash-favors.

    From: A Bright Mexican-Inspired Wedding at Greenpoint Loft in Brooklyn, NY

  7. 7. Doggone Cute

    wedding dog

    Let's face it: Your dog is family, so it makes sense to want to include your four-legged friend in the biggest day of your lives. We love how this couple made their pup a part of the wedding party, with a gingham tie to match the groom. A silhouette of him even appeared on the cake topper.

    From: A Contemporary Wedding at Kauffman Center for Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri

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