Purple Wedding Color Combos

  1. Purple + Red

    Purple and red floral centerpieces
    Photo by Blue Castle Photography

  2. Purple + Hot Pink + Orange

    Purple, hot pink and orange wedding accents
    Photo by Kristin Spencer Photography

  3. Lavender + Black

    Lavender and black bridesmaid dresses
    Photo by Cheyenne Schultz Photography

  4. Purple + Green + Brown

    Purple, green and brown wedding centerpiece
    Photo by Studio Mathewes Photography

  5. Purple + Lavender + Light Green

    Purple, lavender and light green bouquet
    Photo by Kristen Peelle Photography

  6. Purple + Orange + Lime

    Purple, orange and lime place setting
    Photo by Sergio Photographer

  7. Purple + Charcoal

    Purple and charcoal bouquet
    Photo by Marie Labbancz Photography

  8. Purple + Lime

    Purple and lime bridesmaid bouquet
    Photo by KH Photography

  9. Purple + Silver

    Purple, silver wedding cake
    Photo by Mira Mamon Photography

  10. Purple + Yellow

    Purple, yellow reception centerpiece
    Photo by Stacy Sodolak

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