Spring Wedding Catering Ideas

Incorporate the best of the spring season into your reception menu with these twists on traditional wedding fare.
kate wood the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
by Kate Wood
kate wood the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Kate Wood
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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The weather's warming up and everything's in bloom -- what's not to be excited about? Bring the best of the season to your reception menu by adding a hint of spring to your plates.

Divine Drinks

A signature cocktail is a great way to personalize your wedding any time of year, and spring is no exception. With temps on the rise, drinks that are crisp, cool, and refreshing -- think Limoncello or champagne cocktails like Bellinis -- are perfect for spring. One idea we love: Use a squeeze bottle to monogram frozen margaritas or blended daiquiris (or any drink with a thick, frothy top layer) with a mix of Chambord and honey. But don't drive your bartenders crazy! Stick with your last initial.

For a nonalcoholic drink, one great option is a lemonade bar. Serving different flavored lemonades -- raspberry, lavender, kiwi, and so on -- from large glass jars is refreshing for your guests and, with the range of colors, a lovely focal point for your decor.

Outstanding Apps

Kick off the meal with seasonally accented hors d'oeuvres. People associate eggs with spring, but rather than doing an all-out Easter-inspired feast, subtly bring them in with your appetizers. We love the idea of serving single poached quail eggs on demitasse spoons. Another to try: mini egg souffles.

You can also evoke a springtime theme with your salad course. Skip the iceberg; instead, go for mixed baby greens or mesclun, which have more of a fresh, straight-from-the-garden appeal. Adding a fruity element, like a few berries or a fruit-infused vinaigrette, will also play up the seasonal vibe.

Enticing Entrees

For your main course, keep things on the lighter side -- skip the heavier fare associated with the winter months. Take popular wedding staples, like chicken or fish, and give them a seasonal touch by choosing entrees that bring in fresh herbs, like rosemary and mint. Citrusy marinades are another scrumptious, seasonally appropriate option.

Another way to bring a hint of spring to any entree is to garnish your plate. Choose a selection of cooked baby vegetables or asparagus spears, which are at their peak, or add a seriously spring-like touch with an edible flower, like a pansy or orchid.

Delectable Desserts

There are so many sugary delights that fit perfectly with spring. We love the idea of giving guests monogrammed petit fours or colorful French-style macaroons. White chocolate-dipped strawberries, which are in season, are another sweet idea. No matter what you choose, play up the time of year by leaning toward lighter flavors like vanilla, lemon, and berry creams.

One delicious dessert option is a Belgian waffle bar -- perfect for a nighttime reception but also a great daytime-appropriate option. Rather than doing the full-on, plate-size kind, keep the fluffy creations about the size of an Eggo waffle. Offer guests a buffet of build-it-yourself toppings like fresh whipped cream, berries, and melted chocolate for a treat that's guaranteed to please.

Special thanks to Christine Paul, owner of Christine Paul Events, Inc., New York, NY; Maya Kalman, founder and president of Swank Productions, New York, NY; Debbie Geller, owner of Geller Events, Los Angeles, CA

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