The Knot Editors’ All-Time Favorite Wedding Photos From 2016

See the most unique, romantic and downright adorable wedding photos from this year (and yes, there are alpacas in here!).
by Barrie Tovar and Maggie Seaver
  1. The Happiest Surprise Ever

    gender reveal at wedding
    Cambria Grace Photography

    "I can only imagine what it felt like to be in that room, at that exact moment, surrounded by every single person you care for. Witnessing everyone's reaction to your baby announcement is much more memorable than posting a photo on Instagram." —Rachel Sylvester, Associate Editor, Real Weddings

  2. Sweetheart Succulents

    sweetheart chairs with air plants
    Elyse Hall Photography

    "This sweetheart style had me at air plant. I loved Kelsey and Mason's different approach to dressing their reception chairs—perfect for an arid fete in Arizona!" —Rebecca Crumley, Real Weddings Photo Director

  3. Having a Ball

    couple having a snowball fight
    5ive 5ifteen Photo Company

    “I love that this photo is a completely candid, fun image of a couple really enjoying their wedding day.” —Kellee Kratzer, Managing Editor

  4. Mr. Yeah-I-Got-My-Dream-Girl

    alternative couple in mexico
    Jillian Mitchell Photography

    "I love this adorable couple from the Mexico destination wedding in our winter issue. The groom is like, 'Yeah, I got my dream girl,' and it's truly one of the cutest things—along with the fact that he wore Vans to his wedding." —Katelyn Baker, Senior Designer

  5. Something Blue

    newly married couple portraits
    Jennifer Lynne Photography

    "I always go back to this shot when trying to think of the photos I love most. Her dress is my all-time favorite!" —Jessica Molinari, Social Editor

  6. Ladies in Red

    bridesmaids in red
    Amber Gress Photography

    "I’m obsessed with this bridal party. The red is so bold and chic, but still elegant, and while everyone’s rocking a signature look—even the reds are slightly different—they work perfectly together. Scarlet lipstick as a finishing touch doesn’t hurt either. I could honestly go on all day about these gorgeous ladies!" —Maggie Seaver, Editorial Assistant

  7. Lean on Me

    same sex couple on the beach
    Michelle Beller Photography

    "I love this moment because Michael and Brad are so in love I can feel it through the photo. Their Pacific seaside vows, perfectly complementing suits and promise to spend the whole night together stole my heart." —Katie Ragan, Designer

  8. Teary Vows

    couple crying at the altar
    We are Diamond Eyes

    "This photo gave me all the feels—I definitely teared up! It captures the joy, love and excitement this couple felt while saying their vows." —Sarah Love, Associate Photo Editor

  9. Three’s a Party

    bride with her dog
    Studio Finch

    "This bride had always wanted a goldendoodle named Wesley, and on the morning of their wedding, her groom wrote her the most heartfelt message and ended it by saying they were starting their family that day—and in walked a goldendoodle puppy. It doesn’t get any cuter than that!" —Maria Bouselli, Senior Copy Editor

  10. Carried Away

    Groom carrying bride on the beach
    Wendy Laurel

    "Laura and Star’s intimate Hawaiian wedding is one of my favorites, and this shot of them stands out most. The lighting at that moment on the beach paired with how unbelievably happy and in love they look is all you could ask for in a wedding portrait. Plus all of those floral elements are amazing." —Barrie Tovar, Associate Online Photo Editor

  11. Classic Romance

    first dance
    Vue Photography

    “I love everything about this intimate black-and-white first dance photo—their smiles say it all. I’m also obsessed with how classic both of their looks are: her elegant updo and gown, and his crisp white tuxedo jacket.”  —Ivy Jacobson, Planning Editor

  12. Perfectly Suited

    grooms velvet blazers
    5ive 5ifteen Photo Company

    "I love everything about Mike and Mike's winter wedding, but most of all, I'm obsessed with Mike's custom, emerald-green velvet blazer with a black satin peak lapel. I love that he put an unexpected twist on the traditional tux that totally fit his personality. In fact, I was so inspired by his blazer, I sought a blue velvet version for my husband." —Stephanie Cain, Real Weddings Editor

  13. First Look Feels

    wedding day first look
    JBW Photography

    “I absolutely adore first look photos. I think that moment of seeing each other for the first time, when it’s just the pair of you, is so special. These two are clearly so happy to see each other. It gives you all the feels. Also, her flower crown just makes me smile.” —Katie Kortebein, Assistant Editor, Research

  14. Venue Perks

    wedding alpacas with bowties
    Yellow Feather Photography

    "These are alpacas from a bride who got married on her family farm. One of them, Inca, served as the ring bearer, and they all wore these supercute bow ties! This photo definitely gave the real weddings team a good laugh!" —Real Weddings Team

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